The 43’ 1920’s built launch – Estrela has made a few appearances on tme over the areas and has sadly slipped into the ‘Live-Aboard’ category these days. Its being promoted as the cheapest home you can buy in Auckland.

She was built by Joe Fell, is a double-ender built from triple skin kauri and powered by a Hino H07C 158hp diesel.

Her Panmure River berth is available for rent – so woodys – a waterfront home or rescue her and set her free on the Waitemata again 🙂

(Thanks Ian McDonald for the listing heads up)

She appeared on WW back in 2018 and there was some discussion re her provenance – possibly not a  1920 Joe Fell boat, read this link for more info. Remember to also read the comments section 😉

Tamahere SOS


Back in May 2018 when I was loitering around the waterfront at Sandspit I was taken by the 40′ canoe stern 1904 launch – Tamahere. She must have changed hands around the same time and at some stage relocated to Kerikeri, Northland.

Sadly she has suffered a mishap due to deferred maintenance and has taken of a lot of water, but didn’t sink. There is a long list of required work to get her sea worthy again but her current tme price / bid is sub $600. Auction closes this Sunday at 9.52am. (thanks Ian McDonald for the listing heads up)

As the owner states ‘definitely a project not for the faint-hearted’ – but a bargain entry into the wooden boating movement.

The phots below are from 2018 at Sandspit.

Also more here from a May 2017 WW story

Dont normally link to tme but time is not Tamahere’s friend

Grenadier + Keeping in touch


The 34’ Shipbuilders launch Grenadier popped up recently on tme. Built in 1976 with triple diagonal kauri planking below the water and double diagonal above  (+ f/glass) 

Forward motion is via a Volvo 200hp that has her cruising at 7>8 knots.

Now post the ‘modified to include a top helm’ (sellers words) Grenadier would have been a real looker, in fact one of the better Shipbuilders designs, some can be a tad boxy.

Still it only wood and nothing a sharp chainsaw couldn’t right.

COMMUNICATIONS – Staying In The Loop

Waitematawoodys have a lot of contact details for classic woody owners, but I’m sure there are gaps – We regularly send details on upcoming gatherings, but due to factors like people changing their email address or service provider, over time gaps occur. In the interests of ensuring you are kept up to date and do not miss out on upcoming classic gatherings – drop WW an email with your name/email/mob #



Click link for more details



The 40’ carvel planked – Heather was built in 1965 by Doug Robb and spent her first 35 years as a commercial fishing boat. In 2000 Miller & Tunnage converted Heather to pleasure boat and installed the 1996 Gardner 6LXB, which was brand new at the time. Like all good Gardners she is very efficient e.g. at 5.5 knots, running at 800rpm, she sips 1L pnm. Normal cruise speed is 7.5 knots, but can be taken up to 9.5 knots max.

To use the old car dealer term – Heather comes with all the fruit, incredibly spec’ed and all set for some serious cruising.

Thanks to Ian McDonald for the tme heads up