OOPS – Last Quiz Of The Year


OOPS – last quiz of the year

The above photo was sent to me by a mate, he recalls the incidence was 3>4 years ago. Interesting to note the 4sale sign on the bow rail….. wonder if it happened during a test run ?

So woodys – the 1st one to correctly name the boat & the location, wins a Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Parade 2018 calendar. Entries via the WW comments section.

I hope Santa finds your chimney on Sunday night & you get to spend time with the people closest & dearest to you 🙂


Mystery Location With Lots of Woodys at Anchor


Mystery Location With Lots of Woodys at Anchor

The photo above was sent to me by Heather & Keith Nicholson, it was originally posted on the ‘Whangarei Way Back When’ facebook page – Heather thought it might be Mansion House Bay but it could also be Russell.

Whatever the location, there is a great collection of launches in the bay.

Can we confirm the location & ID a few of the woodys at anchor?


ID the Location & Any Vessels


ID the Location & Any Vessels

Another photo above from the ‘Found Album’ ex Peter Renall. Anyone able to shed any light on the impressive number to vessels hauled out?

Drone Footage
Check out this Vimeo drone ‘video’ from the Mahurangi Regatta 2017” filmed / complained by Roger Mills. I even spotted by clinker dinghy, middle of the beach

Mystery Location 26-11-2015

Mystery Location 26-11-2015

The photo view is looking out to the bay, taken between two large macrocarpa trees on the beach front. A ferry can be seen in the bay heading south as well as a yacht & 2 launches. Taken in the early 1900’s. Anyone want to have a go at ID’ing the location & if your really good the launch on the right.

Remember you can enlarge the image by clicking on it 😉

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Onehunga Launches

Onehunga & Launches 22-10-2015
photo ex Nathan Herbert ex MYMBC

I suspect that today’s photo will be a challenge for woodys to ID. Initially all I’ll say is that it is Auckland.
Eight+ years ago when I purchased Raindance (then Nona C & previously Lady Gay) & was in discussion with Harold Kidd as to her provenance, I was staggered when Harold told me that in the early 1900’s there were 100’s of sub 35′ launches, most following a very standard design, built in & around Auckland both as workhorses & pleasure craft. When I see a photo like the above I can understand the difficulty ID’ing those that survived 🙂

Bruce Pullan Input

Onehunga Basin prior to the reclamation, now motorway. Manukau Hotel to the left, Tearooms in the centre, Wharf in the background.