Mystery Motor-Sailer

The photo above of the motorsailer is dated late 1960’s, early 1970’s. Location probably in/around Whangarei. Anyone able to ID the boat and tell us more about her past?

I know the answer, just hoping the arrival of this good quality photo will shift a few brain cells in some woodys.

Stuart Turner Engines One of the woodys was unable to attend Sundays boat boot sale – he has x5 Stuart Turner engines…1 P66 (10hp) and at least 4 P55 (8hp), for sale at a modest sum to a good home. One P55 and the P66 are intact, the rest in various stages of disassembly. Plus various manuals and technical articles. These wonderful little British 2 stroke engines run like a sewing machine….when handled by a knowledgeable operator!Once a very popular yacht auxillary but would be perfect for that restored classic clinker dinghy/open launch. If interested, I can supply contact details.

WOODYS CLASSICS RIVERHEAD TAVERN LUNCH CRUISE – RSVP TODAY Just need boat name and guesstimate of crew numbers – email to

6 thoughts on “Mystery Motor-Sailer

  1. What if I said SHE could be “AVANTE” —– it could be no worse that calling her IT!!! Ross Sanson of Kerikeri had a vessel that looked very much like this one — but then, a lot of this era would, I guess.


  2. Lady Gay

    Correct – 50 odd years ago. I was hoping someone might remember her from when she was sporting a stick & rag 🙂 Alan H


  3. I don’t think that is actually a motor sailer, I think it is a launch that someone has just plonked a sail on sometime after it was built. — KEN R


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