Thames Traditional Boat Festival – 2021

Thames Traditional Boat Festival – 2021

The Thames Traditional Boat Festival is one of the woody events on my bucket list and today thanks to Olaf Wiig we get to vicariously check out last weekends event. 

Olaf commented that as long as it is made of wood or riveted steel it is welcome at the festival. No 1950 cut off here 🙂

Olaf’s highlight was – Islanda, see spec sheet on her below.
Enjoy the varnish 🙂

Mooching Around Devonport Yacht Club + 30yr Flash Back

Mooching Around Devonport Yacht Club + 30Yr Flash Back

The photos above were taken by Glenn Martin at the DYC yard early in the week while out and about on a lockdown bike ride.When I was a member I used to refer to the DYC as the best little yacht club in New Zealand, still is, but they were a tad averse to stepping into the real world when it came to membership criteria. But its a private club, so they can do whatever they want 🙂 From top to bottom:

(L) Seafarer  – 1963, John Brooke – (R) Lady Mary – Roy Parris –

Castaway – 1947, Dick Lang-
Ladybird – 1949, Bert Woollacout –

30+ Year Americas Cup Flash Back

 Things are getting a wee bit crazy in the household, spent way too long today looking for some long lost (I put it away for safe keeping) unframed art work. During the hunt I unearthed a tube of Americas Cup posters, all in good condition and ether A1 or A2 size and most on good quality stock. 30>35 years ago in another life, I was doing marketing for the NZ Challenge, so ‘acquired’ a few items. One day I’ll find a home for them. 

Woodys Clevedon River Overnight BBQ Cruise – 35+ photos & video’s

Meloa’s 60th Birthday

Photos below ex MV Buccaneer (Michelle Bostock & Tim Ord

Woodys Clevedon River Overnight BBQ Cruise

The weekend forecast for the woodys classic cruise up the Wairoa River to the Clevedon Cruising Club was a mixed bag, but as almost always is the case with woody events, it all came good and other a few light showers the 15 launches and one yacht had a ball. We were meet by CCC member Barrie Abel in his classic Sea Craft run-about who piloted the fleet up the river, only one oops that I know of, they were following Raindance and clipped a maker pole, but blamed me as I was taking photos and ‘diverting’ a tad.

Big thanks to all the CCC members that turn out to lend a hand with the berthing, no easy task with a mix of craft and ’skills’ 😉

The afternoon was spent catching up with old and new friends via a spot of boat hopping, followed by a BBQ dinner at our hosts club house.The chef, Bazza was the best, how he remembers which food on the BBQ belongs to who and how you want it cooked is beyond me. A few of us watched the All Black v Australia rugby test (on an iPhone) so the AB’s big win capped of a great night.

Sunday dawned with a perfect day, but the sun might have been a little too bright for one of two of the revellers but conditions were agreeable for the trip home.

Again many thanks to the CCC members for the hospitality and friendship extended to us – we will be back.
(Make sure you view the videos, some great dockside footage + thank you those that emailed in photos from the weekend – and as always click on photos to enlarge)




I apologise to the non CYA member readers – but read on, this effects all classic wooden boat enthusiasts.

 Last night was the NZ Classic Yacht Association AGM, I tabled in advance the following agenda item – “a request for a report on the status of the expanded CYA classic vessel ‘marina / dock’ that is planned for the Auckland Viaduct basin area”

What I hoped to hear was the CYA were developing a new permanent marina for upwards of 40 classic wooden boats that will be the permanent home of classic boating, showcasing to the Auckland public and tourists the CYA’s diverse classic wooden boat fleet. 

I was disappointed with the reply and walked away seriously concerned that this new marina was only targeting “large, gaff rigged yachts, built pre WW II, NZ designed and built, and presented in display condition”. I asked how this ‘selection criteria’ met the CYA’s constitutional description of eligible CYA vessels e.g. ‘New Zealand or foreign designed yachts, launches, dinghies, boats, vessels of all sizes, description, ages, whether powered by wind, steam, combustion or otherwise’. The answer was there could be exceptions, when asked if launches would be allocated equal space alongside yachts, there was no lucid answer.

Well woodys it is just all too loose and I raise this topic because over the last 10+ years a lot of good people have worked very hard to make the CYA a more inclusive, welcoming place for all people with a passion and interest in the classic boating movement, regardless of whether you own a classic yacht, launch or even a dinghy. This development convenes our constitution and introduces segregation into our association, and most importantly denies the public the opportunity to experience the true breadth of the New Zealand classic boating movement. This new marina should be the front window for everything that the CYA has worked towards these last 25 years, not just a classic racing yacht marina.

So my question today is –  are you comfortable with this policy of segregation? Personally, I think it has a bad smell to it and have a suggestion – how about holding back renewing your 2021/22 membership subscription until this policy is reviewed by the new / incoming 2021/22 committee – I will be

 Now if I sound a little loose on details and hazier than normal, that is because ‘commercial’ sensitivities limit what can be said in a public arena.