Rehia – Getting Dressed




REHIA – Getting Dressed
Question of the day – did Colin Wild build anything other than pretty boats?
The photos above (ex Ken Ricketts) show the 1939 Colin Wild launch Rehia hauled out recently at Gulf Harbour.
She was getting a fresh coat of paint – having last year had an extensive re-fit at the Horizon yard, her owner had allowed the seams to settle before the hero top coat.
She has to be one of the prettiest launches afloat – perfect from any angle 🙂

The photo below, ex Scott Taylor, show Rehia in her WWII livery. To read more on her, ex Harold Kidd, click this link

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Rehia Z15

photo ex Scott Taylor & details ex Harold Kidd

Rehia was launched by Colin Wild on 26th January 1939 for Gordon Bartleet but was bought by Frank Pidgeon of the Ace Tyre Co shortly after. She was powered by a single 6 cyl. petrol Buda that was imported by Seabrook Fowlds and installed by Allely Bros. A newspaper report at the time said she had twin Budas, but was wrong. She was fully mobilised with NAPS in 1943 as Z15 with Frank Pidgeon as skipper and Ron Hunt (married Jack Brooke’s sister) as crew. Bill Ryan bought her about 1948 (or possibly straight from the postwar disposal sale). She was loosely referred to as a “shortened Amakura”.

Scott Taylors father Mac, crewed on Rehia during the war when she was on boom patrol at North Head. Below are the navy documents recording Mac’s time aboard. click to enlarge.

More Rehia photos & details here.


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Built by Colin Wild for J. R. Butland. Yes was almost a sister ship to Rehia. Above are press clippings supplied by Russell Ward (ex Harold Kidd) recording the launchings of both vessels, you can see the similarity. The colour photo was taken a few years back when she was on Orams sales marina. Some how a glasshouse appears to have been dropped on top of her 😦
My good news of the day is that Rehia has been sold & has a new owner who has just joined the CYA, so she is back in the ‘club’  🙂



A Colin Wild classic, built in 1938, & owned by Bill & Phyl Ryan of owners of H.J. Ryan Ltd ,manufacturing engineers, who lived in Hillsborough, & owned her for many years from about 1945. She was very much a part of Ken Ricketts life in the mid 40s & 50s & he was on her on many acasions — Bill & Phyl had 2 sons, Bob, & Jeff, who were his age & we were great mates.
REHAI had a 6 cyl flat head Buda petrol engine, circa 100 hp for very many years, which had an American, “Bendix,” gearbox & throttle control system, with just 2 tiny levers, — very rare in those days. She was always impecably kept & used regularly. Eventually the Buda was replaced with a 6 cyl Ford Diesel which she still has. She was sold by the Ryan estate on his death in the later 70s earlier 80s.
She is still absolutley original, & has never been “fiddled with,” & when last seen in Whakatakataka Bay a year or 2 go she was still “a picture of health & beauty”.
Story by Ken Ricketts, photo by Ken & Alan Houghton