Daily Bread

Short and sharp story today, busy relaunch the boat and heading off to Stillwater for the Woodys Waterfront Picnic later today. 20 boats have RSVP’ed so should be a great day.

Paul Trevethick posted the above photo of the launch – Daily Bread on his fb and commented that the launch was seen here departing Portland Island* after dropping stores off at the lighthouse.
Do we know anymore about – Daily Bread, is she still around, name change, etc.

* Located off the southern tip of the Mahia Peninsula on the North Island – photos below

Kuri – A Peek Down Below

KURI – A Peek Down Below
The 44’ Kuri has made a guest appearance on WW back late December 2015, WW link below. Now thanks to her tme listing (thanks Ian McDonald) we get to have a peek below.https://waitematawoodys.com/2015/12/30/kuri/

Kuri was designed by Herbert Levi and built in 1929 by WG Lowe, she has had an honest life as a workboat and now resides in Picton snd converted to pleasure boating / live-aboard. Powered by a 115hp Gardner 6L3, she is very well fitted out (as are most southern boats). Depending on her condition its a lot of boat for $83k


The above game boat photos was included in the bundle of Ken Warne’s photos of his launch Marline – can we uncover more about her, a very distinctive looking woody. Also maybe Jason Prew could just walk across the boat shed at the Slipway, Milford and ask Ken – he is there most days working on Marline.

Speaking of Marline the ’new’ / stripped down dog-house is coming along nicely – photos below. 

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The above gallery of photos of the launch – Erewhon, were sent in by Kerry Alexander. Erewhon was once a very salty woody, sadly these days she is high and dry in Helensville at the Kaipara Cruising Club. In another life, Erewhon was a registered long-liner, owned by a friend of Kerrys, Great Barrier Island resident, Brian Burrell, who currently owns the woody – Lynmar.

Can anyone tell use the designer / builder? And what became of her between long-liner at being parked at KCC.

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Marline Gets A Top Chop

MARLINE – Gets A Top Chop

Back in September 2019 I spotted the launch – Marline coming up Milford Creek on-route to The Slipway yard. As it turns out she was being hauled for a heart transplant – a wonderful new Yanmar 120hp was being installed. The top two photos above show here in the ‘creek’. At the time I thought – very nice woody, but ……….. pity about the low rise block of flats on top.

So you can image how pleased I was last Thursday to walk in to The Slipway shed and see a team in the process of demolishing the flats. Marline was built in 1950 by Leon Warne in St. Marys Bay, for his own use. Son Ken gave me a guided tour of the boat and detailed the work in-hand. And she will be returning to a more traditional configuration 🙂 Marline is approx 35’ x 11’ 4’ and draws 3’6”. She had a reputation as ’the party boat’ and once aboard its easy to see way – an 11’+ beam on a 35’ boat makes for a lot of living space.I love the original cabin lights – Leon Warne cast them, son Ken still has the mould……….. now that has got me thinking 😉

The gallery of photos below, ex Ken, give us a peek into her past, as you will see, she was successfully used for Game Fishing for many years, out of Tauranga

Arethusa’s New Woody Wheelhouse


Back in late 2019 Arethusa’s Bay of Islands owner Dean Wright, a professional photographer by trade, and well known to WW readers gave me the heads up that the 1917, 33’ Bob Brown built, ex gaff rigged cutter, was in for a treat – a new wheelhouse. Since then I have been pestering Dean on a regular basis for photos, even threatened to drive up and take them myself 🙂 Problem was, the mans a perfectionist and didn’t want to send anything in to WW until it was all shipshape. Well woodys as you can see from the above, its very shipshape, in fact in my eyes – perfect. Well done to the team. I asked Dean to tell use about the project, so I’ll hand over to him. Remember you can enlarge the photos by clicking on them – Enjoy 🙂

“Over the years we’ve got keen on changing Arethusa’s wheelhouse to be more in keeping with her age, so at 102 she’s undergone some cosmetic surgery 🙂

We lost 8″ inches of headroom in wheelhouse when we installed the Gardner, so we’ve gone up in height 6 inches and forward 8 inches and gone for more traditional upright windows fw’d.

Boat builder John Gander did the job in his Waipiro Bay workshop. He started by taking patterns off the existing wheelhouse and fw’d cabin top. He replicated the curve of the fw’d cabin top in ply and built the new wheelhouse around that in six sections. He also laminated the new wheelhouse roof, allowing for a good eyebrow fw’d and a smaller one aft.

John learned his trade at Roger Carey’s yard in Picton in the 60’s and 70’s, where beautiful work boats with great looking wheelhouses were the order of the day. John built one of my favorite Carey designs, Hinewai for his own boat and we’ve replicated her fw’d opening half window on Arethusa. 

Once the wheelhouse was complete, we hauled Arethusa at Ashby’s in Opua and got to work with the skill-saw. In no time we’d reduced her to a convertible. We were lucky for Northland’s drought everything stayed reasonably dry and also that we got everything closed in and back in the water before Covid shut the yard down.

I’m in awe of how boat builders can build something like this away from the boat, then fit the pieces with a minimum of shaping. Fitting and gluing the six sections to the existing house went really smoothly.

The wheelhouse is built from 2″ Iroko. This is the first outside varnish we’ve had on Arethusa, we hand brushed 2 coats of Cetol as a base and six coats of Schooner Yacht Varnish.

Over lock-down, the apprentice made new interior joinery, gone are the Warehouse plastic drawers and chipboard frame 🙂 Moved the batteries under the new bench unit so we can now stand at the wheel. John laminated me up some lovely curved trim for the front of the oven unit. Our old manky plywood dash got an upgrade to kauri and the old wheel got a fright with a good scrub and a varnish.

Outside we made nav light boxes and dorade boxes.  We had to move the aluminium framed front hatch fw’d, a more traditional looking one in Iroko is on the to-do list. The liferings also got a birthday.

Here’s some before and after pics and also some that I hope will give some idea of the process. Thanks John for all your incredibly skilled design and build work, we’re really stoked with it.

We’re always keen to learn more of Arethusa’s history, especially the 1955-2000 period in the South Island. If you have any stories we’d love to hear them.”

Links to previous WW stories on Arethusa

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Koputai was built in 1939 by Miller & Tunnage in Port Chalmers for use as a pilot vessel. Her specs are 56’ x 14’6” and she draws 6’5”.In the early 1990’s she returned to Miller & Tunnage to be converted to a pleasure boat. The WW link below takes you to her 2015 WW story for extensive details and photos, back then she was offered for sale.

Fast forward 5 years and I have been contacted by Keith Foster who purchased Koputai from Louey Sandiant (deceased). Keith sent in the above photos and like all of us is keen to uncover more on her past.




Today’s woody story features the launch Nautilus, and the above photo of her on the Avon- Heath Estuary and details come to us via Lew Redwood.  She was built in Auckland c.1912 for Frederick  Horace  Edwin Chester. It is alleged the boat was involved in war work  during WW1 and then sold to a Harry Nelson Hawker who established a passenger service from the Seaview Road Bridge to Pleasant Point, Canterbury, which lasted 10 years.

There is a large void in her history from the late 1920’s until she was acquired by Allan Williams in 1994 and under went a rolling restoration over 17 years before being donated to Auckland’s maritime museum in 2011, where she now earns her keep doing inner harbour tourist cruises, photo below. 

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Read more here https://waitematawoodys.com/2016/08/11/nautilus-2/

Little Toot


The 24’ kauri clinker launch – Little Toot was built by Stark Brothers and started life as a work boat at the Chatham Islands as a crayfish boat. She was wrecked and rebuilt in 1979 for pleasure use. 

Powered by a Volvo 65hp I would imagine she has a good turn of speed.Little Toot has been based in Waikawa for several years and is an excellent sea boat having sailed down the coast, seven years ago, to Banks Peninsular.
Thanks to Ian McDonald for the tme heads up 

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Lady Evelyn


Back in March 2014 I post the photos below of the launch Lady Evelyn moored in Matiatia Bay on Waiheke Island, at the time we never really uncovered much about her designer / builder  and past. Then last night I received an email from Carolyn Waetford (nee White) which I have reproduced below along with the photos above of Lady Evelyn. Stories like this are what makes WW so special – it took 6-1/2 years but we now know more about the woody. Hopefully today’s story may nudge someones memory as to who built her. Maybe the rego/number on her bow – NLD395, is traceable ?

“I was browsing the internet and found your website and the photo of Lady Evelyn taken and posted on Waitamata Woodys site, March 4, 2016. I too photographed this boat in March 2017 in Matiatia because it looked like a boat my father Noel White had owned. I was delighted to enlarge the photo and find the name Lady Evelyn on the stern. 

I managed to contact the owner, he had had the boat for 10 years at that stage and thought it had been built in the Bay Of Islands. He was preparing to take it North for a refit. 

My Dad and brother checked it out to purchase when it was beached on the sand at Whananaki, probably in the late 1960’s. It had been used as a fishing boat. Dad sailed it home to Whangarei with a bit of pipe bolted to the rudder shaft.  Don’t think the engine had a muffler either… as you can see they made it. Noel gave Lady Evelyn some TLC, and added a dodger -not the present dodger. He was an auto electrician and worked on many boats in Whangarei doing the electrical refits for Oram and Davies, Alan Smith. He used her around Whangarei Harbour and the Bay Of Islands for family holidays and fishing. He would have sold her probably mid 1970’s.  That one porthole is very distinctive.

Lovely to look through your website and see how you are honoring these ‘old Woodys’ “

Input from Kenny West – My name is Kenny West son of Archie, we bought Lady Evelyn in 1961 while living on Waiheke Island, the boat was called Lady Joy, we changed it to Lady Evelyn after my mother. Was registered AK282, we commercial fished out of her in the Hauraki Gulf before shifting to Urquharts Bay, for about nine years we owned her and on sold to another fisherman, Spencer Codlin ,where the numbers changed, dad removed the Gray marine petrol in Waiheke and installed a 3 cylinder Lister while in the water at Matiatia.