Paihia Wharf Launch Hire





Moana (middle)

Paihia Wharf Launch Hire

Photo above of the shed on the wharf at Paihia advertising the various boat rides available, most likely taken in the early > mid 1940’s.
The signs lists Korora, Aroha, Moana for hire. I have photos of Korora & Moana – do not have one of Aroha – any woodys able to help out & also confirm the correct boats/photos?
Photo ex A Turnbull Library




Volante is a 39′ 1916 Bailey & Lowe motor sailer that two years ago under went a total restoration, her interior is a little too ‘ikea’ for me but its a work of art in terms of craftsmanship. With her sailing set-up & powered by a 55hp diesel Volvo she would be perfect for extended cruising.
Some on-line research by woody, Ian McDonald, has turned up a photo  (below) on the Wellington Classic Yacht Trust blog of a Volante, built by Charles Baily Jr. in 1915. She was in NAPS in WWII (1942-3) & extensively damaged in a fire in 1943.The name plate on board (appears to be a modern addition?) says Chas Bailey & Sons.
Interested to confirm / learn more about her past before her recent ‘make-over’. Currently for sale, asking $250k.


Harold Kidd Input – The information on VOLANTE is basically correct although the Baileys have been confused rather effectively. She was built by Chas. Bailey Jr NOT by Bailey & Lowe. Nor was she built by “Chas. Bailey & Sons”; the sons didn’t appear on the letterhead until around 1934.
She was built for H. G. Anderson of Wellington in the winter of 1915, shipped down unfinished and Anderson finished off her cabin-top etc. She originally had twin engines of 40hp (total?).
She must have grown a bit because she was built as a 36 footer.


Last nights screening of Nina Wells ‘Birds of a Feather’ movie at the Vic Theater in Devonport was a cracker. Its a great kiwi tale & appeals to even those with low interest in smelly old outboard motors. Not a spare seat in the house, in fact never before have I seen so many woodys (& partners) together in one place🙂 & everyone left with a big smile on their face. For those that missed it, I’ll find out if & when there is another screening & let you know😉

Harold Kidd Review – The film last night was just amazing. Made you want to rush out and buy back all the Seagulls you once had. I recommend buying the DVD for a great laugh and a real Kiwi experience.




The Mullet Boat – Buona Sera

The Mullet Boat – Buona Sera

Chris McMullen sent me the link to this cool little youtube movie on the mullet boat – Buona Sera.

Chris commented that there is a slight oops in the commentary in regard to his involvement in the build – Eric had the boat half built before Chris met him🙂
Chris believes Eric used the moulds received from Morrie Palmer who had just built the first cold moulded diagonally planked mullet Boat. He called it Controversy as that what it caused. He was barred from racing her for a time!
Buona Sera was the second diagonally planked boat. Chris’s Tamatea L-10 (featured already on ww) was the last boat built using carvel construction.
Enjoy the movie.

On the topic of mullet boats – this years Classic Yacht & Launch Exhibition at the Karanga Plaza (in front of Viaduct Events Centre) celebrates THE MULLET BOAT’s. As always with the Tino Rawa events it will be a not to be missed classic wooden boating event. So put a circle in the diary for the weekend of October 8>9th, 10.00am > 4.00pm. More details closer to the event😉


Diablo- Auckland’s next waterfront apartment



DIABLO – Auckland’s next waterfront apartment

With the average Auckland house price around $1 million the above 41′ Gladden designed/built trawler style launch would be an extremely affordable alternative. Sure with the 1978 build date its not a classic but with her d/d kauri (glassed) hull, its a woody a heart. Powered by a 120hp diesel, 6 berths & extremely well fitted out + all the fruit you would expect on a Marlbourough Sounds boat e.g. a heater. She is for sale on trademe, asking price $165,000 but in today’s market – who knows?
So woodys – sell the villa, buy a beach house somewhere & use Diablo as your Auckland base.

Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival – Another Stunning collection – 100+ Photos

2016 Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival

Stunning collection of 100+ Photos by ‘Old Salt’. Link sent to me by Scott Taylor.

Click below & enjoy🙂

IMG_1842CE1 - Port Townsend WA - Port Hudson Marina - 40th Annual Wooden Boat Festival - MV RIPTIDE - sunset

 Free To Good Home
I mentioned on ww the other day that I had bought a box of old/new signal flags – in the box was 50cm x 30cm British Red Ensign (Red Duster) – cloth not polyester, never been used, made by ‘Shipmate’.
The most deserving woody that wants it,can have it🙂 email me on


Woody Nelson Trip



Nelson Woody Trip

Woody John Sankey sent me the above photos from his early September Nelson visit.
The first photo shows the double-ender Trade Wind & Manana stern on – both very smart, small ships.

The other vessel is Eclipse, we are light on info but do know that she was built by James McFerson in Dunedin in 1907.
Current owner got her off a deceased estate & believes she may have been owned by a Ronny Kingston.
The owner had her out of the water 4 years ago and spent $7k on some new planking.
Apparently always been a cabin boat.  A little overdue for a bottom clean🙂

Any woodys able to expand on what we know about Eclipse?

Harold Kidd Input
There was a Dunedin ECLIPSE in 1907, probably built by Knewstubb. This one was built in November 1922 by James McPherson at Dunedin for W. Webber of Ravensbourne. There was another ECLIPSE in Picton and Blenheim around 1910 owned by Palamountain (10hp Kapai engine) and another on the Kaipara and Wellington. The Wellington and Picton boat were probably the same.

PS I confirm that this ECLIPSE was owned at Lyttelton in 1953 by E.E. Coombes and in 1973 by R.J. Kingston.

Mystery Launch 21-09-2016



As they say today is hump day, middle of the week, all down hill from here to the weekend. Finders crossed its a fine one, some boat TLC is on the agenda. And to cap off the weekend, on Sunday evening we have the screening of the movie – ‘Birds of a Feather’. Produced & directed by Nina Wells, it’s based on the annual Great Waikato Seagull outboard race on the Waikato River. ww has been plugging the screening at The Vic Theatre in Devonport, for the last few weeks & its a sell out – not the biggest theatre in NZ, but still amazing to sell out. If there is a re-run – you will hear about it here.

The first woody to correctly ID the above boat – name, builder, year – will win the last two tickets to the movie screening. All entries via the comments section on ww. I will also hold off posting this story live on ww until 7.00am (sorry overseas readers) so more people get a chance to enter.