Mooching Around Devonport Yacht Club + 30yr Flash Back

Mooching Around Devonport Yacht Club + 30Yr Flash Back

The photos above were taken by Glenn Martin at the DYC yard early in the week while out and about on a lockdown bike ride.When I was a member I used to refer to the DYC as the best little yacht club in New Zealand, still is, but they were a tad averse to stepping into the real world when it came to membership criteria. But its a private club, so they can do whatever they want 🙂 From top to bottom:

(L) Seafarer  – 1963, John Brooke – (R) Lady Mary – Roy Parris –

Castaway – 1947, Dick Lang-
Ladybird – 1949, Bert Woollacout –

30+ Year Americas Cup Flash Back

 Things are getting a wee bit crazy in the household, spent way too long today looking for some long lost (I put it away for safe keeping) unframed art work. During the hunt I unearthed a tube of Americas Cup posters, all in good condition and ether A1 or A2 size and most on good quality stock. 30>35 years ago in another life, I was doing marketing for the NZ Challenge, so ‘acquired’ a few items. One day I’ll find a home for them. 

2 thoughts on “Mooching Around Devonport Yacht Club + 30yr Flash Back

  1. Alistair you are right SPCC is a great boat club, it was just those damn steps 😲
    I used to crash around in the corona at low tide from Cockle bay if I had anything heavy….
    Seafarer which has been spotted at DYC was on a swing mooring at SPCC when I was a member in the early 90s. A South African guy called Daryl owned her.
    I remember getting good snapper in the creek


  2. The DYC hardstand looks rather like the Shelly Park Cruising Club hardstand. SPCC is still a club where volunteers all help each other, and could also be the best little yacht club in NZ.
    We hold two working bees each year and always get better than half our 100 members turning up!


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