Mystery Location With Lots of Woodys at Anchor


Mystery Location With Lots of Woodys at Anchor

The photo above was sent to me by Heather & Keith Nicholson, it was originally posted on the ‘Whangarei Way Back When’ facebook page – Heather thought it might be Mansion House Bay but it could also be Russell.

Whatever the location, there is a great collection of launches in the bay.

Can we confirm the location & ID a few of the woodys at anchor?


CYA Patio Bay Weekend – 2017 – 50+ Photos




P1250681 (1)







CYA Patio Bay Weekend – 2017

The photos show that 2017 was another cracker Patio Bay year, but what photos don’t get across is what a great group of woodys were there. The numbers were down a little on previous years but those that made the trip will remember it as one of the best. Plenty of room to walk around & mingle without standing on someones dinner plate.

Several Riviera owners, did they bit to re-confirm that they all have big egos & small brains – motoring thru the race finish line at 25+ knots & creating wakes you could surf on. A little exciting if you are sitting in an 8’ dinghy taking photos & wondering if the Riviera is on autopilot & the skippers playing with his small willy 😦

One of the Patio Bay race traditions is the winning skipper of the A Division has to fill the trophy barrel with rum for the following years party. Last year Prize was the winner & based on dock chatter, a sample was drawn off for analyse at the Mount Gay distillery –  purity & alcohol content results to follow 😉

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Port Townsend Classic Wooden Boat Festival 2017 – 80+ photos


Port Townsend Classic Wooden Boat Festival 2017 – 80+ photos
Kiwi woodys Jenny and Malcolm McNicol sent me the below photo essay from the Port Townsend 41st Classic Wooden Boat Festival from The Puget Sounds in Washington State USA. They were holidaying in the Sounds and got to enjoy the festival.
The McNico’s are members of The Rotoiti Wooden Boat Association and are the proud owners of Tauraka, which has featured on WW.

Enjoy the collection – sorry if I have ruined your day ……… 🙂

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Mystery Lidgard Launch

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 3.39.10 pm

Mystery Lidgard Launch

The above launch is only a mystery because the broker has not revealed her name.

I can tell you that she was built by Lidgard’s in 1955, is 35’ in length, with a 10’5” beam. She has a kauri planked hull. The zoom zoom comes from a 120hp Ford diesel & home is the Marlborough Sounds.

Any southern woodys able to ID this launch?


Korari II

Korari II a


Received an email the other day from Paul Clarke who purchased in December 2016 the very original 35′ Mason Clipper Korari II. She came from Picton, where she had spent many years, her last owner was a Jeremy Daley. Korari II came north to Auckland in February 2017. Her zoom zoom comes from twin 135hp Perkins.

Paul would love to know more details on her build & past.

Nana – Rescued & Restored




NANA -Rescued & Resored
Over the weekend while at the Mahurangi Regatta, I spied Nana sliding by on numerous occasions, which made me smile – it is always good to see a woody that has been rescued from the chainsaw / backhoe.
Firstly a history lesson – Nana was designed by C. Bailey Jun. &  built by C. Bailey & Sons for Mr F Alison of Matiatia, Waiheke Island in1934 & launched in late November / December. She is 35′ with a 8′ beam & a 3′ draft. A day cruiser, all her controls were in the raised top amidships. When launched she was fitted with a 100hp Redwing engine & expected to reach a rather speedy 17 knots. You can view a photo of her taken during her early December, 1934 sea trails at this link
Alison had her built for trips to town (Auckland City) & for taking friends out to the fishing grounds in the gulf.

Back in 2014 Nana was hit, whilst moored, in a storm. She suffered reasonably extensive structural damage around the deck line, stern and aft cabin top & was leaking badly, resulting in a flooded > seized Ford diesel 125hp engine, refer hauled out photo below. She was bought off the insurers as a wreck.

Enter the very talented, woody restorer John Wright who has worked his magic on her. The above marina photos were taken by John Wicks while Nana was recently at West Harbour (Hobsonville) marina. The under way photos are from your truly at the Mahurangi 2017 Regatta weekend. Would like to see some photos of the restoration process – John ??



M.V. Cygnet


M.V. Cygnet – Looking for a woody lifestyle?

Cygnet was purpose built in 1913, as the original Cream Boat of the Mokau River.
After being fully restored in 1994, the Cygnet returned to its rightful place on the Mokau River; this time as the 2nd oldest passenger vessel in New Zealand. She measures 35′ & is powered by a 2012 Yanmar 30h.p. diesel. Most recently SGS (Safe Ship Management) inspected and certified in 2014 and still current.
The M.V Cygnet is currently on it’s newly built custom trailer being stored in a shed near the Mokau River (As it’s current owners are enjoying the benefits of retirement). This is a rare opportunity to purchase a piece of New Zealand maritime history & even earn a living.
photos ex trademe via advice from Ian McDonald

Do we know any more about her – builder etc?

Harold Kidd Input

She was built in Auckland and shipped down to Waitara for Sjolund of Mokau in July 1913, She was described as “on the tunnel style” 34ft in length, 7ft 6in in beam with a draft of 12 ins unloaded and 18ins with a two ton load. No hint of builder in that report but Baden thinks she is by T.M. Lane and Sons and that seems entirely likely. She was meant for the then flourishing Mokau River trade. Sjolund had several launches.