Today’s photos of Manuiti come to us from Malcolm Campbell.
Manuiti was owned by his uncle, Colin Jenkins, son of Lestock Jenkins (owner of Mahino, see Tuesdays WW story) ) one of Malcolm’s mothers brother’s.
Colin had Manuiti moored in the Clevedon River. Malcolm believes he had a Fordson engine.
The photos were given to Malcolm by his uncle, Colin, taken when he owned Manuiti.
Anyone know what became of the launch and who designed / built her?
Input from Harold Kidd – There are/were several MANU-ITIs. I think it was this one that was on TradeMe in 2010 as a 36ft bridgedecker built “by Lanes in 1920″….ummm maybe?
Another MANU-ITI, possibly the same boat, was owned by C.E. Stewart in 1941-43 with a 50hp Lycoming. Another was owned by G.D. Matthews of Devonport in 1957….and so on.

Lady M

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 9.05.44 AM

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 9.08.50 AM


Lady M was designed and built by Roy Parris and launched in 1964. Looking at her trademe listing, she will not be on the market for long, this is a very well presented and maintained woody. Parris launches are great boats, as an aside woody boat builder Geoff Bagnall chose one for his ‘final’ boat, that says a lot about them.

She measure approx. 27’ in length and is powered by a 72hp Ford diesel, which should give her a good turn of speed.

Lady M’s previous owner, was a marine engineer and he reworked all the mechanicals and re-wired all electrical cabling. The current owner purchased Lady M in 2010 and has had very well respected craftsman work on her ever since – Geoff Bagnall being one of them. So woodys if you are looking for a turn-key classic to go boating in – get you’re A – into -G, Lady M will not hang around .





In typical WW style we go from yesterdays story on Eileen Patrica with over 50 photos and the biggest viewing numbers in the last 6 weeks (strange fact – France was #1 overseas viewing country – never had that b4???) to todays story with 2 b/w photos 🙂

The launch above is Mahino and according to Malcolm Campbell who contacted me, she was built by Bailey & Lowe. When she was built is unknown but her specs are length – 28’6”, beam – 6’6” and draws 18”.

Malcolm’s grand father on his mothers side, Lestock Jenkins – brought the Mahino from a Bill Hamilton c.1919 at Waihi and used her on the Tauranga Harbour, Tanners Pt. & Kauri Pt. area. 
Mahino was taken by truck trailer to the Manukau Harbour in 1936, during the war years she was kept in a creek and in 1947 Lestock sold her to a new owner on the Auckland Harbour.
Mahino was powered by a Rugby engine.
Malcom is very keen to discover what became of Mahino, fingers crossed we can help him out.
Harold Kidd Input – Sounds like ORINI built by Bailey & Lowe in 1907 and sold to Matata and renamed after the NZ Hospital Ship MAHENO.

The Launching of Eileen Patrica – 1933 classic motor boat – 50+ photos


















It was an early (8.30am) start yesterday morning for the classic woodys that gathered to witness Jenni & Peter Mence re-launching Eileen Patrica at The Milford Slipway (ex Geoff Bagnall yard).
The 1933 Arnold Couldrey designed and built motor launch has just undergone a 4+ year restoration at Marco Scuderi’s – MCN Shipwrights yard.
WW has followed the restoration and the links below will take you back to her early days (as launched) and as ‘rescued / saved’ by Peter, thru to leaving Marco’s yard.
The weather forecast didn’t look good, but as always for classic woody events, the sun shone at the right moments and Eileen Patrica was launched in a style befitting a 86 year old lady – Jazz band + Champagne and scones.
Several guests arrived in period costume and the ‘Best In Show’ ribbon would have to go to Paul Powney who sported an original Auckland Motor Yacht Club blazer (photos below).
A special touch was the attendance of several descendants of Eileen Patrica’s builder A. Couldrey.
Links to older WW Stories on Eileen Patrica
The Big Event Launching Video (turn up the volume, nice music)


Two of our finest woodies My Girl and Pacific were on hand to escort Eileen Patrica out of the marina and home to her new marina.
Best In Show Ribbon Winner 


Update – video footage of Eileen Patrica underway just after launching. Ex Nathan Herbert.

Update2 – Link below to the restoration – amazing collection / essay of the total restoration – a must view

Update3  – Video of Pacific, Eileen Patrica and My Girl leaving the Milford Marina / creek. Sent in by Paul Powney.

Restoration of Te Uira begins





Pleased to announce that the restoration of 45’ C & W Bailey built (1896) Te Uira has finally begun in Australia.
During the week I was contacted by Colin Grazules with the news – I’ll let Colin tell you the story.
“We have constructed a new wee shed to house the old girl and the steel and iron keel has been removed.
At this stage we are envisioning that the restoration back to her original condition should take 2 to 3 years all going well.
The owners wish is to return her to as close to her launch configuration as possible.

We will begin by removing the ribs that were added to stop her leaking in 1898.

But we need your help.

We need if possible a detailed plan of where the original stringers were installed and the triangular beam that sat on top of the floors?
A plan or photos of what the original keel would have looked like would be greatly appreciated.
I have a copy of Robert Brooke’s book ‘Beautiful Boats’ but unfortunately the plans in the book have little detail on this. 

A deck plan would also be of great assistance including including where the original mast step would have been installed etc.

Well this is just the start and I’m hoping this will become an ongoing conversation to ensure that we can do justice to Te Uira and her heritage!!

I intend to post the restoration on the NZ Classic Yacht Forum and on the Cygnet Wooden Boats FB page and will keep you appraised of the progress.”


Below are two videos of the keel removal.

Previous Input From Harold Kidd

TE UIRA (usually shortened in Oz to UIRA) was built by C.& W. Bailey and launched on 17th October 1896 for Gidgeon Palmer of Melbourne as a 5 rater.
She was taken across by the steamer TARAWERA with Chas. Bailey Jr going with her to settle her in.
She was quite successful in Melbourne but came up against SAYONARA, the bigger Fife-designed cutter.
She raced in Melbourne with the St. Kilda club for many years, converted to a Marconi rig in 1925.
You can also eat / see more here

Mystery Launch 18-05-2019



MYSTERY LAUNCH 18-05-2019 + Win A WW T-shirt

I was recently sent the above photo by one of the woodys. The first person to correctly name the boat, builder and year of launching – WINS a WW T-shirt (to be sent post next print run). Entries via e-mail (below) The current owner of the boat, the woody who sent me the photo are not eligible to enter 🙂

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 8.47.55 PM

Off to a woody re-launch tomorrow – I have been wearing a gag for several weeks, lots of spy photos being sent in, but we will have to wait till Monday to see photos of a very stunning woody 😉

Very Cool Redwing Engine 

Cameron Pollard dropped me a line to say they have a 6 cyl American Redwing petrol engine that they no longer require. They brought it for a re-power but no longer require it. Its 90hp at 3000rpm and is fitted with 2 to1 gearbox. Only ever been used in fresh water. Cameron said they have run it and it sounds amazing.

If anyone is looking at doing a period perfect restoration it would be perfect. Back in the days they were fitted to the likes of Zane Grey and Avalon etc etc.

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 5.08.26 PM

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 5.08.37 PM




Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 10.12.22 PM

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 10.10.18 PM

This very salty looking launch just popped up on trademe (thnx Ian McDonald). All we know is that Celeste was built in 1965 and is 18’ in length.
Powered by a 20hp 3 cyl. Shibaura diesel engine, she gets along nicely at 6 knots and only sips one litre of fuel per hour.
Home port is Motueka, Nelson, South Island –  but I can just see her joining the fleet of woodys on Lake Rotoiti in the North Island.
Can anyone tell us more about her?