The tme listing (thanks Ian McDonald) states that Aranga started life as a 22’ Roy Parris launch, well if that is the case, old Roy would not be too impressed with her current configuration – but as they say ‘ each to their own’ and ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’.

Powered by a Nissan SD22 Diesel engine that gets her along at 6 >7 knots.That is about all we know about her, so can any of the Paris fan club confirm the build and supply more intel on Aranga. The photos won’t help the sales process 😉

Paid your CYA sub? No hurry – zero activity happening for members, but the above debate continues to bubble away……..

Whangarei Town Basin – Mystery Launch

Whangarei Town Basin – Mystery Launch

Keith and Heather Nicholson sent in the above photo of an old post card of the Whangarei Town Basin. The photo first appeared on a Mitchell Hutchings fb post. 

In the photo, lower right, we can see a launch hauled out – so todays question is – can we put a name to the boat?

Heather mentioned that their beloved woody – Paea (photo below) was for sale on tme. An amazing classic, the 72’, 1942 ex Harbour Defence Motor Launch (P3552) offers so many boating opportunities.

Miss Wahoo

Miss Wahoo 

The owner / restorer of Miss Wahoo would probably frown on my suggestion – but this 2.4m restored woody hydroplane would look amazing hanging from the rafters in a boat shed, bar, man-cave etc. Or maybe attached to a wall vertically.

Or of course you could pop a small outboard on the back and have some serious fun. Uber cool xmas present for the kids / grand kids 😉

It is currently on tme and I reckon will sell quickly.

Check out this short 1955 movie of hydroplane racing in the UK.

Help Needed Identifying This Launch (Caesars Palace > Paris > Alena)

Help Needed Identifying This Launch – Caesars Palace > Paris > Alena

Can not read the name (something Palace?) and the tme seller doesn’t know the builder or year, but commented that mid 1960’s looks right. Also others have mentioned she has a certain ’Shipbuilders’ look to her. But all the aside, we know she is 34’. Made of strip planked kauri and powered by a Ford 90hp diesel that sees her cruising at 7 knots, with a max of 9 knots. Home berth is the Hibiscus Coast.
Can we expand on the above.

Also they would have to win the award for the most ‘off-the-wall’ question on the tme listing – see below 🙂

UPDATE – seems the boat has had multi name changes – thanks to Darrin Kennedy we now know she was called Paris and before that Alena and probably something else b4 that 🙂