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 If you are interested in our interests and activities become a follower to this blog. The Vessels Featured The boats on display here (yes there are some yachts included, some are just to drop dead stunning to over look) require patrons, people devoted to their care and up keep, financially and emotionally . The owners of these boats understand the importance of owning, restoring and keeping a part of the golden age of Kiwi boating alive. The boats are true Kiwi treasure to be preserved and appreciated.

Two Black Holes

Two Black Holes
Many moons ago when I was looking at buying a classic boat, my father-in-law commented “son you already own one black hole, why would you want another”. He was referring to the fact that I owned a 100+ year old wooden house that back then was hoovering up every cent I earned, and in his eyes an old boat would do the same, but quicker. He of course was right and I took his advise and didn’t buy the boat. 

Waited a few years and after he ‘left’ us, I was back in the market 🙂

When I was sent the above photo by Glenn Martin of a house in Beach Haven on Auckland’s North Shore, it reminded me of the vision my F-I-L had of what I was going to inflict on his daughter. 
Anyone know the story behind the boat?

Arohanui (mcgeady) A Peek Down Below

AROHANUI (mcgeady) A Peek Down Below

Arohanui was built in 1952/3 at the McGeady’s Ponsonby yard. Specs are 42’ x 11’9” x 3’11” and powered by what appears to be a 6cyl Ford diesel engine.

She has made several appearance on WW, the link below to the Jan 2014 story has lots of details and photos from her past. https://waitematawoodys.com/2014/01/08/arohanui/

(thanks Ian McDonald for the tme heads up)

Rahiri L16


Today’s photos of the Mullet Boat L16 were sent to me by Cheryl Hill who was having a lock-down tidy-up and came across a collection of sailing photos that belonged to her father Ian Hill. Cheryl doesn’t know whether the yacht was a family boat or just one that one of her Dad’s mates owned.

The top photo was tagged – ‘Tiri Passage Easter’ and may have been 1947.

Jason Prew pointed me in the direction of the Ponsonby Cruising Club’s 2000>2001 Year Book, which had a ‘Mullet Boat Register’ at the back and the sail # L16 is alongside the 22′ Mullet Boat named – Rahiri. So we have confirmation Rahiri was still on the scene in the early 2000’s.

Can any of the Muttet Boat crowd enlighten Cheryl as to Rahiri’s past and present where-abouts ?

Update On Melodeon Restoration

Update On Melodeon Restoration

Back in June 2020 we had a wonderful insight into Dick and Colleen Fisher’s latest project – the restoration (rebuild) of the ex work boat – Melodeon (link below to that story. https://waitematawoodys.com/2020/04/06/the-restoration-of-melodion/

Melodeon was built in 1934 by Chas Bailey & Sons in Auckland. She has spent most of her life fishing all around NZ, except when she saw service in the Pacific during WWII with the US Navy.

When Dick bought Melodeon she was powered by a T8 Kelvin that is only her 2nd engine, which has seen 100,000 hours. The engine was in remarkable condition and is also getting a ‘holiday’.The ship measures – 57’ length x 15’6” beam x 7’ draft.
The scale of the project is immense but that is what spins Dick’s wheels. The photos above are from June 2021, so no doubt things have moved along even further – Enjoy 🙂

Input Below From Robert Nola

"I have often wondered what became of the Melodeon on which I spent much of my boyhood. It was owned by my father Bob (Boze) Nola and his partner was Jack Raos (who did not fish) from 1950s to early 1970s…In those years they fished for Pearl Fisheries in Auckland. Now I see that it has been fully renovated. But then It used to be very different when we owned it. The wheelhouse was much narrower and the bunk area was in the bow. It was very stylish then.
It anyone would like to get in touch with me I would be glad to hear. The Melodeon was very much part of my youth. Glad it still survives. And is being looked after. It cannot be the same Kelvin engine my father installed?"