What waitematawoodys is all about and how to use this site

About waitematawoodys
Dedicated to the study and appreciation of classic kiwi wooden boats. WW was founded upon a desire to tell the stories and a need to archive history of our classic wooden boats, the craftsman who built them & characters that owned and crewed on them. Visiting this blog is like a bunch of people in the boat club bar, there will be stuff discussed you know, stuff you know nothing about and stuff you want to know more about. That’s what waitematawoodys is about – gathering stories, photos, history, reminiscences. If you want to share with us what you know about classic wooden boats, click the follow button. If you email us at waitematawoodys@gmail.com your photos, movies and  tales we’ll share them with a community that’s growing by the day. alan houghton – waitematawoodys founder. flora mcKenzie – photo librarian, tea & other important stuff.  ©2015
How To Use The WW Site
There are many ways to enhance your waitematawoodys experience, the easiest is by using the categories & tag sections on the right hand side of the page, here by clicking on a word/s you can search by any topic & see a summary of articles linked to that topic e.g. individual designers, build / launch year, CYA owned vessels, boat names or locations etc.
To get the most out of the waitematawoodys you really need to be a follower, relax its not some new cult, all you have to do is click on the ‘Follow’ tab that appears at the bottom of you computer screen on the right when you have the waitematawoodys page open. You then enter your email address* in the box that appears & now you will be able to:
(a) receive an email advising you when new articles have been posted or updated. Means you no longer have to check in all the time.
(b) allows you to make comments on articles that have been posted.
*waitematawoodys won’t divulge, sell or otherwise do anything silly with your email address

I hope this helps, if you need any advice at any time just drop me an email at waitematawoodys@gmail.com
Alan Houghton

Why I Started This Site

To provide a meeting point for owners and devotees of classic wooden launches. To seek to capture the growing interest in old wooden boats and to encourage and bring together all those friendly people who are interested in the preservation of classic launches for whatever reason, be it their own lifestyle, passion for old boats or just their view of the world.

To encourage the exchange of knowledge about the care and restoration of these old launches, and we facilitate gatherings of classic wooden launches via working together with traditionally-minded clubs and associations.

If you feel a yarn or topic might be embellished or not be accurate, remember time does terrible things to the memory, so help us by joining the conversation i.e. commenting.

Please be respectful of photo rights and do not reproduce without asking

Are you a waitematawoody?

If you are interested in our interests and activities become a follower to this blog.

The Vessels Featured Here

The boats on display here (yes there are some yachts included, some are just too drop dead stunning to over look) require patrons, people devoted to their care and up keep, financially and emotionally. The owners of these boats understand the importance of owning, restoring and keeping a part of the golden age of Kiwi boating alive. The boats are true Kiwi treasures to be preserved and appreciated.

79 thoughts on “What waitematawoodys is all about and how to use this site

  1. Wondering what range of decking materials would be in keeping for my 1948 Col Wilde bridgedecker- did they ever do teak in aft cockpit?


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  3. Hi folks I’m helping a mate who has Erelyn in the Bay of Islands, we know she was built by Orams is Whangarei and launched in 1958. He would dearly love to collect the history on her if anyone can help. She is currently out of the water having some much needed maintenance done shuch as replacing the stuffing boxes and some ribs with new kauri timber. Would anyone know of a supplier of pure mutton tallow so we can refit the prop tubes. Many thanks in advance and apologies if this is not the corrrect palce to post this


  4. Hi all,

    I’ve been looking into improving the handling of out boat by rebuilding our rudder and would appreciate some feedback. The best idea I have seen so far is in this article –


    It looks like a good way to sort out steering both running and low speed manoeuvring, which is a real issue for us getting on and off pole moorings.

    Has anyone any experience with this type of modification and have any better ideas? I’m seriously thinking of doing this next haul out. 40 ft and nine tonnes of boat is alot to stop and secure on piles, with tide, windage and nervous crew occasionally conspiring against us.




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