The 1947, 33’, Sam Ford built bridge-decker – Snoozer has just popped up on tme (thank you Ian McDonald),. We do not know much about her other that she is kauri carvel planked and powered by a 85hp Isuzu diesel that has her cruising at 8 knots. Whangarei is her home town. Might be wrong, but I would suspect a name change at some time.

Can anyone enlighten us on Snoozer’s past life ?

Input from Bruce Pullan – bellow  is a picture of Awa Manu, it looks like Snoozer.

Yesterdays Quiz Winner To Name The Launch Alongside The Wharf  – was K. Sutherland, who was the first to correctly ID the boat as Lady Helen – WW cap on its way 🙂

The proof – ex Tudor Collins photo

Maka Maile – A Peek Down Below

MAKA MILE – A Peek Down Below
In a previous WW story we uncovered that the 40’ Maka Maile was built in 1937 by Sam Ford, but rumoured to be not designed by him.Maka Maile is rather unique in that she has only had 3 owners in her 84 year life. During this period she was laid up for approx. 25 of those years.

Her current owner bought her as a shell only and under took a 10 year refit that included re-powering her with twin 120hp Nissan 4 cyl diesels. The engines give Maka Maile an impressive turn of speed – 20 knots max, but she cruises very nicely at 10 knots.

These days she sports a very spacious interior that closely reflects her build year but incorporates modern fittings to make life aboard more comfortable. A surprise feature is the main saloons sliding roof. 

If you haven’t already guessed it by now – Maka Maile is for sale, initial expressions of interest should be via

Previous WW stories below
Pictured below anchored in Mansion House Bay, Kawau Island

Read more on Maka Maile’s history here (ex Ken Ricketts)

Whakari + Woody Classics Weekend Cruise

Mooching around Gulf Harbour marina yesterday and spotted the 1925 Sam Ford launch – Whakari looking very regal. Would have to be best presented Sam Ford a float and a credit to owner Gordon Cashmore.

Whakari first popped up on WW back in 2013 – details at this WW link

In 2014 she had a wee oops and was hauled out for some serious TLC. The shine we see the above photos looks very new-ish, so the TLC appears to be a regular occurrence – we like that 🙂

Buying or Selling a Classic Boat

Buying or Selling a Classic Boat
Without sounding too much like Jacinda Ardern (“be kind”) – when people ask me about classic wooden boat ownership, I normally say that owning a woody has a positive effect on your life i.e. you end up forging a life you don’t need to escape from.

So woodys in the interest of your mental well being we have listed below a sample of some of the boats that are currently berthed at the virtual Wooden Boat Bureau Sales Marina. We have a lot of others for sale, some owners request privacy. To read more about the WBB – click
The Wooden Boat Bureau is uniquely placed to offer impartial, up-to-date market information and objective advice to both sellers and buyers. So if you are looking for a wooden boat or considering selling – email us at

Or call Alan Houghton 027 660 9999 or David Cooke 027 478 1877


KOTARE – 25′ 1951 Kingfisher Boats

NGARO – 48′ 1953, Lidgard – under contract

PIRATE – 46′ 1938 Leon Warne

MAKA MAILE – 40′ 1936/7 Sam Ford

KOTARE – 50′ 1940 Millar

created by dji camera

POCO LENTO – 33′ 1978 Roy Parris / Geoff Bagnall – under contract

MASON CLIPPER – 23′ 1966 Mason Marine

RANUI 48’ 1948 Lidgard

IRENE – 38′ 1955 Orams & Davies

MONTEREY 33’6” 1946 Lidgard

CASTAWAY33’ 1947 Dick Lang

Lady Pamela – 60′ tba tba

TAWERA – >50′ 1935 Logan

TIME 38’ 2001 John Gander

ASTROLABE51’7” 1971 Bruce Clarke/John Salthouse