Mooching Around Devonport Yacht Club + 30yr Flash Back

Mooching Around Devonport Yacht Club + 30Yr Flash Back

The photos above were taken by Glenn Martin at the DYC yard early in the week while out and about on a lockdown bike ride.When I was a member I used to refer to the DYC as the best little yacht club in New Zealand, still is, but they were a tad averse to stepping into the real world when it came to membership criteria. But its a private club, so they can do whatever they want 🙂 From top to bottom:

(L) Seafarer  – 1963, John Brooke – (R) Lady Mary – Roy Parris –

Castaway – 1947, Dick Lang-
Ladybird – 1949, Bert Woollacout –

30+ Year Americas Cup Flash Back

 Things are getting a wee bit crazy in the household, spent way too long today looking for some long lost (I put it away for safe keeping) unframed art work. During the hunt I unearthed a tube of Americas Cup posters, all in good condition and ether A1 or A2 size and most on good quality stock. 30>35 years ago in another life, I was doing marketing for the NZ Challenge, so ‘acquired’ a few items. One day I’ll find a home for them. 

Ladybird Splashes




There were a lot of smilie faces in Devonport on Wednesday, as Mike Strong got ready to re-launch the 1949 Bert Woollacott designed ketch LadyBird. 

Mike had hauled LB out and into Kevin Johnson’s Devonport shed with the intention of a 6 months re-fit, well as they do, the list of things to do grew a little – fast forward 2+years and LB is looking magnificent.
The team at Boat Haulage, as always, did a slick job of collecting LB and transporting her to Hobsonville Marina. In anticipation of LB being a little thirsty after 2 years in a shed, there was an impressive collection of pumps on stand by, I suspect Mike will be camping on LB for a few nights 🙂
We will show you LB’s interior once Mike has finished putting all the bits back on board, in the meantime you can get a glimpse below at this link.
Question of the day – who’s next in Kevin’s shed? Be quick if you are considering hauling out, it never empty for long :-
Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 11.32.27 AM
Steve Thomas  the owner of Seabird has a gearbox problem (Paragon RB20 model Serial No: 5D 3527) and is looking for a replacement. Details and photos below.

Ladybird – Sailing Sunday

WW s:s 005

Ladybird (Mystery Yacht) – Sailing Sunday

The above photo was sent to me by Russell Ward who obtained them from a patient of his, Bruce Forsyth, whose father was an avid photographer in the pre ww2 period.
This one should be pretty easy to ID 😉 Can we date the photo as well?

Looking For Info of a Mullet Boat named RAWHITI JUNIOR (N13)

I have been contacted by June Batten whose partner used to own (approx. 60 yrs ago) a mullet boat named ‘Rawhiti Junior’ and he is wondering if it is still around. He believes the sail number was N13.  June & ww would appreciate any help you can give them.

Harold Kidd Input

RAWHITI JNR was a  20ft mullet boat built by Andy Tobin in 1906. She had sail number N13 from 1922. She had many owners over the years but was lost in 1989 when owned by Vernon Lees of Hahei. She was swept out to sea from an anchorage at Blind Bay, Great Barrier and disappeared.
She was often attributed to Logan Bros, but in error.