Two Black Holes

Two Black Holes
Many moons ago when I was looking at buying a classic boat, my father-in-law commented “son you already own one black hole, why would you want another”. He was referring to the fact that I owned a 100+ year old wooden house that back then was hoovering up every cent I earned, and in his eyes an old boat would do the same, but quicker. He of course was right and I took his advise and didn’t buy the boat. 

Waited a few years and after he ‘left’ us, I was back in the market 🙂

When I was sent the above photo by Glenn Martin of a house in Beach Haven on Auckland’s North Shore, it reminded me of the vision my F-I-L had of what I was going to inflict on his daughter. 
Anyone know the story behind the boat?

Arohanui (mcgeady) A Peek Down Below

AROHANUI (mcgeady) A Peek Down Below

Arohanui was built in 1952/3 at the McGeady’s Ponsonby yard. Specs are 42’ x 11’9” x 3’11” and powered by what appears to be a 6cyl Ford diesel engine.

She has made several appearance on WW, the link below to the Jan 2014 story has lots of details and photos from her past.

(thanks Ian McDonald for the tme heads up)



Todays woody come to us from Garry Ralls via Lew Redwood’s fb and shows the launch – Cariad berthed in Whangarei c.1950’s. At the time she was owned by L E Ralls (Maunu Rd, Whangarei).

Cariad is a newbie to me and even Nathan Herbert has commented that she is unknown to him – and that woodys is a rarity 😉

I Suspect a very early name change – can anyone help out with more details?

Thanks to the input of Robin Elliott and Patrick Xavier – we know know the launches name was spelt – Cariad (corrected above). Check out the comments section – links to more intel there 🙂



Today’s woody is – Juliette , seen above on the slip at the W.G Lowe & Son yard, just prior to launch day. Another photo from the Auckland Libraries Heritage Collection.

Anyone able to tell us more about Juliette and what became of her post launching?

I spotted the illustration below of a concept house / day boat, based on the iconic VW Kombi. Each to their own but I think its very cool – perfect for our lakes.