Manaaki – A Peek Down Below

MANAAKI – A Peek Down Below

The 1928 Collings & Bell built 36’ launch – Manaaki appeared on WW back in 2015 (updated in 2018) and now thanks to a tme listing, we get to see down below.

Powered by a 75hp Ford, Manaaki has a  95 year old history of game fishing in the Bay of Islands, which she is still doing today.
Check out the WW link below for lots of history and old photos on Manaaki

606 Rosebank Road, Avondale

Tamaroa + Mason Bay


Marcus Petraska sent in the above photos that he snapped on Easter Monday, in Opunga Cove in the Bay of Islands. Tamaroa was built / launched in 1953 by Collings & Bell, she last appeared on WW back in September 2020, where thanks to Eric Stevens, a previous owner (1994>2010) we got to have a peek down below and read a brilliant history lesson on her. Link below.

Mason Bay – would have to one of the saltiest woodys afloat. Built by Curnow & Wilson c.1956/57 – and this time thanks to Gary Underwood you can read her history at the link below to a September 2015 WW story. Gary owned her then, not sure if he still does?

Input from Brian Kidson – The builders of Mason Bay were Curnow and Wilton, not Wilson, of Nelson. George Curnow and Maurie Wilton were boat builders with ER Lane of Picton until moving to Nelson in the mid ’30s to start out on their own. They stayed in business till their last fire in 1966 when Nalder and Biddle carried on their boat building and repair work.
Mason Bay was launched on the 11 April 1956 as the San Giuseppe for Mr T Lamacchia of Island Bay, Wellington. That was from the workshop fore-mans notebook at the time of building.

Sometimes I crop / trim photos down, but today’s photos are as taken – the water and light is just so BOI’s 🙂


Today’s woody is the 32’ Arab built in 1913 by Collings & Bell, pictured above in the above 1915 photo, at the time owned by Alfred Grundy. She is seen here moored in the Hopua Crater > Geddes Basin > Onehunga Basin. The photo comes to us via Maurice Sharp’s fb (Auckland Libraries Heritage Collection).

A quick wikipedia search provides background on the area – located in Onehunga. Its 300 m wide, sediment-filled explosion (maar) crater was used as a boat harbour in early European times and known first as Onehunga Basin then as Geddes Basin. It was reclaimed in the 1930s and named Gloucester Park in 1935 after the visit to New Zealand by the Duke of Gloucester in that year. From 1975 into the early 80’s the South-western motorway was built right through the middle of the park and crater. The southern side was turned into a sports ground, and the western side as a wetland with activity space for Aotea Sea Scouts who took ownership of the Manukau Yacht and Motor Boat Club (MYMBC) club house, in 1977 (refer the white building in the 1910 postcard below).
Thanks to Harold Kidd and Matt  Urquhart in a previous WW story we know a lot about Arab (WW link below, read comments also) but keen to learn what became of Arab post the mid 1980’s when she possibly went to Tauranga?

What Price Provenance – 100 Year Old Game Fishing Wooden Launch

What Price Provenance – 100 Year Old Game Fishing Wooden Launch

The legendary sport game fishing launch Alma G has just popped up on tme (thanks Ian McDonald) , without doubt one of the world’s best known and successful game boats.
Presented in better than new condition, with a 270hp Hyundai engine that sees the 36’ hull topping out at 20 knots. 

Built in 1922 by Collings and Bell, there is a big birthday coming up and she has already had the face lift in anticipation.

So woodys, I guess at a reserve of $275k your not just buying a classic woody boat but a 100 year old business / brand (she is still in survey). 
Photo below c.1950’s, shows Alma G on the left in the photo + link below to previous WW story / details

Harold Kidd Input – ALMA G was launched in October/November 1922 and took part in the Russell Regatta in December 1922 (see Auckland Star 28/12/1922)