Lipton Cup – 100th Anniversary – Photo Gallery

Lipton Cup – 100th Anniversary – Photo Gallery

Following on from yesterdays teaser and results oops – I’m a launch person wont know an L Mullet boat from an H Mullet boat – no one died, its a new day, we move on.The winner of the actual Lipton Cup, hosted by the Ponsonby Cruising Club  – L division (22’) was Orion, 2nd went to Limited Edition, with Tamerau 3rd.The H division winner was Corona. As of Sunday night there were no results posted on the PCC website – so at some stage soon 🙂 go there for details.

There are lots of tales around how the PCC obtained the magnificent trophy, which was crafted by the same jewellers as the Americas Cup – you can read more about the history of the cup here

I was land based, using a long lens so some are a little fuzzy, but you get the vibe of the day. Sorry if your boats missing – drop me an email and I’ll check the photos, took lots, but some had other boats in the background etc. As always click on photos to enlarge.

Good to see Geoff Bagnall floating around on his launch, must have escaped Gisborne for the weekend 😉 
Photos below ex Don MacLeod

The Start
Rounding The Second Mark
Fleet Leaders Second Mark – Tamatea > Orion > Tamerau > Limited Edition

HUIA – Needs A New Owner

HUIA Needs A New Owner
Huia the 37’ 1919 built kauri launch has just celebrated her 100th birthday and was destined to receive some serious TLC from her owner her bought her in Jan 2020, but a speed bump got in the way – the owners are expecting a an additional to the family and its not another boat – this one has arms and legs 🙂

So woodys – Huia has to move on to a new owner, who has the time and determination to take on a cool project. Huia is powered by a 60hp Ford Lees diesel and appears to have most of the boat bits needed to be an good woody. Price is very realistic – so anyone keen on taking her on?
Back in 2014 – Huia featured 4sale on WW and I took the liberty of pointing out how bad the tme listing was – link below 🙂

NEXT WOODYS WEEKEND UPDATE – the date has been pushed out, will come back next week with details on our upcoming events.

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Lake Rotoiti Mystery Boat – 1914

Lake Rotoiti Mystery Boat – 1914
The above photo is ex Auckland Libraries Heritage Collection and comes to us via Maurice Sharp. The photo is tagged ‘Boarding a boat on Lake Rotoiti, 1914’ – possibly the photographer is Frank Herbert Stevens.

It a big ask, but can we ID the launch?If someone can give us the name, I’ll drop a copy of the 20121 Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Calendar to the first correct entry. Enter in the WW comments section.I have included an enlarge version of the photo below.

Input ex Paul Drake  – KINGFISHER? Later at Taupo? Photo below. Paul commented that there is a porthole missing, but look at the steering wheel and chains etc. And rubbing strake. Could be the same boat but could just be a close relation.


Today’s woody is the 32’ Arab built in 1913 by Collings & Bell, pictured above in the above 1915 photo, at the time owned by Alfred Grundy. She is seen here moored in the Hopua Crater > Geddes Basin > Onehunga Basin. The photo comes to us via Maurice Sharp’s fb (Auckland Libraries Heritage Collection).

A quick wikipedia search provides background on the area – located in Onehunga. Its 300 m wide, sediment-filled explosion (maar) crater was used as a boat harbour in early European times and known first as Onehunga Basin then as Geddes Basin. It was reclaimed in the 1930s and named Gloucester Park in 1935 after the visit to New Zealand by the Duke of Gloucester in that year. From 1975 into the early 80’s the South-western motorway was built right through the middle of the park and crater. The southern side was turned into a sports ground, and the western side as a wetland with activity space for Aotea Sea Scouts who took ownership of the Manukau Yacht and Motor Boat Club (MYMBC) club house, in 1977 (refer the white building in the 1910 postcard below).
Thanks to Harold Kidd and Matt  Urquhart in a previous WW story we know a lot about Arab (WW link below, read comments also) but keen to learn what became of Arab post the mid 1980’s when she possibly went to Tauranga?