Buying or Selling a Classic Boat
Without sounding too much like Jacinda Ardern (“be kind”) – when people ask me about classic wooden boat ownership, I normally say that owning a woody has a positive effect on your life i.e. you end up forging a life you don’t need to escape from.

So woodys in the interest of your mental well being we have listed below a sample of some of the boats that are currently berthed at the virtual Wooden Boat Bureau Sales Marina. We have others for sale, some owners request privacy. To read more about the Wooden Boat Bureau – click
The Wooden Boat Bureau is uniquely placed to offer impartial, up-to-date market information and objective advice to both sellers and buyers. So if you are looking for a wooden boat or considering selling – email us at

Or call Alan Houghton 027 660 9999 or David Cooke 027 478 1877


RESTLESS 🔻40′ 1920 Alden/Tercel

Learn more

MAHANUI 🔻42′ 1977 T Atkinson

Learn more

ALLERGY🔻 58′ 1985 Denis Ganley / Pete Culler

Learn more

KOTIMANA🔻 25′ 2018 – Dark Harbor 17.5 – gaff rigged sloop – Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building – USA

Learn more

THETIS🔻 45′ 1955 Lane Motor Boat Co.

Learn more

TUAHINE 🔻 43′ 1957 Dickson

SEQUOIA 🔻 36′ 1938 Lewis McLeod

Learn more

LADY NGAIO 🔻 28′ 1928 Collings & Bell

Learn more

PARTICIPATE 🔻42′ 1982 John Lidgard

Learn more

MOERANGI 🔻 55′ 1901 Logan Learn more

RANUI 🔻 48’ 1948 Lidgard Learn more

IRENE 🔻 38′ 1955 Orams & Davies Learn more

MONTEREY 🔻 33’6” 1946 Lidgard Learn more

KIARIKI 🔻 40′ K CLASS, 1959 Designed by Jack (John) Brooke and built by John / Jack Logan and John Salthouse Learn more

TAWERA 🔻 >50′ 1935 Logan Learn more

SOLD – Selection below, some names withheld at seller / buyer request:

ADONIS 45′ – Owen Woolley – 1965

AROHANUI            48’ – Donovan/Hacker – 1965

ATHENA 25′ c.1950 Couldrey

BALLERINA 28′ – Lidgard – 1951    

CASTAWAY            33’ – Dick Lang – 1947

CENTAURUS         42’ – Bailey & Sons – 1967

KAILUA                  36’ – Salthouse – 1960/1

KOKORU               39’ – Jack Morgan – 1960

KOTARE                 24’ – Kingfisher Boats – 1954

LADY ADELAIDE    35’ – Dick Lang – 1922

LADY PAMELA       59’ – Pelin Warrior – 1986

MAHANUI               42’ – Keith Atkinson – 1977

NGARO                   45’ – Lidgard – 1953

PIRATE                    42’ – Leone Warne – 1938

POCO LENTO         33’ – Roy Parris/Bagnall – 1979

WAIKARO                33’ – Roy Parris/Bagnall – 1978

WAIMIGA                 36’ – Robertson Boatbuilders – 1968

SHALOM                  48’ – Keith Atkinson – 1973


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  3. Awesume site I’m a retiring builder from heritage and historic building renovations in Canterbury , I now want to pursue a restoration of a classic woody just to complete my circle and enjoy the leisure pleasure of a job well done what will be my next project 😀 👍 😊?


  4. Hi Mark, The damaged timber and the areas immediately around it that may have also been contaminated by the decay must be removed. The problem is just exactly how much needs to go, and the only way to establish that is get it out of the water and have it fully checked.
    I look at these things from a cost/benefit angle, and your long term plans. Some people will spend 10 times the market value to bring a boat up to what they want, because they are not ever planning on selling it later on. But don’t stress about it, as timber deuteriation is a natural occurrence. Fix and protect it again.


  5. Hi I have a timber boat built in New Zealand ex cray boat now a live aboard on the Gold Coast QLD I have read the article about anodes and electrolysis caused from them the pictures you posted look similar to what is happening on my boat where keel bolts have moisture around them and the timber has wet rot and is pulping into like wet chipboard or something similar it’s hardwood but is as soft as sponge any advice or help in possible solutions to repairing such a dilemma would be very much appreciated I would be able to send some pictures if needed this is home I love her have spent 100s if hours working on her to have her looking good then I find this hiding in the bilge under lead ballast blocks very sad to see such a scary and what I think possibly a big structural issue and possibly a timely and costly repair thanks .Mark


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