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Ok, Phantom isn’t a Kiwi woody, in fact lives in Newport Beach, California , but she sure is a looker. And she is / was for sale, and I know I leave myself open to criticism, but I don’t care 🙂 she has to be bargain at around NZD $190k it would be a great buy.
Phantom is no old woody that has been allowed to deteriorate at its marina – she is in magnificent shape and is powered by twin 2006 Yanmar 240hp diesels that have only done 430 hrs. She cruises at 14 knots, with a max of 21.
Built in 1936 by Astoria Marine and measures LOA = 52’. Beam = 12’. Draft = 3’8″
She is a well maintained e.g. new fuel tanks 2011, new inverter & batteries in 2017, new covers 2017, new heating system 2017.
So Woodys – have a look a Phantom, getting her to NZ might rule buying her out, but she is a wonderful example of a 1930’s classic wooden motorboat. (Thanks to Andrew Christie for the heads up the listing.

More input below (click link) from Andrew Christie on her history and WW2 war service + photos

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CYA Double Banger – Riverhead Launch Cruise + Vintage & Veterans Yacht Race




My Girl



My Girl + Raindance


Monterey, Te Arahi, Altair, Manapouri

CYA Double Banger – Riverhead Launch Cruise + Vintage & Veterans Yacht Race

While mooching around under the Harbour Bridge waiting for the launch stragglers , I snapped a few photos of the yacht fleet tuning up for the start of the annual Vintage & Veterans yacht race – Photos below
The weather for the launch cruise was almost ideal, after we had arrived at the Riverhead Tavern and had planted ourselves in the bar, the rain started, so while we by dinning and chatting – the old girls got a fresh water wash down – perfect.
A good turn out for late in the season – 16 woodys – made up of 12 CYA members and 4 woodys that joined us for the day. I convinced one to join, but Jason Prew tells me I need to improve on my 25% conversion rate 🙂
Nice to catch up with those that made the trip by motorcar.
As always the food was excellent, just a wee hick-up with a power oops slowed the service down a tad but all good.
Sorry if I missed your woody with my camera – the fleet were very spaced out, so arrive times didn’t suit the need to sustenance 😉
As always, click photos to enlarge.

Rawhiti A2 + Rainbow A7 + Waitangi A6


Arcturus K8638


Little Jim A16

Photos below of Thelma sent in by Simon Smith

Dionysus (Paulmarkson)







Dionysus (Paulmarkson)

Todays WW story is sobering viewing, it records the fate of Dionysus, the Percy Vos built motor sailer, that went ashore at Oakura in July 2014.
I understand she was left unattended on anchor and the weather turned nasty overnight and the owners could not get out to her. Details & photos from Cameron Pollard.
She was extensively damaged with her decks and bulkheads popped. The decision was made instantly by insurance and council to remove the wreck asap.
Cameron reports that her Gardner engine was taken away after its salt water washing and has since been saved and is destined for a new home in a very nice fishing boat conversion.
Her rigs and tailshaft etc were dragged into a paddock and anything still intact was left with it .
Lots of vehicles on the beach in the photos – in fact the beach is actually a designated road.

Lady Fair




Lady Fair was designed by William Garden and built in America in 1960 using cedar. Originally a 67’ ketch, Ken Ricketts was told she was sailed to NZ approx. 7>8 years ago, under her original ketch rig by a previous owner. Then her rigging was removed & she was converted to a motor boat (by the present owner). Her coamings are original & she still has a substantial amount of lead ballast in the bilges.

Her power comes from a 170hp Caterpillar diesel that pushes her along at 7-9.5Kts.  Home has been the Viaduct Basin for much of her time in NZ, her owners live aboard permanently.

In a previous life she spent time in Turkey, c.2013 where she was for sale, it appears her name then was – Haz.

(Note: details ex Ken Ricketts via trade people working on the boat – edited alot by Alan H – NZ photos ex KR, oversea ex google via KR))

Anyone Looking For A One Off Art Installation

The ‘boat’ below is on trademe – would look great at a pub, cafe or in a serious Woodys front paddock. 
If the seller gets no interest, it will be cut up for firewood – its too cool for that 🙂
Wood appears to be oak, measures approx. 8mx3m. Currently located at Grahams Beach, Awhitu. Its very close to the road so moving her shouldn’t be a major.
Thanks to T Foh for the listing heads up.

John Salthouse Crosses The Bar

John Salthouse

John Salthouse Crosses The Bar
Sad to hear that John Salthouse, the founder of Salthouse Boatbuilders passed away on Sunday night. If you have any doubts as to the extent of the mans input to our classic woody fleet just type SALTHOUSE in the WW search box & you’ll be amazed by the craft that John either built or enhanced in his lifetime. Below is a gallery of just some of the craft that Salthouse Boatbuilders have built.
Our thoughts go out to the extended Salthouse family. While he has left us, his legacy will grace our waters for many many years to come.

SEA ROGUE – Why Is the Price So Low


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Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 7.46.25 AM

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 7.46.06 AM

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 7.45.04 AM

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 7.46.15 AM

SEA ROGUE – Why Is the Price So Low
Question of the day – why are woodys so cheap in the USA compared to here? Is it a numbers game? Or is the cost of ownership (haulage, marina berth, insurance etc) make them unaffordable?
David Glen sent me a link to Sea Rogue a 54’ 1972 pilothouse, trawler style woody that was designed by naval architect Arthur Defever and built in 1972 by the Oriental Boat Company in Japan.
If you believe her 4sale listing she has been continuously upgraded by a meticulous owner. The zoom zoom is via twin Caterpillar diesels.
3 staterooms, each with head + captains berth in the pilothouse.
Currently located in San Diego – and the price? An unbelievable NZD$174,000.
Even if the motors didn’t go, that’s a very cheap waterfront apartment.

Building Fritha – Sailing Sunday

Fritha 4

Building Fritha –  Sailing Sunday

Following on from the stunning WW post on the McMullen & Wing built 74’ brigantine – Fritha, Chris McMullen has shared with us a gallery of photos from the build.
In Chris’s words – it shows a bunch of mainly young guys building a proper sailing ship. Chris commented how lucky they all were to have had that opportunity. The photos should be credited to M&W ex apprentice Grant Thomas who was the leading hand on Fritha.
The Fritha was built traditionally but certainly not by eye. You may notice the cabin trunks were well underway before the hull was planked. This was possible because M&W had a very experienced team. The workmanship got better every boat they built but the estimate of time was exceeded. (Chris stressed how lucky they were to have an understanding owner who appreciated what he got). Further, it became almost impossible to get good wood. Chris’s business partner Eric Wing was by then running their haul out yard at Westhaven.
Sadly “Fritha” was the last real boat M&W built. M&W was sold and became a ship yard rather than a boatyard.
While most people associate M&W as metal boat builders, Chris said that they did that, as we had to. There is nothing wrong with a wooden boat providing it is built properly of good timber. There was no wood left so it was metal or frozen snot. They chose to build metal boats but employed mainly woodworkers.
Chris would like to pass on thanks to the late owner of “Fritha” Mr JR Butland and the loyal team he had that built some beautiful yachts. 
View the previous WW story on Fritha here – lots of photos

Fritha 18