A Pre Christmas Woody Cruise


Alice James










Orari II



A Pre Christmas Woody Cruise
Bay of Islands woody & photographer Dean Wright has just returned from playing hooky (his words) for the last 4 weeks on a mates sailing cat. Dean spent a fair bit of time around Barrier Island & snapped some woodys he spotted at the Barrier & elsewhere on-route.
First (unnamed) boat above was anchored in a bay on Rangiahua Island in the Broken Islands. Can anyone tells us more about her?
Next up is Nancy Belle and one of my favourites,  Marguerite were on their moorings in Whangaparapara.
Then we have Vanessa and Kiwitea on moorings in Mahurangi.
Orari II is seen on anchor in Home Bay, Rakino Island
Lastly – Linda & the Brooke family at anchor in Takutairaroa Bay, Motuihe Island.
Stunning boats & as always from Dean great photos.
As you are floating or driving around this Christmas / NY period, if you see any woodys – take a photo/s and send them in to us.

Woodys in the North







Meloa May 2015


Woodys In the North
Another collection of photos ex Dean Wright of classic woodys cruising the the Bay of Islands. Shown is Ranui the NZ built ‘Chris Craft’ at Days Point. Summer Wine off Takou Bay heading North & one of Waipawa – anchored on the south side of Moturoa Island. Meola is also pictured in Frenchmans Bay, Moturua Island but this is back in May 2015.
Can anyone ID the last photo above, she is shown here heading toward Waewatorea in the BOI.

Wash Day on Linda
Woody Robin Elliott snapped the photos below of Linda heading into Opunga Cove over the New Year period. Given the array of laundry flying, it looks like another one of those memorable Brooke family cruises 🙂



Update 10-04-2018 photo below of Meloa, taken by Angus Rogers, shows her at Crowles Bay, Te Puna Inlet.


A Mixed Bag


A Mixed Bag

One good deed deserves another, I posted the other day that Robert Brooke had given me a ‘stern’ off one of his model clinker dinghies  – I have just returned the favour with a rather large framed photo of his family launch – Linda (below). I purchased it via trademe for next to nothing, after a thoughtful person posted a comment on ww about it being for sale. She was worried someone would buy it for the oak frame & scrap the photo.

Speaking of trademe I also purchased a brand new, never used, full set of signal flags, made in the UK, all hand stitched (not printed), 50cm x 40cm so too big for Raindance but perfect for events & boat launchings. I bought them for $60 – a steal 😉


I had some left over Uroxsys (Allwood MA) in the shed & gifted it to Richard Dark who was re-doing his coamings on his classic launch – Seafarer. Richard used Uroxsys 2 seasons ago but misread the instructions re using the primer (which provides most of the UV protection) so had an unsatisfactory result. Richard is a perfectionist so back to bare wood & then the yellow primer & lots of coats of Uroxsys. In the photos below I think there had only been one top coat, so will look even better after 6>8 coats 😉

I had a few blisters on the cabin top of Raindance so paid my son to (gently) scrap it off. The end result was great but it looks like I have a chart of the Hauraki Gulf on there at the moment, one wag (Murray Deeble) has offered to drop down & mark the fishing spots with red X’s 🙂


And the UK ww numbers have improved big time, after a little bit of SEO (search engine optimization) – top ten viewing countries, below, for the last few days.



photo ex Dean Wright

The photo above of the 1927 Colin Wild Linda was sent to me by Dean who  took the shot at his friend, Lenore Bauern’s, place. Lenore is Bill Swales sister-in-law, the son of Roy Swales a past owner of Linda. Lenore says the shot was taken before Roy owned her.
Linda has featured several times on ww & will continue to because she is such a stunning vessel, perfect from every angle. You can view/read more on her by clicking on this link https://waitematawoodys.com/?s=Linda&submit=Search

Anyone game to attempt to ID some of the crew?

Nice also to see ww getting a plug in the August issue of Boating NZ (below) & in a nice segue, Linda above was restored by Robert Brooke & in the magazine article, the b/w photo of Aroha has Robert’s father,Jack (John) in-frame 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 7.56.21 AM

Harold Kidd Input

It’s clear that this photograph was taken when she was new and in the hands of her first owner, E.J. (“Manny”) Kelly, who was a Squadron member as well as being Commodore of Ponsonby Cruising Club. I think he’s flying the Squadron flag above hie PCC flag officer’s burgee as a matter of correct protocol as the Squadron is the senior club (a well as being a “Royal”). So that’ll be Kelly in pride of place at the wheel.

Emanuel John Kelly (1876-1960) was a long-term launch owner. He ran a business as a metal founder and engineer and lived in Shelly Beach Road, Herne Bay. He had LINDA built by Colin Wild in October 1927 and kept her until Roy Swales of N Z Leadworks bought her. Before LINDA, though, Manny had the  42ft launch DAISY from mid1916 to February 1927. She had been built built for Arthur Brett as ALLEYNE (V) by Tyler & Harvey in November 1908, a double-ender of the Logan Bros type. She started life with a 20hp 2 cylinder Lozier, then moved up to a 30hp 3 cylinder locally-built Twigg in 1919 (I wonder if Kelly did the castings for W.R. Twigg?) (Twigg was killed and eaten by a lion on safari in Rhodesia in November 1925, which is somewhat topical).



photos ex Marlene Kendon & Robert Brooke

Several weeks ago I was contacted by Marlene Kendon, the great niece of Leo Swales (& Joseph Swales), now to the naive amongst us (thats me) in the early 1900’s the Swales were prolific owners of yachts & motor launches. Seems they changed vessels at least every two years. Some of the kin were even boatbuilders.
Marlene had in her possession two Swales photos albums, now I was interested, but when I mentioned the albums to Harold Kidd he instructed me to be VERY interested 🙂
I now have the albums & will be reviewing them with Harold & sharing with you all.

Amongst the collection were two loose photos of Linda – the 1927 Colin Wild launch that was almost destroyed by fire in the mid 1980’s & rescued by Robert & Russell Brooke.

I emailed Robert copies of the photos, one he had seen before (its already on ww) but the other (showing Linda underway) was a newbie to Robert. Robert returned the favour with four photos, two showing Linda as they purchased her in 1992, one of her half way thru the reconstruction. The final one has her off Salthouse’s in 1995, after the four year restoration.

Linda features else where on ww so hit the search box to see some early photos.


LINDA 1927 Colin Wild

You would not know it by viewing her today but in the mid 1980’s Linda experienced a major fire that almost was the end of her. Enter Robert & Russell Brooke who rebuilt Linda to the magnificent classic launch she is today. I came across (classicboatingnz) a copy of the April 1974 edition of Sea Spray, which featured Linda pre fire & then 51 years old. Text might be a little hard to read (click image to enlarge) but the photos are interesting. For comparison I have also attached a photo of Linda on her marina berth & a July 2013 photo showing Linda post her recent lick of paint & Uroxsys.

A mini wooden boat show.

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A mini wooden boat show.
Popped down to the Salthouse yard on Sunday to catch up with Barbara & David Cooke & got a very pleasant surprize – 3 of our best classics tied up at the wharf looking pretty wow in the afternoon light. Linda was glowing from her recent coat/s of Uroxsys. (photos ex the iphone) . From left – Trinidad, Linda & Luana.