An Impressive Line Up


An Impressive Line Up

An Impressive Line Up

the sender of the photo will be disclosed later, might give the game away.

Left to right – who can ID the 4 launches, #4 will be a challenge but if you get the other 3 then the 4th should ‘follow’.
Location is Katherine Bay.

Harold – for you to win you will have to name the dinghy as well 🙂





I know little about this very pretty 9m launch other than she was designed by Bruce Askew & is currently owned by John Duncan & resides on Lake Rototit.
For one of the ‘modern day’ designers Askew has a very good eye for what a classic should look like.

Any one able to shed some more light on her?

The above photo was taken at the 2014 Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Parade

Mercury Bell / Belle


Mercury Bell / Belle


Todays post was sent to me by John Pryor, who was handed the framed photo of Mercury Bell, taken at Sandspit in 1960. John commented that she appears to be a bridgedeckerised tram top of about 32 ft.

It had been hanging in the Kawau Island Yacht Club for a number of years.

On the back of the photo is written – “Owner E Mizen 120 Vivian Engine”. Now there appears to be some confusion here, as Harold Kidd has advised that Mercury Belle was built for E.E. Mizen of Mercury Island by Lidgard Bros in February 1938. She was a substantial 52 footer with a Canadian-built 120hp 6 cylinder Vivian engine at a cost of £4000 pounds, an astronomical sum at the time. Viewing the above photo Harold confirmed that its not the Lidgard boat, so somehow the photo & the script on the rear have been mismatched.

Anyone add anything more about the launch in the photo?

Also John has advised that if anybody knows the current owner, please let them know the picture is available if they want it.





Built by L. Coulthard for a Mr J Griffin of Epsom, her initial ‘home’ was the Manukau. Records show she was launched with a 12-16hp Ailsa-Craig engine.

Other than this ww is very light on her history so hopefully we can expand on it today.

Harold Kidd Update

Les Coulthard built her in October 1930 for Jack Griffin of Onehunga who was the Vice-Commodore of the Manukau Yacht & Motor Boat Club at the time. Her 10/16hp Ailsa Craig had been taken from his former launch KATUI which Coulthard traded in and later sold. LUCINDA stayed on the Manukau until at least 1940 and I have no knowledge of when she came to the Waitemata and was bridgedeckerised but think it was reasonably recently.

Owner (Nathan Herbert) Update

I wish I had never seen this photo, as I was happy with the current configuration and the excellent interior room/ layout it provides until I saw the looks of the original! The engine now is where the bridge is, but there are old engine beds right up into the bow? Other than those, the only original parts are t+g sole in parts of the cockpit, and the chain locker bulkhead with Bakelite switch and light fitting attached.
The engine sump was toast from salt water in the bilge and after 4 weeks a complete replacement has almost been manufactured for me. James at Moon Diesels helped me out with a similar bell housing to replace the toasted one, which I have modified to fit.
We’ll tow her to Milford in the next week or so to be slipped for a few months to be given a full going over. A lot of gear will be biffed…

Excuse the crudely covered bridge window, I put my hand through it while navigating the sole-less cabin area