Rosemary M – A peek down below



Rosemary M – A peak down below

Rosemary M has appeared numerous times on ww in various ‘states’, in todays photos she is looking very smart, possibly the best she has in her 102 year life.
She was built in 1915 by Lanes & named Rothesay, which became Maude T, that became Speedwell, that became Jean, that became Rosemary M. No wonder we get confused on the provenance of these classic motor boats 🙂

As a result of her trademe listing we get to have a peek down below, again very impressive.  Enjoy the tour 🙂

If the weekend has gone to plan, tomorrow there will be coverage from the Mahurangi Regatta – the biggest on-the-water classic boating event in NZ.
I promise lots & lots of photos.

If anyone has photos from either Mahurangi or yesterdays Auckland Anniversary Day Regatta – email in to

New photos added 16-11-2017

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 4.47.19 pm

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 4.46.57 pm

5 thoughts on “Rosemary M – A peek down below

  1. She is back on TM now with $15k start = reserve. Auction number 1252867865. Auction ends tonight at 7pm. Someone will get a bargain. One rub rail needs work, having re-plumbed the toilet over the last few days it needs a panel put on, and there are a few other small issues, but nothing major for this price. All the hard/annoying work has been done.


  2. Sold was Fix Price Offered for $50000 had my eye on her but was waiting for her to be auctioned, needed a few things clarified, never mind . Something else will come along.


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