LAURA JO + Last Chance To Save A Woody

LAURA JO + Last Chance To Save A Woody

The very salty looking woody – Laura Jo was one of the craft that Dean Wright recently photographed at Havelock Marina. And that woodys is all we know – can we added more details to her history and how she came to call Havelock home.

08-12-2022 UPDATE ex David Martin –

The Laura Jo was originally the launch Laura. She was purchased in the early 90s as an ex fishing boat needing a lot of TLC by lovely couple living in Sumner. The ladies name was Jo, and the boat was re-launches as Laura Jo. Her huband was Bruce (I recall?) who passed away in the late 90s. LJ was re-built, cabin extended, and berthed in Lyttelton at that time.
I have more photos and a drg of her (I drew many of my friends Boats around that period). I will dig up all the info I have and add at a later date.

FRIDAY IS EXECUTION DAY – PARMA HAS A DATE WITH THE CRUSHER – To save her call Manheim at 09 918 0500 – the actual boat is offered up at no charge.

Spindrift + Save A Classic From The Chainsaw


One of my ’spotters’,  Dean Wright, in the north sent in on Wednesday night the above photo of Spindrift. Dean commented that Spindrift was a newbie to him and myself also.

The photo shows her coming up the Kerikeri Inlet (Doves Bay). 

Can anyone enlighten us on Spindrift, there is an interesting mix of styles going on, but overall she looks very salty.


We have a long weekend coming up – Labour W/end – OCt 22nd > 24th) historically we tend to point the bow towards Kawau Island, weather permitting, if the weather gods are nice the plan is a catch up / drink ashore on Saturday at the Kawau Boating Club. Always very informal, so probaly around 3.30>4pm. If your around drop in.


The classic launch Parma recently had an oops and sank – story here

The insurance surveyor has advised they have offered up Parma at no charge other than removal costs from Hobsonville Marina Hardstand – if no takers by Oct 21st – she sadly will be cut up. Interested parties contact Simon Marshall via email

Mystery Bayswater Launch


Mooching around Bayswater Marina last week I spotted a new addition, she had slotted into the berth previously occupied by the unlucky Parma

No name but looks either recently done up or very well cared for. Owner must like the colour white 🙂

Can anyone put a name to the launch and ideally more details?

Thanks to input from a ‘Steve’ in the comments section – he reminded me it has been on WW before – link below – but we still do not have confirmation of name.

Input ex Murray Deeble – Was in the South Island and featured as the detectives launch in a NZ made TV series lay in Milford called Sea Princess for a while getting worse and worse.


Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 6.43.20 PM

Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 6.44.28 PM

Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 6.44.43 PM

Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 6.43.56 PM


The launch Parma hasn’t made an appearance on WW, other than a small cameo appearance, mainly because many moons ago, back in the heady days of the CYA forum, I got my hand slipped for saying that Parma held the record for the longest appearance on trademe :-). While life moves on, my skin is thicker and I suspect she is / was in new ownership.

I note in her current trademe listing the question is asked about previous ‘rot’ issues which we are told have been righted, so today Parma finally gets a chance to shine on WW.

What do we know about her? – she was built in 1958 by Brin Wilson, carvel planked, measures a tad over 34’ and is powered by a 1970, 6 cyl. Ford (Fordson 2700 series) 40hp diesel engine.
She appears to be presented in good order and is well fitted out. Owner must have a taste for Heineken 🙂

UPDATE 07-07-2022 Parma had again been 4sale for an extended period of time and had reverted to ‘live-aboard’ status at Bayswater marina – please to be able to advise that she appears to have been sold and received some TLC – new paint job.

Hobsonville Marina Hardstand Report







Hobsonville Marina Hardstand Report

Woody John Wicks sent in the above photos of woody activity at the marina.

Lapwing, built by Bailey & Lowe in 1915, lives along from me at Bayswater and would have to be a contender for the most unused woody in Auckland, but her owner maintains her very well so she is a lucky woody. Nice to see her lies and a close up of the classic B&L scrollwork on the bow. In the water front below

We couldn’t find Parma on WW but I’m sure its appeared before, she was for sale for a very long time, so hopefully her present condition reflects a change of ownership. As John commented, she is a pretty thing – can anyone update us on her?. 

The shots of – Rosemary M, show the results of a large plastic boat out-of-control whacking her with its stern platform after its skipper mistook his throttles for gearshifts while trying to back in / out of his berth. John understands the owner of Rosemary M was aboard her at the time and was able to stuff something into the hole and stem the inflow until she could be lifted out. John understands the owner of the assailant has at least had the decency to admit liability – good man. A peek below decks here –