Lady Mary

photos & details ex trademe

Lady Mary is currently listed on trademe & unless the owner updates the listing, will remain there a while i.e. almost zero details on the boat. So woodys who built her & when?

What we do know is she is 22’9″ long with a kauri carvel planked hull. Currently powered by a 30hp Volvo Penta diesel. At approx. 23′ you wouldn’t want too many people up top 🙂

The cradle she is hauled out on is familiar to me – its at Geoff Bagnall’s Milford yard,  Raindance has spent time in that cradle 😉

8 thoughts on “Lady Mary

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  2. She is a Roy Parris launch & recently bought by Devonport Yacht Club stalwart & boat builder, Charlie Webley. The ‘Lady’ is currently hauled out at DYC for the winter & will be getting a major make-over. A very lucky boat to escape the Milford Creek & have Charlie as its new owner 🙂
    Any woodys able to enlighten ww & Charlie on her past ?


  3. Spoke to the owner but he can’t remember who designed/built her. He got the message, though, that provenance is really important, commercially, and will try to remember and respond. Hopefully he will……… and the information is accurate.


  4. In my view definitely Roy Parris, — it was an instant flash in to my head, with my first glance — cross compare boats on the CHEROKEE post — strong similarities especially in the basic bow design notwithstanding the sweep in the deck


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