Beats A Day At The Office



Beats A Day At The Office

There is a saying I like – “Some days you are the dog & some days you are the tree” – all week Friday was shaping into a tree day, so when David Cook called & asked for a hand taking Trinidad to the Greg Lees Boatbuilders, Sandspit yard – the answer was yeap I’m in 🙂

90% of the day = the 1st day of summer, the other 10% was wet, but that is greater Auckland for you.

Trinny, below, was being hauled out for some TLC before her upcoming circumnavigation of NZ (again).

Spotted a few classics at the new marina – scroll over photos to see names, most have appeared on WW before so a quick look in the WW search box will show / tell you more.




The Sandspit Yacht Club is looking very smart these days



Port Townsend Classic Wooden Boat Festival 2017 – 80+ photos


Port Townsend Classic Wooden Boat Festival 2017 – 80+ photos
Kiwi woodys Jenny and Malcolm McNicol sent me the below photo essay from the Port Townsend 41st Classic Wooden Boat Festival from The Puget Sounds in Washington State USA. They were holidaying in the Sounds and got to enjoy the festival.
The McNico’s are members of The Rotoiti Wooden Boat Association and are the proud owners of Tauraka, which has featured on WW.

Enjoy the collection – sorry if I have ruined your day ……… 🙂

Remember to click on photos to enlarge 😉




Lady Eileen – Friday Flash Back





LADY EILEEN – Friday Flash Back

Lady Eileen the 48′ Shipbuilders / SupaCraft launch, built in 1947 is currently undergoing an extensive & very impressive restoration by owner Hylton Edmonds. Now Hylton needs no motivation but to just keep him on the straight & narrow I have published the above photos from the Tudor Collins collection that were emailed in by Ken Ricketts. Apologies for the condition of a few of them, a little ropey – but worth publishing.
The launch day one is my favourite. You can read / view more on LE by typing her name in the WW search box. Enjoy 🙂

WW T-Shirt Winner – Michael B was the winner , it is ‘Kiwitea’. Mike, email me your postal address & size to & I’ll pop your prize in the mail 😉


Sea Reaper





Today’s story originated from woody John Wicks – John advised that the West Harbour Marina (now renamed Hobsonville Marina) were having a clear-out of what the locals call “Death Row”, the part of the hardstand where abandoned boats go to die. Either their marina fees haven’t been paid and they were at some point lifted out and impounded, or in the case of Sea Reaper, were already there and the owner has disappeared or just failed to keep up hardstand fees.

John believes that Sea Reaper is a Lidgard built fishing boat, made out of some fair sized chunks of tree-wood. She had been laid up at the marina for several years, and was moved to “Death Row” a few months ago. The hardstand crew had begun to partly dismantle her (removed the superstructure) preparatory to taking to her with a chain saw. Luckily, just a couple of days before the saw began buzzing, someone (a masochist??) bought her for a nominal sum. She’s to be razeed to deck level (the Gardner removed and trucked separately) to get her size and weight down and trucked to – somewhere – where she’ll hopefully be restored.


So woodys – anyone know where she went & what the plans are?

Input from G R Lidgard

Built Lidgards Bayswater 1963/4 to design by Athol Burns for East Coast Fisheries, home port Gisborne. Was heavily specc’d Kauri (I think) on Australian hanrdwoods and was fastened with copper bolts and into grounds with a variety of large cast dumps, it surprises me that such a well built and in survey boat was let go to such an extent. I remember their was little income in this type construction which was quite dated even then.

Input (photo below) from  Cameron Pollard


And more photos from Cameron P.

Engine Removal


The stick comes out


Max height & max load for a 3am move 😉


11-09-2017 – Ian McDonald asks a question – could she be a Saunders build ? see below

National Library of New Zealand – Archives

Interview with Alfred Saunders

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Date: 14 Dec 1994 By: Saunders, Alfred Carr, 1911-2010

Ref: OHInt-0444-06

Alfred Saunders born at Point Halswell, Wellington 1911. Recalls his father was an artilleryman in the army, stationed at the Point to look after the large gun there. Talks about growing up on the Miramar Peninsula, Fort Ballance and other forts around the harbour. Also talks about period when father left the army and they moved to Whangaroa where his father took up crayfishing.

Recalls leaving school at the age of 15 years and commencing an apprenticeship as a shipwright with B J L Jukes Ltd, a boatbuilder in Balena Bay, Wellington. Describes his duties as an apprentice and explains that many of the boats worked on at the yard belonged to Island Bay and Eastbourne fishermen. Mentions living at Paraparaumu where he built a 40 foot fishing vessel called `May’ for a Mr Buckland at Plimmerton during the Great Depression. Refers to his work during World War II, describing some of the vessels he worked on which were commandeered by the navy. After the war went fishing from Paremata and details type of fishing and fish caught. Describes location of his boat yard at Paremata foreshore where he built a number of fishing and pleasure craft. Talks about the Sea Reaper, a vessel of 50 feet in length that he built and operated with his sons during the 1960s. Talks about the crayfish boom at the Chathams and the big demand for vessels. Mentions some of the problems encountered with the Marine Department surveyors and the modern fishing regulations. Talks about son, Harold, who has a boatbuilding business in Tory Channel in the Marlborough Sounds.


Centre for Wooden Boats – 40+ Woody Photos




Woody Alan Sexton is currently working in Vancouver, Canada & last weekend he traveled the 3hrs to Seattle to visit the Centre for Wooden Boats, on Sundays the CWB offer free rides/sails/paddles or if you like you can rent a boat. Alan reports its a wonderful facility in a great location. We so need something like this in Auckland………………

The above photo gallery gives as a vicarious visit – Enjoy 🙂
ps you can see/read more about the facility here







How is this for a barn find? (well shed), according to her trademe listing her name is Marina & she was built by Glavich Boatbuilders in 1902 on the Kaipara. 30’ long & built in single skin kauri from a single tree.

She has been dry stored for many years and comes with new keelson, keel bolts, modern engine, gearbox, prop shaft and prop, stabilizing mast and a rack of timber.

Come on woodys, someone must be looking for a project, she deserves to be restored to her former glory.

Very keen to learn more about her – Harold?

28-08-2017 Input ex Harold Kidd

There have been many MARINAS.
This one looks like the MARINA I photographed at Dargaville in 2001 then owned by Everard Judd. According to the Northern Advocate the history of that MARINA is that she was built in Auckland by James Reid around 1922 and bought by Fred Franich of Mangawhai in 1934 to use for game fishing from Mangawhai. He renamed her MARINA after the dishy Duchess of Kent. Unfortunately she had two well-publicised breakdowns off the east coast with fishing parties aboard and two rescues. This resulted in a prosecution for operating without the appropriate licences. Franich sold her to Everard who took her to the Kaipara. He had her rebuilt in 1972.
She resembles James Reid’s AWHINA of 1915 which he built for the Hospital Ship MAHENO. AWHINA was raffled in 1919 after her return to NZ and then disappears. To fly a kite, she’s just possibly AWHINA which should show as traces of lifting gear on her keel.
I have no knowledge of the Glavich brothers building boats. They were roading and bridge-building contractors in the North. Maybe Franich got confused with Glavich in this unlikely tale??
Certainly the boat resembles 1920 practice rather than 1902. Number dyslexia?






On one of his yard visits Ken Ricketts spotted the above launch hauled out at Te Atatu Boating Club.

Other than her name, we know nothing about Wakatu. Any TBC members able to help out with some details / history?

24-08-2017 Update ex Murray McGehan – Wakatu’s Hull was built by Des Scott in Henderson and finished off by by first owners Ron and Mary McGehan of Howick and launched December 1967. The hull was a Graeme Bronlund design, Graeme actually previously worked for Roy Parris. The boat was owned by the McGehan family until Ron’s death in 1991 and sold to Noel Mitchell then. Original engine was a 3 cylinder Lister air cooled but this was change to a 4 cylinder BMC Captain in 1970. A few later changes were made the coamings and cabintop were replaced about 1980 and reduction gear of the Captain was changed from 2:1 to 3:1 about 1984. The Boat was moored in Shelly Park Howick for about 25 years.