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About waitematawoodys
Dedicated to the study and appreciation of classic kiwi wooden boats. WW was founded upon a desire to tell the stories and a need to archive history of our classic wooden boats, the craftsman who built them & characters that owned and crewed on them. Visiting this blog is like a bunch of people in the boat club bar, there will be stuff discussed you know, stuff you know nothing about and stuff you want to know more about. That’s what waitematawoodys is about – gathering stories, photos, history, reminiscences. If you want to share with us what you know about classic wooden boats, click the follow button. If you email us at waitematawoodys@gmail.com your photos, movies and  tales we’ll share them with a community that’s growing by the day. alan houghton – waitematawoodys founder. flora mcKenzie – photo librarian, tea & other important stuff.  ©2022
How To Use The WW Site
There are many ways to enhance your waitematawoodys experience, the easiest is by using the categories & tag sections on the right hand side of the page, here by clicking on a word/s you can search by any topic & see a summary of articles linked to that topic e.g. individual designers, build / launch year, CYA owned vessels, boat names or locations etc.
To get the most out of the waitematawoodys you really need to be a follower, relax its not some new cult, all you have to do is click on the ‘Follow’ tab that appears at the bottom of you computer screen on the right when you have the waitematawoodys page open. You then enter your email address* in the box that appears & now you will be able to:
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*waitematawoodys won’t divulge, sell or otherwise do anything silly with your email address

I hope this helps, if you need any advice at any time just drop me an email at waitematawoodys@gmail.com
Alan Houghton

Why I Started This Site

To provide a meeting point for owners and devotees of classic wooden launches. To seek to capture the growing interest in old wooden boats and to encourage and bring together all those friendly people who are interested in the preservation of classic launches for whatever reason, be it their own lifestyle, passion for old boats or just their view of the world.

To encourage the exchange of knowledge about the care and restoration of these old launches, and we facilitate gatherings of classic wooden launches via working together with traditionally-minded clubs and associations.

If you feel a yarn or topic might be embellished or not be accurate, remember time does terrible things to the memory, so help us by joining the conversation i.e. commenting.

Please be respectful of photo rights and do not reproduce without asking

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The Vessels Featured Here

The boats on display here (yes there are some yachts included, some are just too drop dead stunning to over look) require patrons, people devoted to their care and up keep, financially and emotionally. The owners of these boats understand the importance of owning, restoring and keeping a part of the golden age of Kiwi boating alive. The boats are true Kiwi treasures to be preserved and appreciated.

169 thoughts on “What waitematawoodys is all about and how to use this site

  1. Hi alan,Lon Campbell is my name from napier my family are sawmillers at present we have a number of oak logs which we’ll be cutting soon does anyone require oak timbers for restoration projects or possibly new builds?if so we can custom cut to requirements.thank you, we can supply flitches,squares, large junk sizes for recutting also.


  2. Good morning

    I’m the new owner of St Clair. My kind brother Lorenzo sold it to me in April 2022.

    I’m in love with her and have spent time getting to know St Clair taking her often back to her home on Kawau. She is berth at S pier Westhaven.

    Just wanted to know how I can make connections with other woodies?


    Edoardo Canal

    Hello Edoardo – Congratulations on your purchase.

    I assume you have seen the existing St Clair story on WW – link here https://waitematawoodys.com/2015/03/03/st-clair/
    I have removed your mob ph # for your post – probably not best to ‘print’ it in an open channel like WW.
    I will had your details to the WW data base so you receive emails re upcoming events. I will also email you details on this months gathering.

    Cheers Alan H


  3. Hi, Just joining up. Very interesting write up on Electro-Chemical damage. Food for thought. I was just considering an anode for my rudder post which (after 60+ years) has corroded and broke. Stainless.


  4. Hi All

    I work for the Ports of Auckland and have a lot of old filed service history and more on previous pilot boats. These boat have been sold privately and restored such as Akarana and Waitemata. If the owners would like to get in contact with me I would like to hand over a couple of filing cabinets 🙂


  5. Hi

    A few months ago I posted a up on the Pencarrow unfortunally. I haven’t reply’s where she Is or who owns her. But I like to share and the story of origins about her and maybe anyone interested with my short story can help me out:

    She was built In 1916 for the Pencarrow Gravel Company. Her 1st engine was a NZ made Twigg. She was towing barges of gravel from the Pencarrow light for the reclaiming of the land to make the Wellington wharfs. After her service was done doing that. The New Zealand government purchase her to submarine patrol In WW2 after a near incident of of a Japanese submarine entering Wellington harbour. She Is now a 44 foot launch maybe (I’m guessing) some ware In The Marlborough Sounds.

    She was last seen In Ngakuta Bay but that was a while ago. In Queen Charlotte sound. I haven’t seen her for years. If anybody has any Info about her have Pics or who’s her current owner (anything) Please contact me Dylan Saggers. dylansa2002@gmail.com. Any leads will be most appreciated. Thanks.


  6. Hi
    Just looking for some one to re do the toe rails and grab rails varnish on a Salthouse Southstar 37 they are in good condition but it’s time! Can anyone suggest someone


  7. Hi Team
    In response to your pic of the San Rosa
    I believe she was the first of the new ‘San’ boats built for Sandford’s. Her initial skipper was my uncle Bill Morris. I will find out some more for you from Bill’s son Max and get back to you


  8. Hello Gents, Hoping for some help to identify a 22′ launch from 1936 I have my eye on. The owner tells me it was once called ‘The Snipe” and later when on Taupo was known as Cyndy. Does anyone know any more about it? Builder/designer would be nice, I am intrigued as the build is to a very high standard. Hmmm, now how do I fit a photo in here…..Greg Bailey

    Greg – Email the photo to the address below and I will add it. Alan H


  9. Haul out, DRY, drill and inject penetrating epoxy then normal epoxy. Sister in some matching ribs for reinforcement.


  10. Hi all,

    Looking for advice on how to remedy electrolysis that has turned three ribs to mush. I have removed the anodes on the hull.

    My boat is a 1926 Lanes, single skin Kauri launch.

    A local boat builder told me I should gut the boat and redo all the ribs and then do a full re-caulk (estimated at $100k +). That simply isn’t an option for me as I would have to cut off the wheelhouse to get the Gardner motor out. I’d rather not destroy the boat and then have to rebuild it.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.




  11. Hi, been doing some work on the waimea and she needs a bit of work done on the drive shaft, bearing end (not sure what it’s called). I would like to have it rebuilt or refurbished and wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of someone that could help with that. Cheers.

    Try Chris Seagar at Seagar Marine Engineering, Milford Marina. I do not have a contact number but try the Milford Cruising Club website. Alan H


  12. Hi

    I’m trying to track down a grand old boat called the Pencarrow. My father used to own It when I was younger. My father says It was last seen In Picton. He currently owns the Glenlee. I have many memories of this boat when I was younger. So any Info on who built her and where she is and any Info would be most welcome. My email Is dylansa2002@gmail.com


  13. Hi

    My father used to own a wonderful wooden boat called the Pencarrow. He currently owns the Glenlee. I’m wondering where she is and any info on like who built her etc. Dad says it was last in Picton if I recall. I have many memories of her when I was young. Any info would be most welcome.


  14. Hi my father has restored an old wooden motor sailer boat from the early 1900’s called KAHA i would like to find out about the history of this boat/ship but your website waitamata woodies doesn’t seem to reconize the name?
    can you help me at all??
    my email is this one or geremy.hinton@outlook.co.nz


  15. Hi
    I am the owner of Kualani, we moved her up to the BOI from the Marlborough Sounds when we moved up North back in 2017.
    Yes she still has the twin Gardners, the new funnel stacks simply keep the exhaust away from deck.
    We will send photos later but currently taking Kualani south for the summer bound for Fiordland.


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