Australian Wooden Boat Festival 2019 – Photo Parade – Part 2 – 337 photos





Australian Wooden Boat Festival 2019 – Photo Parade – Part 2 – 337 photos

One of the interesting things reviewing all the photos that have been sent in from the festival is that each person ’sees’ the festival through different eyes – so what they end up photographing is very different from someone else.
Todays collection from Fiona Driver and Rod Marler is a perfect example, it is a very different view from yesterdays and also shows the scale of the event. Worthy of its own WW story.
I could have edited the collection down, but the photographer/s are very passionate woodys so if the image appealed to them, I’m confident it will to you. Enjoy 🙂
Scroll down after todays photo gallery to view more of the festival in Part 1 of the coverage.
And remember , click on photos to enlarge.

Australian Wooden Boat Festival 2019 – Photo Parade – 200 Classic Wooden Boat Photos – Part 1




Well woodys while I was gutted that I had to cancel my trip to the festival, I honestly believe that we have ended up with a better view of the festival. I have been inundated with photos from woodys from both sides of the Tasman. The coolest thing is that the show is so big and the exhibitions so broad, that there have hardly been any duplications – my new best Aussie woody friend – Andrew Christie has excelled with photos from the air (drone) and on the water (he borrowed a clinker dinghy from the ‘Living Boat Trust’ and rowed around the docks). My kiwi woody friends –  Colin and Sheryl Pawson + Fiona Driver and Rod Marler + James Mortimer  have supplemented Andrew’s photos with more stunning photos from their camera’s. As an aside Andrew won the AWBF 2019 short film festival, with his entry ‘Wooden Boat Lunacy’ featuring a Billy Holmes built motorboat – Folly III. This short film has been featured on WW – link here
Rather than mix them all up – I thought it would cool to group them by photographer. There will be more to share with you over the next few days, seems like everyone has maxed out the mobile data packages 🙂
Remember you can enlarge the photos by clicking on them – Enjoy
Andrew Christie




James Mortimer
Photo 8-02-19, 08 45 37
Colin Pawson



Fiona D and Rod M

1940’s Pacific Island Tender

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 11.46.28 AM

1940’s Pacific Island Tender

The above photo ex Lew Redwood’s fb is dated 1940’s and shows a tender a speed, interesting mix of attire (confirming the PI link) and the USA flag would suggest it is a tender to / off an American war ship.
There appears to be woman on-board so maybe it was post the war years? (Yes I know woman were in the service during the war, but not I think on ships?)
The bow fender is are impressive, a lot of work would have gone into that.
Anyone able to ID the location of the photo and the tender + mother ship?

Theresa May




Theresa May
Relax woodys todays story is not political  – the 42’ woody above was called Theresa May when she was taken over by the RNZAF and used at Lauthala Bay, Fiji during WW2 as W78.
She first pops up as Theresa May in Whangarei in late 1938 and was at Whakatane fishing in 1940 before being taken to Fiji for towing etc.
The photo & details we sent in by Harold Kidd who commented that it is said she was originally from Auckland (under another name).
Apparently she wasn’t repatriated to NZ and ended her days in a Fiji landfill in the 1960s, but that may be apocryphal too.
She’s quite a handsome vessel & Harold is interested in what her origins were pre 1938.
She was obviously a grand boat in her time so hopefully someone will be able to help us uncover more on her.

Seven woodys lined up on Monday for the launch race – offical results below.
Snap Shot – LAUGHING LADY was 1st across the line and MY GIRL was 1st on Handicap
aar lr results

MAHURANGI REGATTA – What you are missing

MAHURANGI REGATTA – What you are missing

If you are reading WW today, chances are you are not at Mahurangi, so to make up for it today we have a totally stunning 16minute video filmed & edited by Roger Mills of the 2018 event. Roger filmed the footage using a drone.
It truly is breathtaking & what makes it even cooler is the coverage of the Classic Launch Parade. I recommend to watch the video in it entirety, but if you are time poor, skip to the 1:50 mark.
This footage could easily be re-branded as a tourism NZ movie.
Enjoy the film, link below – 2019 regatta photos will be on WW on Tuesday.


the mahi 1

the mahi 3


The photos above of Mahi were sent in by Jeff Norris, whose friend owns her. She is kept on a ‘mooring’ at the Northern Wairoa Boat Club.
She is a very salty looking craft, with I suspect a work boat past.
Can anyone tell us more about Mahi?
And I have to give the owner a 10/10 for the paint job, big call when looking at the paint charts but she looks perfect – well done you. In fact if the skipper is size 2XL or above I’ll give him a WW t-shirt (did a few too many bigger ones in the last print run – but woodies – after size XL , the 2nd most popular size ordered was 3XL)
With good luck – I should be heading up to Mahurangi today for the weekends classic wooden boating event of the year 🙂
WW T's - Sky Blue:Denim

Cristina (Vanguard) A Peek Down Below

screen shot 2019-01-17 at 10.55.51 am

screen shot 2019-01-17 at 10.56.02 am

CRISTINA (Vanguard) A Peak Down Below

Cristina has appeared on WW before (link below), now thanks to her trademe listing ex Ian McDonald, we get to have a peak down below.

Designed by Athol Burns she was built by Frank Dellabarca, Island Bay, in the 1960’s and named Vanguard, & measures 36’. She had a major rebuild in the 1990’s and was relaunched in 2000. During this period her hull was stripped to bare timber and all new equipment installed. Isuzu 6BD1 diesel, 142hp, then a new gearbox in 2015. Cristina will cruise happily at 7.5 knots with 5.5 litre per hour fuel burn approx. 
I understand she has done a few laps of NZ, so if anyones looking for a classic to ‘escape’ on – check Cristina out.
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