Classic Steam Launches







Two Saturdays ago I mooched down to the Salthouse Yard (ex?) / Greenhithe Wharf to catch up with the crew from the Auckland Steam Engine Society gathering. Primary reason for attending was to see the new steam launch – Kotare, which unfortunately was a no show, rumour was he experienced a mechanical oops on-route (update – arrived later in the day, after my departure). The morning was still a winner with 4 steamers present. I have said it before, but I could own one of these, I’m a closet pyromaniac – so fire & classic boats, it’s a win / win.

We had – Tui, Janice Helen & Victoria present + one with one name.

Enjoy the photos – here is a WW link to some photos & details on SL Kotare

The Potae on the gent below, was always going to go for a swim – I lost count of the saves. It sank but floated below the surface long enough to be rescued 🙂





Southern Work Boats at the Catlins



Southern Work Boats – at the Catlins

Fiona Driver & Rod Marler were recently down south, very down south – The Catlins (situated between Dunedin & Invercargill) & as you do, they dropped into the Kaka Point pub to re-hydrate. The photos above were taken from prints on the hotel wall, they tell the story of a proud past. Very wild section of our coast & I suspect as were the blokes that worked it.

I wonder if any of the boats are still around today?

The photo below from the same pub, caught Rod’s eye, shows a surf comp at Kaka Point beach mid 1960’s – none of the locals they asked could remember the exact date but the collection of cars gives it away.





Fox II

Fox II


Barbara Cooke sent me the above photo of Fox II from Akaroa. That folks is all I know about her.

Anyone able to join the dots re her past?

Input from Iain Forsyth – I use to own the Fox ‘ll and converted her from a fishing trawler to staff rig ketch that she is today.
Built in Auckland 1922 by Gouk and launched with the name Iris Eileen name change by Author the Fox.
As no one could pronounce his name.
Had the first K3 Kelvin installed.

Harold Kidd Input – FOX II was built by Charlie Gouk at Auckland in 1902. In the late 30s she was seine netting out of Auckland as AK 44 and had a 66hp Gardner. This was later replaced with a K3 Kelvin (60s). Owners I have are A. Policandriotis (1937-41) M Vela & M Nola (1941) Peter Ker (1972-92).


Nereides & the Wahine Sinking + My Girl Update

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 10.27.34 am

Nereides & the Wahine Sinking + My Girl Restoration Update

Tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of the Wahine sinking, the inter-island ferry that ran around on Barrett Reef in the entrance to Wellington Harbour. Sadly 51 lives were lost that day, but 100’s were saved by the brave actions of the Wellington boating community that mobilized to rescue passengers as they abandoned ship.

One of those vessels was the 39’ classic motor-sailer Nereides. Nereides these days is owned by woody, Mark Lever – check the link below to read in the on-line ‘Junction Magazine’ how Mark when researching Nereides past, discovered a personal friend had two family members rescued by Nereides. It’s very small world. I have also included WW link to Nereides for you to view this stunning woody.

Photos below show Nereides in Wellington (b/w) & at Patio Bay, Waiheke Island

There is a great website on the 50th Anniversary – link below, that covers the sinking & what unfolded on the day/s that followed – click on the ‘What Happened’ tab.

The site also details Tuesdays (tomorrow) events, both on & off the water that have been organized to commemorate the event. It is an amazing day & a must do if you are in Wellington.


The attached document, see link below, was sent in by Greg Skinner- & contains notes from his late great uncle – in fact an extract from his book “A Kiwi Journal – the life and times of Barney Thomas Daniel” – son of Capt Charles Daniel – skipper of ANZAC.

I stress that this is one man’s view & published for general reading only.



The My Girl is Jason Prew’s  foray into classic launch ownership – on Saturday she popped out of the shed for the first time in 4+ years, looking rather fast, even sitting on a trailer. Splash date May/June – WW looks forward to it – you can view on My Girl more here







The above photo shows Moata alongside the old Clevedon Wharf on the Wairoa c.1960.

What became of her & details on her past life would be a nice – workboat woodys??? (Photo ex Lew Redwood Facebook)

05-04-2018 UPDATE

Input from Harold Kidd & Cameron Pollard – MOATA was built in 1937 by W.G. Lowe & Son for Nobel Explosives to bring explosives from the stores at Maraetai to town. She replaced the cutter REWA. 

Currently owned by Fin Horder and fishing out of Westport/Greymouth and further. So she’s not a “captain calm water” boat. Gardner powered of course and she is kept in perfect condition.

Geoff Brebner Input – For years she was kept on a mooring at Kawakawa Bay, not far from the ICI explosve magazine at Waitawa Bay.

Easter Woody Cruise – 36 photos


Easter Woody Cruise – 36 photos

Wow – I can not remember when we last had 4 days back-to-back of stunning Easter weather. Not sure about the rest of the country but the Hauraki Gulf was near perfect. Each day the cloud / haze disappeared mid morning & the from then on it was 10/10, even the stick & rag boys would have been happy – enough breeze to push them along.

Above is a collection of random photos from over the weekend – on a personal front I had two highs – 

1. Anchored briefly in Oneroa on Friday & bloke came over in his dinghy & said (to me the magical words) “I used to own your boat years ago”. Turns out he bought her off Blair Cole (boatbuilder), who rebuilt her after she sank (late 1980’s). She was keep in the upper Harbour near Riverhead & he confirmed that her original name was Lady Gay.  Lots of chat & I was rapped to hear about a period of her life I was unaware off . I even forgave him for now owning a Riviera  😉

2. Second highlight was at last visiting Garden Cove, Waiheke Island. Every time I have attempted to enter the very small cove, it has been packed with plastic fizz boats. On Sunday morning the gods smiled on Raindance & we spent the day in this very special spot catching up with Sue & Mark Edmonds on Monterey. Even overnighted there. The entrance is very narrow & we witnessed a few fizzies enter via the wider side – luck must have been with them , as the dodged the bricks (the red arrow on the last photo shows the narrow entry point)

Garden Cove photos below, as always click to enlarge 😉


photo – Mark Edmonds

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 9.33.51 pm

Mystery Launch – Dargaville



Mystery Launch – Dargaville

I was contacted by Dennis Rule the other day, who was just back from a two-day cruise on the Kaipara Harbour, overnighting at Dargaville.  Dennis took the above photos on the slip at Dargaville while waiting to board the Kewpie Too for the return journey to Helensville.  All spruced up ready for the water, but no name.

Any woodys from the dark-side able to tell more about this vessel?

Input from Jeff  Norris

The name is Waima and is owned by Rodney W ilson who is the commodore of the Northern Wairoa Boating Club I helped put her back in water yesterday all ready for todays regatta all I now about her is she powered by GMC and is quite fast also she has been lengthen at one time