Can We ID This Launch

Can We ID This Launch
Another photo sent in by Bryce Strong from his families old photo collection. The above launch is a mystery to me, but the very distinctive array of windows should trigger someones memory. I can make out the following letters on her name board ‘_OANUI’

Given the other photos in the album, the location would have to be in / around the Hauraki Gulf. 

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7 thoughts on “Can We ID This Launch

  1. That’s not the LADY LUCK at the stern of KOANUI, — LADY LUCK had a very prominent hard chine, chine line, at the bow, similar to Vindexes, & that boat has a round bilge & to me looks like any one of a number of several boats built by Owen Woolley of that style in the1950s 60s era — eg., WAIARI — KEN R


  2. That’s a Te Atatu boat club weekend Roy & Matahi used to own her. It’ll come to me? That’s the bow of Lady Luck off her stern.


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