One Man’s Trash – Another Man’s Treasure

Yesterdays boat boot sale at The Slipway Milford was a cracker. Of course I took nothing along to sell, I’m a collector, but I do give stuff away 🙂

 Above is a snap shot of some of the goods on offer. Big thanks to the team at the Slipway Milford – Cam and Jason for hosting the event and providing the BBQ.

Bargain of the day – the very impressive search light, already converted to LED

Best shopper – telephone ‘bidder’ – Peter Mence for a piece of art – a 28Ib bronze anchor to grace the bow of Eileen Patrica.  

Best Seller (the most stuff) – Jason Prew, I thought I had it bad, he is worse, for every item he sold, he bought something else 🙂
I can see this becoming a regular event 😉

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