Wanderer II

Wanderer II was built in 1965 by Owen Woolley and measures approx. 39’ with a 13’7” beam. Powered by a Ford Lees 100hp 6 cyl. diesel she gets along at a comfortable 8 knots. A recent addition to tme (thanks Ian McDonald).

Can we uncover where and what Wanderer II has been up to for the last 55 years?

Input From Nigel Drake – Below is another photo of Wanderer 11, I am a friend of the present owner. The previous owner showed me this photo of her when he sold her 5 years ago. She is in her original colours. Not sure of the date but interestingly the name on the side is Wanderer not Wanderer 11. The previous owner had her for about 17 years to my knowledge and kept her in Doves Harbour, Bay of Islands. The owner before him, who was the 2nd owner, also had her for about 17 years apparently.

6 thoughts on “Wanderer II

  1. Dr Frank Macky owned her from 1953 when she had a 100hp Meadows, one of those lovely British pushrod 6 cylinder engines that went into Bren Gun carriers before the Ford/Mercury V8s and were not that far removed from the unit that went into the Invicta sports car (drool).


  2. Still looks great. We owned her from 1985-1988. The flybridge was built by Kerry Lilley, one of Owen’s tradesmen. I recall the dimensions as being 36ft x about 10ft 9”. It was named Wanderer 11 in our time.


  3. Still looks great. We owned her from 1985-1988. We had the flybridge built by Kerry Lilley one of Owen’s tradesmen. She was 36ft x about 11ft.


  4. Built for a Herne Bay doctor, John Aitken. I remember going fishing on her when I was a youngster.
    One of Owen’s prettiest designs, in my opinion.
    Of course she had the mandatory varnished coamings in this days.


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