Thetis – Shed Visit

THETIS – Shed Visit

The 45’ classic launch – Thetis, built / launched in 1955 by Lanes is currently tucked up in a shed in Opua getting serious TCL.

One of the better looking big classic, she always looks fast even when at anchor.

Read / view more on her at this WW link

Pre haul out / TLC

The Classic Yachting World Has Gone Doolally

Reading the latest issue of ClassicBoat magazine, I see they are reporting that glassfibre classics will soon be seen on the Mediterranean classic yacht racing circuit.

The CIM (Comite International de la Mediterranee du Yachting Classique) have made the call to accept glassfibre classics on the racecourse. Refer below extract from CB for more details.

Given the size of the yacht fleets turning up for NZ Classic Yacht Association races these days, they will be following suit and probably let 8Y8’s into the fold 🙂

RSVP – boat name and approx crew # to

Levanter > Vinaka Update

Levanter > Vinaka Update

The 1962, 37’ bridge decker – Vinaka first appeared on WW in Sept 2020 and the story was added to by new content from Mark McLaughlin in Nov 2021. Link below to that story.

First forward to last week and Mark contacted me to say the boat had just turned up on trademe in Motueka looking a tad tired, but recoverable. Mark commented that she seems to have had a few names along the way – in the tme listing they say she was previously known as – The Hattersly. The Master-Craft builders plaque is clearly visible in one of the photos.

Forward motion is via a Ford D series 120hp engine.Probably best described a

s a project but in the right hands she could be returned to her former self 🙂



Todays woody is the 40’ yacht – Restless built by the Tercel Bros in 1920 to a Alden/Tercel design. Now to save you having to do the maths, that makes her an impressive 104 years old. Constructed of kauri, her beam is 11’3” and she draws 6’ (lead keel).

During her life Restless has seen a lot of the South Pacific and back home is a regular contestant in the Bay of Islands Tall Ships Race.

Any boat to survive a decade needs to have been in the hands of caring wooden boat lovers – Restless has been lucky, her owner of 55 years Tim Beattie is one such gentleman and Restless is always presents in beautiful condition.

Her sail wardrobe, mast and rigging reflect her ocean cruising life. Her second means of forward propulsion is a 58hp Fordson diesel (1965), overhauled in 1990 – that gives her a comfortable 6 knots.

If you haven’t already guessed it – yes Restless is for sale. Classic wooden craft of her pedigree and condition rarely come on the market. There are several options for her next owner in terms of her interior – the one I would favour would be retaining the period layout and just treat her to a refresh e.g. upgrade the hardware – stove, head etc.and refresh the upholstery. Or you could just sail away and enjoy her as Tim and family have.

Initial expressions of interest to

Waratah Needs A New Home


Back in Oct 2014 the launch – Waratah popped up on WW, at the time she was 4sale on trademe and the WW story generate a lot of chat in the comments section – link below

We learnt that she was 28’9” in length, built in c.1924 by Alf Bell and was named All Bell when launched. Amusing story around the name in the 2014 story.

Back in 2014 Waratah was needing some serious interior fit out and TLC but afloat, photos below.

Fast forward to 2023 and she has become a restoration that started but came to an abrupt halt. Waratah is currently stored near Kerikeri, Northland and her owner Kevin O’Donnell would like to move her on, at no cost, to someone that will take on the project. The time frame is ‘quick smart’ as Waratah is resting in the exact spot as to where a house is going.

Interested parties can contact Kevin at


Boat name and approx crew numbers –

Double-Ender ex WorkBoat

19’ Double – Ender Clinker ex Work Boat

The clinker built open ex work boat – Dudley Docker II has an interesting back story having been built in 1964 for the Lyttelton Harbour Board as a harbour tender. At one stage owned by the Picton Clinker Club. Built by Stark Brothers, she has had an interesting mix of owners – been in storage for the last 5 years. Currently powered by a 28hp Volvo. Has the makings of a very cool lake boat, very stable with a 7’ beam and lots of seating for passengers.

Do not normal talk $$ but at staring price of $3k and no reserve, it is a bargain. Thanks Ian McDonald for the heads up.

Priccilla – Sailing Sunday

PRICCILLA – Sailing Sunday

A couple of weeks ago WW was contacted by Andre Vanwonderen concerning the yacht – Priccilla – a 32’ Plant Class yacht, designed by Claude A. Smith and built by Allen Smith in 1966.

Can we expand more on this class of yacht, quite a looker. Andre is considering selling – aren’t we all 🙂

Input ex Neil Chalmers – Alan Smith’s Planet class is  similar to North Sea 24 and its smaller sister the Twister both from the well known English designer CR (Kim) Holman. All influenced by the RORC rule.

There is a Sea Spray article on the Planet Class design.

Cleone – A Peek Down Below

CLEONE – A Peek Down Below

The Jim Young built, Couldrey design launch – Cleone, has appeared on WW before – link below, lots of details and photos. Now thanks to Ian McDonald and tme we get to have a peek down below.

Quick over view- built c.1950, triple skin kauri, 30’ in length, 10’ x 5” beam. Powered by a Ford 72hp diesel. Previous WW Story



Todays woody – the 32’ Belfast was built by Jack Guard in 1940 and has spent time in survey, based on her presentation that would have to have been a while ago. Thanks to Ian McDonald for the tme heads up.

The owners are pushing a sale with the suggestion that she be hauled out and re-purposed as a ’tiny home’.

Can we expand on her past life.

HALCYON –  Peek Down Below

HALCYON –  Peek Down Below

The 34’ John Gladden designed launch – Halcyon, with a 1980 build date fits into the spirit of tradition category. Built from double diagonal kauri (glassed) and powered by a Cummins 6BTA 250hp turbo that give her a top speed of 16 knots.

A quick review of her tme listing (thanks Ian McDonald) reveals a well fitted out family cruiser.

Southern Seas – A Peak Down Below


Southern Seas., previously named South Seas, last appeared on WW back in 2014 (link below) At the time she was for sale at an asking price of $85k, currently she is for sale with bids starting at $25k and a ‘buy now’ figure of $65k, which includes marina (I suspect, rental only). 

Back in 2014 we were not able to successfully ID the designer / builder and from her tme listing, thanks Ian McDonald, still can not. Possible build date is c.1963. We know that she is 34’ in length and built of 3 skins of kauri on opposite diagonals and powered by a Lees converted 6 cyl. Ford D series diesel.

As always keen to be able to confirm her provenance.
2014 WW story.