Where Is She Today?

Lost Runabout


Today’s boat, isn’t a mystery boat as we know that it was owned by one of the Allen family (owners of the launch Tiromoana & the C class yacht Tuirangi in the later 1940s-50s) & was probably belonged to Henry Allen’s son in law Joe Coggan.
The photo was taken in front of the family’s business premises at that time in Manukau Rd Epsom opposite Epsom Girls Grammar. Photo emailed in by Ken Ricketts.

Can we put a name to her to & what became of her ?


Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 11.56.13 AM


I uncovered in my ww files the above photos of the 26′ Kingfisher, I checked using the ww search box & found no reference so maybe she slipped between the cracks 😦
The photos were from a trademe listing that Dean Wright tipped me off about back in early 2016. She was built in 1936 in England from NZ kauri and is double layer, one diagonal & one straight. She started life as a lifeboat with an open hull, later working out of Mokau to transport wool bales to waiting vessels. The photos show her in varying degrees to presentation – in the trademe listing it started she was without a motor & needed some work work to the hull & decks, lets hope she sold & the buyer is classic friendly – anyone able to update us?






Post my trip to the Lake Rotiti Classic & Wooden Boat Parade early this year I was sent the above photos of Allenessa from her new (it) owner – Sam Winckel. Sam purchased her last year & is completing a full refit on her. She was built in 1971 & won the best boat at the 1971 Epiglass Boat Show.

The work included wiring & electronics upgrade & full repaint. Hopefully Sam reads ww &  he can tell as what powers her.

Harold Kidd Input – ALLENESSA was the subject of a full boat test in Sea Spray of August 1971.She was a Dick Hartley “New Escort” design built by Ray Fink at Tamahere. Her original power was a Chrysler V8 with a Penta outdrive.




Ariki – Sailing Sunday



At long last the 1904 Arch Logan yacht, Ariki A3 has found a new owner & is getting some love & attention.
The photos above ex Angus Rogers, show her hauled out at Okahu Bay in April getting a major bum clean from the team at X-foul-e-8 – amazing job & look at the width & condition of those full-length kauri planks.
The shed photos below are ex Charlotte Lockhart, I have copied below Charlotte’s email to me re the project.

” As your readers may be aware Andrew Barnes purchased a few months ago and we have commenced a project to restore her to her former racing glory. As things stand she is under cover on the hard as we strip her back to make the necessary exterior repairs and repaint her exterior.
Once she is water tight and we will be putting her back in the water at the new pontoon we have had build to house her at the Maritime Museum. From there we will complete the interior repairs.
I would love to hear from anyone who is interested in being kept informed about this project or would like to connect in and share their experience of her. I can be contacted on this email, arikiclassicyacht@gmail.com or follow us on https://www.facebook.com/Arikiclassicyacht/

R-Class Looking For A Good Home

James Mobberley (Moon Engines) has had R317 stashed away for a few years & a growing family & associated toys (kids & Dad) mean R317 needs a new home. James is adamant it must be a sympathetic woody buyer – so if you are a classic sailor looking for a project (nothing major required) James is open to offers. Email is james@moonengines.co.nz


Iconic Lister Engine
Remember the Lister engine every farmer had in his possession many decades ago, that one of a kind noise 😉 Well they are still using them in India, turn up the volume & listen (thanks Paul Newell for emailing me this).

03-07-2017 Harold Kidd Update

ARIKI’s port planking, shown sanded back, is the original Logan Bros work of 1904. The starboard planking and complete triple diagonal structure is by Chas. Bailey Jr., done in the winter of 1917 to replace the damage done when THELMA smashed into her while they were on the hard at Torpedo Bay, side by side, during the freak E gale of February 20th 1917.



Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 5.07.01 pm

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 5.07.50 pm



Michelangleo is a 15’, twin cockpit classic lake boat, built in 1950 & fully restored approx. 10 years ago. Current home is the South Island, Nelson Lakes area.

Powered by a fully rebuilt 272 wide block Ford V8. She is direct drive (so no gearbox or reverse). Sitting top of the V8 is a 350 2 barrel Holley carb + electronic ignition, heat exchanger and a stainless fuel tank.

I love the stern photo, a pretty backside & the noise from those exhausts would be music to my eyes – ok I’m a petrol head 😉

She is for sale on trademe if anyone is looking for a zoom zoomer 🙂


Old Timer




The above before & after photos of the Kinloch, Lake Taupo, launch Old Timer were sent to me by Larry Grigg. I’m not sure if its Larry’s boat, maybe if he reads this story he can let us know & a few more details on the restoration.
I understand was built at Taupo by local boat builder and charter boat skipper Jack Taylor.
I’m sure the Drake brothers will be able to help us out 🙂

03-07-2017 Input from Paul Drake

OLD TIMER is one of four sisters built at Taupo by Godfrey Taylor, son of Jack Taylor, in the late 1950’s/early 1960’s. They measure 18 feet, are round bilged and built of totara. OLD TIMER (not her name in those days) was bought by the boatyard when Don Norton owned it, and re configured as the yard work boat. They re-named her DULCIE TAYLOR. Her engine at that time was a Universal Utility Four (now in our SIR FRANCIS, where it has been for many years). One of the sisters, TAURUS, lives in Wellington (photos below). Another was named LADY GRACE (photo below). One was twin screw and quite fast. As kids, we knew these four sisters as “The Godfrey Taylor Boats”.

Lady Grace


A Wee Woody


A Wee Woody

I was contacted last year by Miles Clark searching details on the ex navy Fairmiles that had appeared on ww, his grandfather had been on a Fairmile B on his way to the Battle of St Nazaire on one and was saved by an engine failure just outside the battle area. I pointed him in the direction of Keith Nicholson & Heather Reeve who own the Paea.
During the chat he mentioned he owned a wee woody – his grandfathers kauri clinker that was built in Freemans Bay – restored a few years back. I asked for some photos & was impressed to see that the clinker while restored was still being used by the Leigh based family. Well done Miles.

Aside from it being a great looking dinghy & all of us needing a good summer photo to remind us that winter will end – the main reason for posting this story is to remind you all that basically “if its wood its good’ i.e. send in your photos, no matter what size your pride & joy is & ww followers love a project, so refitted / restoration stories are great.