Robyn Gae – SOS


I was out west Auckland on Sunday and dropped into the Te Atatu Boating Club yard for a nosy. Sad to see that the rather pretty x1934, Cox & Filmer built launch Robyn Gas is still hauled out and looking for a new owner. Given the 4sale sign points people to the yard office, I would suspect its being sold to re-coup yard fees. 

There appears to be some ‘average’ hull work done to her, but at $6k, its a very low entry to a worthwhile project. Surely someone will step up and take her own. Make the TBC an offer, you might be surprised.

For no fault of her own other than bad timings, the boat has been crying out for a passionate woody owner for a number of years – see previous WW stories below.






After a long career earning her keep across multiple owners in and around the Waitemata Harbour, the ex work-boat Phyllis has been up north in the Bay of Islands in recent years. Sadly her owner pasted away and his 3 daughters inherited the boat. 

I’m sure that the likes of Russell Ward and Baden Pascoe will be able to enlighten us further on the vessel. What we do know is that she was built by Harvey and Lang c.1913 and was up until recently (2013) the oldest working tug boat still in survey.

Woody John Wright and cohorts have taken over Phyllis and last week steamed her down from the B.O.I. to Auckland on one engine – took 23 hours, and with only on board.

Already she has been hauled out at the Te Atatu Boating Club and been given a freshen up.

Call For Help – Phyllis has one dud engine, so the guys are looking out for a Ford 120hp – so if you have one in the basement / under the bench etc – Phyllis would be a very good home for it 🙂


INPUT EX CAMERON POLLARD – photos below from her Auckland working days for Blue Boats etc

Sad video below of the 162’ schooner Eleonora E being hit by a commercial ship – she later sank. Happened in the Port of Tarragona, the offshore supply vessel – ‘Punta Mayor’ had an issue with being locked in reverse and t-boned the Eleonora E.



I recently spotted the launch Wailani hauled out at the Te Atatu Boating Club yard. Slightly embarrassed to say I know very little about her other than back in the 1930s she was one of active launches that took part in the NZ Power Boat Association launch races on the Waitemata Harbour.

Can anyone tell us more about Wailani?

Update ex Donna Lewis – photo below of her at Great Barrier Island 1991 when owned by our dear friends Herb & Joy Lever. We were with them In Lady Pat (Woollacott Ketch) 

I will call Joy (Tuakau) Wednesday & ask more about Wailani. For a time they kept her moored in the Clevedon River & also at Waiheke Island. Most likely Putuki Bay,  Ostend. 





On one of his yard visits Ken Ricketts spotted the above launch hauled out at Te Atatu Boating Club.

Other than her name, we know nothing about Wakatu. Any TBC members able to help out with some details / history?

24-08-2017 Update ex Murray McGehan – Wakatu’s Hull was built by Des Scott in Henderson and finished off by by first owners Ron and Mary McGehan of Howick and launched December 1967. The hull was a Graeme Bronlund design, Graeme actually previously worked for Roy Parris. The boat was owned by the McGehan family until Ron’s death in 1991 and sold to Noel Mitchell then. Original engine was a 3 cylinder Lister air cooled but this was change to a 4 cylinder BMC Captain in 1970. A few later changes were made the coamings and cabintop were replaced about 1980 and reduction gear of the Captain was changed from 2:1 to 3:1 about 1984. The Boat was moored in Shelly Park Howick for about 25 years.