Mystery Location & Woody

Woody Clinker motorboat

Mystery Location & Woody

The very pretty wooden clinker motorboat above comes to us via Lew Redwood’s fb page.
Baden Pascoe has commented that she is obviously professionally built and has a ‘lovely lay of planks’.
So folks – todays question can anyone tell us the location of the photo?, which hopefully will help ID the builder.
First to correctly tell us the location wins a WW t-shirt ,  entry via email or in the comments section. Only one issue , the shirt will have to be a biggie , or you can wait till the next print run, I’m sold out to anything below 2XL 🙂

Mystery Launch 22-01-2018

mystery launch 22-01

MYSTERY LAUNCH. 22-01-2019

The above photo was sent in by Harold Kidd – the questions for Woodys today are:
1. Location
2. Name of the boat
screen shot 2019-01-17 at 10.46.39 am
If you are heading up to the regatta this weekend, drop Joyce Talbot (email address below) at the CYA a quick note to confirm that you will be participating in the Classic Launch Parade on Saturday morning. The crew ’try’ to pull together a listing of boats for the parade. Only takes a minute to click the email link & confirm your boat name, year, length & designer/builder.
screen shot 2019-01-17 at 10.40.58 am

Mystery Work Boat


Mystery Work Boat

Today’s photo comes to us from Lew Redwood’s fb, & show a very nice work boat towing a barge – the boat & location are unknown.
The barge has quite a crowd aboard, both females & males, so it must have been an outing / picnic.
Anyone able to ID the vessel for us, I wonder if she is still afloat?
Angus Rogers sent in the video below of a barrel cooper/hopper at work. Almost as such skill required as building a clinker dinghy.

Mystery Boat – Wairoa District



Today’s photo comes to us from one of Bruno Redwood’s old fb posts, sadly Bruno (brother of Lew) passed away recently.
The photo shows a group of day trippers, possibly on Lake Waikaremoana c.1880’s
Anyone able to ID the boat & confirm the location?
Harold Kidd Input – KAHURANGI, built for the Goverrnment Tourist Bureau for use on Lake Waikaremoana by Logan Bros August 1903, 36ft loa 10hp Union engine.
The photo below was sent to me yesterday by woody – Tim Evill, Tim was out fishing in the middle of the gulf between Rocky Bay and Maraetai & spotted a bouy in the water (11m depth) on closer inspection there was a yacht attached to it – anyone able to tell us what was at the end of the mast & how it got there?
Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 10.37.27 AM

1st Motor Boat on Lake Wanaka 


1st Motor Boat on Lake Wanaka 

In the days before the guys at Boat Haulage were around, it was a real mission to launch the woodys, & some were more challenging. In the above photo we see the first motor launch for Lake Wanaka being transported there by horse & wagon team.

Photo ex University of Otago / Hocken collection via Lew Redwood’s FB page.

Its a long shot but any able to ID the launch?

Another of Lew’s photos, below, is dated 22 December 1956 (just 6 days b4 I was born) – any clues on the location?

Harold Kidd Input – The launch is TILIKUM, formerly on Lake Wakatipu. She was taken across from Frankton to Pembroke in September 1904 on a timber wagon driven by J Brensell. Her owner was Capt McDougall. TILIKUM was probably a rename after Capt Vos’s canoe TILIKUM which had just visited New Zealand and created a great deal of interest, so her provenance is obscure. Certainly she’s a typical early 20th Century canoe-sterned oil launch in the Logan Bros style.

There’s a suggestion that TILIKUM started life as a torpedo boat based in Dunedin. Haven’t had a chance to check that out but it seems plausible.

Update 27-06 The “torpedo boat” origin is rubbish. The Dunedin-based Thornycroft spar torpedo boat TAIAROA wa a hugely different animal which was decommissioned about the time TILIKUM appeared, but that’s the only common context except the “torpedo stern” and that it seems TILIKUM first owner, J.C. McBride of Queenstown, bought her in Dunedin. I reckon she was probably built by one of the top Dunedin/Port Chalmers constructors like Jas McPherson or Jas McLellan.



OOPS – Last Quiz Of The Year


OOPS – last quiz of the year

The above photo was sent to me by a mate, he recalls the incidence was 3>4 years ago. Interesting to note the 4sale sign on the bow rail….. wonder if it happened during a test run ?

So woodys – the 1st one to correctly name the boat & the location, wins a Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Parade 2018 calendar. Entries via the WW comments section.

I hope Santa finds your chimney on Sunday night & you get to spend time with the people closest & dearest to you 🙂


Mystery Location With Lots of Woodys at Anchor


Mystery Location With Lots of Woodys at Anchor

The photo above was sent to me by Heather & Keith Nicholson, it was originally posted on the ‘Whangarei Way Back When’ facebook page – Heather thought it might be Mansion House Bay but it could also be Russell.

Whatever the location, there is a great collection of launches in the bay.

Can we confirm the location & ID a few of the woodys at anchor?