Mystery Lidgard Launch

Mystery Lidgard Launch
A question – why are so many mystery launches, Lidgards?
Todays woody is double diagonal kauri with f/glass on outside, and is 26′ in length with a beam of 8’ and draws 2’. The engine is a Ford 60hp diesel. Thanks to Ian McDonald for the tme heads up. WW would like help to uncover more on her past.

Waiheke Island Causeway Haul-Out

Waiheke Island Causeway Haul-Out
After driving past the haul-out yard at the top of Putiki Bay most days, normally around mid-morning (worst light) I at last got the light and the tide right. Great collection of craft in various states of repair / refit – I imagine the council nazis’s keep a tight rein of the ‘residents’ but it was remarkably tidy.

The launch Safari appears to be getting a serious dose of TLC – read / see more on her past here Leonardo, the very salty ex workboat, popped up on WW in Oct 2021 – more here

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Not A Lot Changes in 30 Years

Not A Lot Changes in 30 Years

The top b/w photo of the Rocky Bay Memorial Cruising Club at Waiheke Island is dated 1990 comes to us from the Akl Library Hert. Collection via Maurice Sharp – fast forward 30 years and its not a lot different – photo taken yesterday.

I also spotted my 1st wooden – below. 

Found this little gem in a Waiheke store -1st Editions sell on trademe for $120+ , the asking price was $70, but the WW t-shirt, got me a $10 discount, because she felt it was gung to a good home. Further proof Joyce Talbot that I do like yachts 😉

At What Number Do You Stop Being A Collector & Become A Hoarder? – Maru

At What Number Do You Stop Being A Collector & Become A Hoarder? – Maru
The fleet of classic vessels under the wing of Jason Prew grew over the weekend after a trip to Cooks Beach to extract the 24’ Mullet boat – Maru. Built be Clare and Collings, her sail number was #12. The clip below from the Boating NZ archives records how Mr Prew acquired the vessel.

What more do we know about her? 
Below is a selection of photos from the Boating NZ archives – read and see more here