Lyttleton Basket Case ( Kia Ora) + Yum Yum




Lyttleton Basket Case – Kia Ora

On Nathan Herbert’s recent trip south, he spotted the above ‘yacht’ in Lyttleton. From her stern, it would appear she was named Kiaor or Kiaok – the last letter is part missing. Anyone able to tell us about her past?


What Happened To Yum Yum?

Woody Daniel Renall contacted me to say he had been fortunate to visit Neil Beken at his boat building spot in Beach Haven. Neil gave Dan a bunch of plans he had acquired for Dan’s yacht, Jonquil.

While there he showed Dan a picture of a yacht he restored in the 1990’s called Yum Yum, very similar to Gloriana. It was owned by someone in Wellington and was trucked up for a couple of classic races in Auckland.

Neil mentioned that Yum Yum had vanished and nobody had been able to track her down.

So woodys – can anyone shed some light on Yum Yum’s whereabouts & have a photo?

Harold Kidd Update – KIA ORA was designed by Prof R.J. Scott of the Engineering School at Canterbury and built for himself by Jack Collins of Lyttelton in November 1898 as a 5 rater cutter to replace an earlier 2 rater KIA ORA Collins owned. She was in the BRITANNIA/MOANA mould with a spoon bow. She was racing, later under a yawl rig, until the 1960s.
Very historic Lyttelton yacht in the same category as PASTIME.
YUM YUM and her Herreshoff inspiration is discussed in passing in my article on IDA in the November Boating NZ (plug)..

Arohia – A Peek Down Below

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 9.38.43 AM

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 9.39.00 AM

AROHIA – A Peek Down Below

Given that in the first photo above the A-class keeler, Arohia is flying a Logan flag I assume that she is a Logan design, odd that her owner would leave that out of her 4sale listing……….. We do know that she was built in 1949 by Colin Wild for John Seabrook. The timber was supplied by Gordon Pollard on the proviso that he would get first option to buy if ever it was sold. As a result the best NZ kauri was used, hand picked by Gordon Pollard. Full length (47′) planking, triple skin kauri.

Arohia has an impressive racing history both local & off-shore & is now for sale by her owner of 34 years.

(sorry for the photo quality – that is all there was & wont be helping the sales process)

A Little Classic Sailing Porn
The video below is from the recent Vela Classic Menorca-Mahon Regatta – its 15mins of stunning classics & race footage.


Haerere – Sailing Sunday


HAERERE – Sailing Sunday

Todays post has a long tale, its been bouncing around the classic wooden community & ended up in my inbox.

The photo is of the yacht Haerere that was once owned by Roger Welch’s late father – Henry Welch. Henry owned Harrere, a 32’ cutter that he believes was built by J. Lidgard at Bayswater in the 1930’s. Henry told Roger that she was built for an enthusiast for ocean cruising but the guy did not get very far. Roger remembers there were pegs to set the tiller so she would self-steer.

In the late 1950’s Henry sold her to a couple that cherished her for many years.

Roger is keen to discover what happened to Haerere, so woodys – can we help?

Harold Kidd Input

Fred Lidgard built HAERERE in late 1934 at Bayswater for Gordon Kells of Takapuna when he grew out of the 22 footer MARIE. Gordon sold her to H Kasper.
I sailed with Gordon and his son Bill in TEMPTRESS when I was at school in the early1950s but don’t recall any story about building HAERERE for offshore work. However, Gordon did have a lot to do with the Emtages of Motuora and the Lidgards all his life and was in that circle of Depression-era offshore yachties who were typified by Johnny Wray and Dick Wellington.

Russell Ward Input

Haerere was indeed Lidgard built -though without that doghouse (which isn’t bad).
I first met her at anchor in the lee of Takangaroa Island (I’m sure we called it Goat Is) in Kawau Bay early ’60s. In the ownership of Trevor (Charlie) and Deslea Conway of Remuera -a delightful couple -she was very forthright and called him “Good Time Charlie”. They were round the corner and we couldn’t see her at anchor this time, but this man came swimming past us and came back sometime later with a sizeable mullet in tow. He ventured that he had herded it inshore and just grabbed it. We bet that he found it in a rock pool.
Trevor kept Haerere very well -out every winter. Flap Martinengo told him if he sanded the mast much more there’d be no wood left. I see that she has an alloy mast now. He had been an active sailor in Auckland circles but he never sailed Haerere -I flatted with their nephew in Dunedin and we often laughed about his activities. David Jackson will know I am sure.
Most summer weekends, they’d just motor down to Drunken Bay and tuck up round the corner -we called him the Harbourmaster. All these characters -long gone.
She’s in the creek at Whangateau awaiting Pam’s pleasure

How that’s just showing off 🙂

I went yesterday to the first of the New Zealand Traditional Boatbuilding School’s workshops, Saturday’s topic was Boat Maintenance & a very talented & knowledgeable group of speakers presented to the class of 25, lots of Q&A time which I think was the primary reason a lot attended.

There will be regular workshops on a range of topics so please do support the school. More details here

The photo below shows one of the speakers Frank Warnock demonstrating his splicing skills (behind his back !!!)

Frank W

ALPHA A90 ( Arrow Class) – Sailing Sunday

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 4.39.38 AM

Photo 17-06-17, 14 24 12

ALPHA A90 ( Arrow Class) – Sailing Sunday
I have been contacted by Adam Akehurst who is Interested in what us woodys knows about the Arrow class sailing dinghy. Adam is currently restoring A90 – Alpha. Progress photos attached. Wood working done, interior nearly done, soon time to turn it over and sort the outside ready for summer.

All Adam can find on the class is that they are a Jack Logan design from circa 1950 and that until recently the class seems to have been based at Glendowie but interest seems to have died out a few years ago in favour of the Mistral. Also interested in what else Jack Logan designed. I have heard he had a boatshed at Mangawhai at some stage.

The historic photo of Alpha above on the beach (date unknown) shows her rigged for a gennaker on a fairly long prod. Adam assumes this is a later class development and that they originally flew a symmetrical kite.

Adam hasn’t been able to find many photos of the class online, so is interested in seeing anything ww have.

07-08-2017 Update from Adam. Project finished – see below. Stunning


Check The Video Link Below Out – If you thought the commute to work was bad, these guys are mad 🙂

WAIATA II – Sailing Sunday II

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 5.58.10 PM

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 6.01.07 PM

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 6.02.16 PM

WAIATA II – Sailing Sunday
Waiata II was Snow Waters personal yacht, designed by Alan Mummery, and launched in 1971 /2 – Alan Sexton gave me the heads up on the trademe listing & Alan commented that remembers seeing her around Waiheke Island on their first summer on Tarata.

She was featured in Sea Spray August 1971 whilst under construction. The feature noted that Snow was looking for waterline length, in the Innismarra (or even further back William Garden’s Oceanus) style, ie long (55′) and narrow.

She is single skin strip planked kauri glued with steam bent ribs. No doubt with the 6 cyl. Ford she motors at a good pace too.

Waiata II has been owned by current owner for 41 years in NZ, with the last 3 years being based in the Australian East Coast, where she is 4sale. The current location making her perfect for someone wanting to cruise the Queensland Coast, Whitsundays or further north.

Yesterdays Quiz Winner – WW T-Shirt

Mr M Deeble – proof that the early bird does catch the worm, with his 6.00ish entry 🙂

How To Steam Ribs – Sailing Sunday

How To Steam Ribs – Sailing Sunday

Robin Elliott sent me the youtube link below to Australian Ian Smith ribbing the 24-foot Ranger class gaffer he’s building for himself. Its good viewing. Ranger, was designed by E.C. (Cliff) Gale and built by Billy Fisher in 1933 & is still going strong under the ownership of Cliff’s son Bill Gale and races with others built to her design with the Sydney Amateur Sailing Club, photos below, again ex Robin.

Ranger Aust 2

Ranger Aust 1

The below photo of the yacht Kotiri B20 was sent to me by Lesley Brennan, who commented on ww that she had come across an old B/W 6×4 photo with Kotiri hand written in pencil on it. Lesley will give the photo to the most deserving – no doubt the Classic Yacht Charitable Trust?



Do You Have One Of These?

I have asked before but the repairs did not last – so has any woody got a switch like the ones below in their bottom draw?

WW t-shirt if you have a spare one 😉




Classic Pilothouse Ketch

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 7.16.44 AM

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 7.20.44 AM

Pilothouse Ketch

Today’s post is about an overseas visitor, designed by Alan Buchanan & built with teak carvel plank construction by David Cheng in Hong Kong. A true world cruiser and at 17m she would make an ideal live aboard. The boat underwent a major refit and upgrade 2014/2015. Home is Nelson but if your looking for a cheap waterfront home in Auckland she would be a good buy 😉