A Xmas Pub Cruise



A Xmas Pub Cruise

Sneaked off mid-week for a trip up the creek to Riverhead for a catch-up lunch with a group of good mates.
Makes a change to not be fighting for space on the dock 🙂
The food at the Riverhead Hotel is very good, once it was good pub grub, these days it is ace.
Had a wee oops on the way up the creek with a fuel block, managed to limp to the pub wharf – option 1 = fix it myself while everyone enjoys lunch OR option 2 = call Moon Engines & get an expert down to the wharf to fix it, while I enjoy the day. It was a no-brainer – option 2 🙂
Wonderful service from the Moon team – many thanks.
Yesterday I was on the receiving end of an amazing gift from a woody, totally floored me. I have been asked to not disclose the person’s name – you know who you are & I’m very humbled by your generosity & friendship – Thank You.
As I type this I’m on Trinidad doing the overnight CYA Rudder Cup Launch Race. It’s 108nm to & around Sail Rock. Hopefully the technology works & you will be able to follow the fleet on this link. There will be lots of photos on Monday. Might even try try & post some during the race.

Woody Trip To The Riverhead Hotel – 30+ classic wooden boat photos








Woody Trip To The Riverhead Hotel

Yesterday, 14 CYA Woody launches got together to visit the Riverhead Hotel, we had a fantastic turn-out with several ’new’ woodys joining in. Of course Jason Prew’s just relaunched – My Girl, had everyones attention, check out the zoom zoom photos above, that girl can move 🙂
A small tide made for some interesting manoeuvres at times, but no one came to grief (for long)
It was great to see the publican – Stephen Pepperell’s magnificently refitted woody – Volantis, alongside the wharf. She is a stunning ship, but the man does have very good taste.
The hotel was buzzing with a band in the garden bar & great food on offer – from those that I talked to, everyone had a great time. Several CYA members travelled by road, including Margaret & Bert Woolicott, our hosts in 2 weeks at Patio Bay for the Xmas weekend cruise / BBQ, which for me is the coolest event on the CYA calendar – see you there on December 1st.
ps if anyone picked up a small white & blue fender on a long rope, with brass clip – its mine – lost it overboard on the trip up, 1/2 way up the creek 😦
waitematawoodys t-shirts orders – don’t be slow in getting your order in, based on the sales to date I will probably close the order book early 😉

On-The-Water Woody Gathering

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 4.22.29 pm



An invitation to all woodys that have finished their winter > spring haul-out – join fellow woodys for a cruise to the Riverhead Hotel for a long overdue catch up & refreshing beverage.

The date is Saturday 25th November. See below, I’ll post more details closer to the date. All I need now is a heads up on your attendance + boat name, email this to: waitematawoodys@gmail.com.

Note: this is just an informal on-the-water meet-up of people that share the same passion for classic wooden boats.

Do whatever you need to, to get there – even if that means hi-jacking the kitchen table

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 3.56.40 pm

Upper Harbour Cruise to the Riverhead Hotel



Upper Harbour Cruise to the Riverhead Hotel

Yesterday had the makings of a stay at home day – the forecast was looking very average & the All Blacks ‘v’ Ireland test was kicking off at 9.00am. Unfortunately the gods only smiled on us once – the weather never eventuated but the AB’s dropped their guard & for the 1st time ever lost to the boys in green. Given the location – Chicago, I say it wasn’t a real test 😉
The following classics from the CYA launch fleet made the trip – Mahanui, Te Arahi, John Dory, Te Hauraki, Trinidad, Lucille, Juanita, Raindance, Matira, Lucinda, Kumi & the motor-sailer Bliss.  These were joined by others who traveled by car. Over 100 gathered on the outer decks for lunch & one or two cleansing beverages.
Another great day & special thanks to the organizer – CYA Launch Captain Angus Rogers, Tony Stevenson for the use of the Tino Rawa Trust tender ‘Whistleblower’ & the publican, Stephen Pepperell, always nice to greeted at the wharf on arrival.

Volantis – Joins our classic launch fleet

Volantis   a

Launch day at Kenepuru

Volantis 7

Launch day at Kenepuru

Volantis 3

Alongside wharf at Ulva Island

Volantis 6

While in charter – Halfmoon Bay, Stewart Island

VOLANTIS  – A new addition to the Auckland classic launch fleet
photos & details ex Michael O’Dwyer

Regular readers of ww will know that the CYA launch fleet are regular visitors to the 150+ year old waterfront Riverhead Hotel, in fact the upper harbour cruises are one of the highlights on the launch calendar.

What might not be well known is the publicans (good old fashioned word), Stephen and Paula Pepperell are very classic friendly, in fact before buying the hotel they built a 46′ Herreshoff mobjack ketch ‘Long White Cloud’ & cruised around the world for 6+ years.

On our most recent visit Paula & Stephen came aboard Barbara & David Cooke’s ‘Trinidad’ & I think this was the tipping point in their decision to buy a classic launch.
I can now confirm that they have purchased the 48′ launch ‘Volantis’ from the Marlbourgh Sounds.

Volantis was built in 1965 by Tom Brake at Kenepuru Sound, Marlbrough & has a semi displacement hull built from kauri & kahikatea. Power was a 6/71 GM diesel. From day one she was in charter, fishing in the Sounds. She started life at 42′ but c.1985 Miller & Tunnage at Port Chalmers lengthened her to 48′ & extended the wheel-house.

In 1985 she was sold to Phillip & Dianne Smith & based at Halfmoon Bay, Stewart Island again in charter work. In August 2003 she was sold & relocated to Picton.

Volantis is powered by a 180 hp Detroit 2 stroke diesel & the Pepperell’s are currently on-route on the delivery voyage from the Sounds to Auckland, last weekend they stopped in at Napier, with the plan being to head north again this week.

Stephen commented to Michael that he already has plans to give her a more classic look without losing it’s work boat aesthetic. Given the presentation on ‘Long White Cloud’ & the hotel renovation – Volantis will be a fine addition to our Auckland fleet. I’m impressed with the expresso machine on board 🙂

Can any woodys supply more details on her past life?

Hopefully she will be heading up the creek to Riverhead & we will be able to have a peek during the CYA Launch Riverhead Hotel lunch cruise on Saturday 30th April. Should be a big day out – they always are 🙂  CANCELLED

12-01-2017 – Update from Barry Davis
Photo below of Volantis during her refurbishment, the mast is lying on the cabin top, some of the comings are under repair and there was masking tape around the cabin windows.


CYA Launch Cruise to Riverhead Hotel

Photos below ex Suzie Wang (Manapouri)


CYA Launch Cruise to Riverhead Hotel

Yesterdays cruise up the upper reaches of the Waitemata Harbour to the waterside Riverhead Hotel was just one of those days – great weather, cool boats & nice people.
David Cooke (Trinidad) & my wife Robyn several weeks ago came up with the idea of splitting the trip into two & having a raft-up for pre-lunch drinks. Now that might not seem like rocket science but the launch group do not normally raft-up, what happens in a bay is everyone wants to secure a good spot to anchor & the boats get spread out across the bay. Todays raft-up was a winner & the vote was “lets do this again”.

With the new extensions to the hotel, the venue has just got even better & with our own area, the afternoon was very relaxed.

Great to catch up with those that made the trip by car & extra cool to see Ian Gavin with a smile on his face, a burger in one hand & a beer in the other – proof that that the big C doesn’t always win 🙂

Special thanks to Michelle Khan & Tony Stevenson for piloting the NZ Yachting Trusts big tender, Whistleblower, that provide a safe & dry transfers from the boats to the hotel wharf.

CYA Pub Cruise Photos

CYA Pub Cruise Photos

A big day yesterday for the CYA launch fleet – we had one of our cruises to the Riverhead Hotel. 18 classic motor launches & approx. 120 people arrived as the pub doors opened at 10.00a.m. What followed was over 2 hours of classic wooden boat camaraderie.  Good times were had & friendships made with new members.

Enjoy the mix of photos. Most from my camera but a few from others on the day.

As always with ww, click any photo to enlarge 😉

New photos ex Chris Miller