Unknown / Mystery Boat 20-07-2017 + Woody Homes


Unknown / Mystery Boat 20-07-2017

I was sent the above photo by Ray Morey, Ray is hoping to be able to ID the vessel.  It was on the Waikato River in the mid 1950’s operated by ‘Henry’s Sand Co.’, until being replaced by the steel tug “S.P.”  – Ray has no idea where she came from nor where she went.

Can any of the woodys help out with any details?

Woody Homes

Woody Brett Evans sent me a link to a feature on a sleepy seaside village in France with a small fishing port, a population of less than 3,000 and some very peculiar-looking houses. At a moment’s glance, they could almost appear to be an unfortunate pod of beached orcas, but look again carefully at those unusual roofs. Yes, those are boats … upside down! Local fishermen of Équihen-Plage have lived under scavenged boat hulls here for over a century and today, many of these upturned vessels now serve as a unique holiday accommodation for travelers visiting the French coast. Very cool idea. You can see more at the link below.




Lady Ellen Restoration


The plight of Lady Ellen has been documented on ww in the past (link below). We were able to happily report that she had been purchased by Bruce Mitchinson & 6 weeks ago transported north to Russell in the Bay of Islands.

A few days ago Bruce gave me an update on the restoration – read below.
“Restoration work underway with removal of rotten timber around cabin, decks and bulkheads. Much of the interior has gone to the tip. Under the foredeck canvas, near perfect Totara decking, which is drying out ready for a sand and some fibreglass.
Next up, replacing the rotten timbers with old kauri before new side and aft decks go down.
Engine is back together, almost, and Ken Jaspers is sorting out new mounts, gearbox seals and couplings down in Whangaparoa”
Bruce has promised to keep us updated on the project.


Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 8.21.08 PM


The above photos of Arima were emailed to me by Ken Ricketts & according to info attributed to her owner, she measures 36′ & was built in 1955 of planked kauri by Salthouse to a Colin Wild design.
Arima has a 110 hp. 6 cyl., Ford diesel that sees her cruising at 8.5 knots. with a top speed of 10 knots. Home port is Whangarei.

What else do we know about her & is this provenance correct?

Sirius – A Peek Down Below

Sirius 1

SIRIUS – A Peek Down Below

The 1956, 32′, Owen Woolley built launch, Sirius, has appeared before on ww, you can read all about her at this link https://waitematawoodys.com/2016/03/23/sirius/
Now thanks to a trademe listing we get a peek below. Quite a smart classic, just not too sure about the mast > main > jib set up (there is a photo of her motor sailing in the link above). Not what you would expect, but I’m sure they do the trick, because its been like that for a long time. Again thanks to Ian McDonald for the heads up.



Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 5.07.01 pm

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 5.07.50 pm



Michelangleo is a 15’, twin cockpit classic lake boat, built in 1950 & fully restored approx. 10 years ago. Current home is the South Island, Nelson Lakes area.

Powered by a fully rebuilt 272 wide block Ford V8. She is direct drive (so no gearbox or reverse). Sitting top of the V8 is a 350 2 barrel Holley carb + electronic ignition, heat exchanger and a stainless fuel tank.

I love the stern photo, a pretty backside & the noise from those exhausts would be music to my eyes – ok I’m a petrol head 😉

She is for sale on trademe if anyone is looking for a zoom zoomer 🙂


Old Timer




The above before & after photos of the Kinloch, Lake Taupo, launch Old Timer were sent to me by Larry Grigg. I’m not sure if its Larry’s boat, maybe if he reads this story he can let us know & a few more details on the restoration.
I understand was built at Taupo by local boat builder and charter boat skipper Jack Taylor.
I’m sure the Drake brothers will be able to help us out 🙂

03-07-2017 Input from Paul Drake

OLD TIMER is one of four sisters built at Taupo by Godfrey Taylor, son of Jack Taylor, in the late 1950’s/early 1960’s. They measure 18 feet, are round bilged and built of totara. OLD TIMER (not her name in those days) was bought by the boatyard when Don Norton owned it, and re configured as the yard work boat. They re-named her DULCIE TAYLOR. Her engine at that time was a Universal Utility Four (now in our SIR FRANCIS, where it has been for many years). One of the sisters, TAURUS, lives in Wellington (photos below). Another was named LADY GRACE (photo below). One was twin screw and quite fast. As kids, we knew these four sisters as “The Godfrey Taylor Boats”.

Lady Grace


Voyageur – A Very Big Woody

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 8.31.08 PM

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 8.44.21 PM

Voyageur – A Very Big Woody

Voyageur was built in 1953 to a Chris Craft design, she measures 60′ with a beam of 14’5″ & draft of 5’6″ – so is a rather large old girl.
She is D/D kauri that has been glassed over, with a teak interior. A recent refurbishment included new Volvo engines. For sale at $750K, a lot of money for a 60′ woody but its a lot of boat & being set up for game fishing & in MOSS survey, I assume its a business venture as well.

Any one able to advise the builder?
Thanks to Ian McDonald for the trademe heads up.


Ken Ricketts has advised she was built in 1958 by T K Atkinson at Browns Bay, at 40 feet, for Takapuna Ford dealer Jack Lewis, (Lewis Motors), who extended her in 1965 to 48 feet, the work once again being done by T K Atkinson. —
Lewis took & a friend & me to Browns Bay one day, to see the extension in progress. He was considering a 3rd centre engine for her at that time.
She has obviously been extended again.
What a shame all her lovely exterior varnish has gone — it was such a special part of her beauty & character.
View photos from her early days as a 40 footer here https://waitematawoodys.com/2015/03/18/voyaguer/