Can We ID This Launch – Venture

Can We ID This Launch – Venture
I spotted the above launch while mooching around Hobsonville marina, no name on display.Chances are she has been on WW b4 but after a while unless they have some distinctive feature, they all merge in my brain 🙂

Dean Wright ‘reminded’ me its Venture – see more here

UPDATE Photo below of Venture alongside the Salthouse wharf at Greenhiite – April 2017 ex Ken Ricketts

If I Slipped And Banged My Head – Maybe This Would Be My Next Boat

Or more likely if Ardern has her way ………….Quartet is a ‘Greenline Hybrid’ – but just what the set up is I do not know. But it is a lot of boat for its size (the berth is 10.5m) and seems to include most things – wide walk around decks, large covered cockpit, drop down stern / duck-board, inbuilt solar panels etc. And I’m sure I’ll cop some flak – but its visually not that offensive, at least to me 🙂

Details here But received alot of negative feedback about the vessel.

5 thoughts on “Can We ID This Launch – Venture

  1. Am I missing something – didn’t seem to be much “wood” in evidence in the Greenline hull? – are you feeling Ok Alan.


  2. We had a sister ship called AQUA PRIUS moored at our front door, on the berth next to ours,, for a year or 2, and can confirm the VW marine Diesel/electric system.
    Not really suitable for NZ conditions in my view, more suitable for river and estuary situations I would think, With almost no flare in her bow, would think she could be a tad wet with a stiff sou-wester

    VENTURE looks really lovely and has shades of MARGARET ANNE and LADY DIANA in her lines, a little, I think. KEN R


  3. The Greenline has a turbo VW diesel, ~150hp with a motor/generator sandwiched between the engine and gear box and lithium battery pack. Claimed electric range is 25 NM at about 5 kts (that will be in calm water). Under diesel will reach about 15 kts flat out. One of these in NZ had a battery fire 3-4 years ago, the boatbuilders doing their investigation for repairs expressed their concern/amazement just how lightly built the boat was . Not what you want for bashing back from the Barrier in a stiff SWly


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