Attempt To Steal Classic Launch Florence

Attempt To Steal Classic Launch Florence

The world is full of idiots & Mathew Dring would be near the top of the list. He appeared in court yesterday for attempting to steal the 1910 H.N. Burgess designed classic launch Florence. As well as being a fool, he has no taste, as Florence was the 3rd vessel he boarded & attempted to steal.
And what did his lawyer say – “his client wanted to change his ways & he wants to plan for his future”, to which the judge said “you present as someone who deeply regrets what happened” – the systems a joke. Mathew Dring (remember that name) was given 6mths. community detention (I think thats what we used to call PD) & $400 reparation. The little thief should serve the 6mths. PD sanding the bottom of boats.

Read details here

ps I have tagged the thief’s name in the post so if anyone ever google searches him, his little escapade with come up 🙂

5 thoughts on “Attempt To Steal Classic Launch Florence

  1. I Wonder what the future plan is, “Bigger better”? Also, it shouldn’t have been ‘what happened’… it should be ‘what he did’.


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