Classic Yacht & Launch Exhibition 2017 – The NZ Clinker Boat – 50+ Photos




Tony Stevenson


Robert Brooke


Baden Pascoe



Classic Yacht & Launch Exhibition 2017 – The NZ Clinker Boat

Over the weekend the Tino Rawa Trust hosted the 10th Classic Yacht & Launch Exhibition at Karanga Plaza on Auckland waterfront Wynyard Quarter. If you missed the event, you really did miss something special. The feature this year was the New Zealand Clinker Boat.

I went to the opening commemorative (Tony Stevenson, likes flash words) morning tea on Friday, if you were looking for a wooden boat builder or a fountain of knowledge on wooden boats, you would have been stunned at the guest list, it was the who’s who of NZ classic wooden boat movement. If you weren’t there you must have done something really bad in a past life to not be invited 😉

Above is a selection of the boats on display, taken on Friday when the crowds were light. Enjoy 🙂

Talking to Tony Stevenson, Jason Prew & Baden Pascoe last night & this years event was hands down the most successful in terms of attendee numbers, Saturday being huge. Well done guys. 


Port Townsend Classic Wooden Boat Festival 2017 – 80+ photos


Port Townsend Classic Wooden Boat Festival 2017 – 80+ photos
Kiwi woodys Jenny and Malcolm McNicol sent me the below photo essay from the Port Townsend 41st Classic Wooden Boat Festival from The Puget Sounds in Washington State USA. They were holidaying in the Sounds and got to enjoy the festival.
The McNico’s are members of The Rotoiti Wooden Boat Association and are the proud owners of Tauraka, which has featured on WW.

Enjoy the collection – sorry if I have ruined your day ……… 🙂

Remember to click on photos to enlarge 😉




Rangi – Wanaka

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 9.26.20 AM

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 9.26.45 AM

RANGI – Wanaka

According to her trademe listing, Rangi built in 1908, measures 33’ & is a double ender made from kauri. She has been moored at Lake Wanaka for the last 15 years and previously in Te Anau for 40 years. With her length, shape & powered by a Ford 86hp diesel, she must get along at a good clip.

Do we know know anymore about Rangi?

05-09-2017 Photo (Graham Palmer) below ex Ray Money of the Blue Boat Rangi, now Lady Kawhia

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 3.22.03 pm







How is this for a barn find? (well shed), according to her trademe listing her name is Marina & she was built by Glavich Boatbuilders in 1902 on the Kaipara. 30’ long & built in single skin kauri from a single tree.

She has been dry stored for many years and comes with new keelson, keel bolts, modern engine, gearbox, prop shaft and prop, stabilizing mast and a rack of timber.

Come on woodys, someone must be looking for a project, she deserves to be restored to her former glory.

Very keen to learn more about her – Harold?

28-08-2017 Input ex Harold Kidd

There have been many MARINAS.
This one looks like the MARINA I photographed at Dargaville in 2001 then owned by Everard Judd. According to the Northern Advocate the history of that MARINA is that she was built in Auckland by James Reid around 1922 and bought by Fred Franich of Mangawhai in 1934 to use for game fishing from Mangawhai. He renamed her MARINA after the dishy Duchess of Kent. Unfortunately she had two well-publicised breakdowns off the east coast with fishing parties aboard and two rescues. This resulted in a prosecution for operating without the appropriate licences. Franich sold her to Everard who took her to the Kaipara. He had her rebuilt in 1972.
She resembles James Reid’s AWHINA of 1915 which he built for the Hospital Ship MAHENO. AWHINA was raffled in 1919 after her return to NZ and then disappears. To fly a kite, she’s just possibly AWHINA which should show as traces of lifting gear on her keel.
I have no knowledge of the Glavich brothers building boats. They were roading and bridge-building contractors in the North. Maybe Franich got confused with Glavich in this unlikely tale??
Certainly the boat resembles 1920 practice rather than 1902. Number dyslexia?


Ariki Restoration


Ariki – photo ex J. Prew esq

The 1904 Logan Brothers designed & built gaffer Ariki is currently hauled out at Okahu Bay, Auckland & under going an extensive restoration, lead by master craftsman Robin Kenyon. Yesterday her owners Charlotte & Andrew held an open day to allow the classic woody community to view the project. I understand they have a target to be at the CYA Patio Bay celebrations this year (1st week Dec), that appears a rather large challenge……….. but as they say – many hands make light work.

Prowling around the yard I spotted the classic launch Wanderer looking a little sad – hopefully awaiting a large dose of TLC.
You can see/read more about Wanderer’s past here

The sunny day saw woody Baden Pascoe break out his recently restored 1929 Riley Tourer, when I say recently, I mean as in on-the-road. The Riley has been in the Pascoe family a very long time & Baden has been working on her on & off for years. Attention to detail is amazing, but I would expect that from Baden 😉



Tamahere – A Peek Down Below

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 9.45.24 PM

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 10.02.56 PM

TAMAHERE – A Peek Down Below

Tamahere last appeared on WW back in 2014 (link below), now thanks to a trademe listing we get to see down below.
She is 40′ long & powered by a 85hp Isuzu diesel that pushes her along at 6>8 knots. Its claimed she was built in 1903.

Back in 2014 we were unable to uncover any details on her, there lots of thousands of more WW readers these days, so hopefully we can unearth more on her.
Thanks to Ian McDonald for the listing heads up.

See / read more here

Ariki – Sailing Sunday



At long last the 1904 Arch Logan yacht, Ariki A3 has found a new owner & is getting some love & attention.
The photos above ex Angus Rogers, show her hauled out at Okahu Bay in April getting a major bum clean from the team at X-foul-e-8 – amazing job & look at the width & condition of those full-length kauri planks.
The shed photos below are ex Charlotte Lockhart, I have copied below Charlotte’s email to me re the project.

” As your readers may be aware Andrew Barnes purchased a few months ago and we have commenced a project to restore her to her former racing glory. As things stand she is under cover on the hard as we strip her back to make the necessary exterior repairs and repaint her exterior.
Once she is water tight and we will be putting her back in the water at the new pontoon we have had build to house her at the Maritime Museum. From there we will complete the interior repairs.
I would love to hear from anyone who is interested in being kept informed about this project or would like to connect in and share their experience of her. I can be contacted on this email, or follow us on

R-Class Looking For A Good Home

James Mobberley (Moon Engines) has had R317 stashed away for a few years & a growing family & associated toys (kids & Dad) mean R317 needs a new home. James is adamant it must be a sympathetic woody buyer – so if you are a classic sailor looking for a project (nothing major required) James is open to offers. Email is


Iconic Lister Engine
Remember the Lister engine every farmer had in his possession many decades ago, that one of a kind noise 😉 Well they are still using them in India, turn up the volume & listen (thanks Paul Newell for emailing me this).

03-07-2017 Harold Kidd Update

ARIKI’s port planking, shown sanded back, is the original Logan Bros work of 1904. The starboard planking and complete triple diagonal structure is by Chas. Bailey Jr., done in the winter of 1917 to replace the damage done when THELMA smashed into her while they were on the hard at Torpedo Bay, side by side, during the freak E gale of February 20th 1917.