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waitematawoodys has a great following among the marine trade and talented ‘amateurs’ – most of these people are very happy to provided guidance when asked. So if you have questions relating to things like – how do I / where can I find / who is good at etc. Just ask away in the LEAVE A REPLY link at the bottom of this page 🙂

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  1. Hi, We have recently purchased a 30’ LOA Gladden named EMMA J,a bilge keel motor sailer with 45 hp Perkins. No log no history, beautifully build great live aboard for cruising between housesits. Would love to find history of boat and name. Cheers Ian Creevey


  2. Hi Alan. I intend to have the last ten years or so of antifoul stripped back on Ngaro. I am considering using a soda blaster or similar but am nervous as she is kauri and not glassed over so have the thought of seams etc. I have heard the odd horror story. Do you or other followers have someone you can recommend. Many thanks Tom Kane

    Tom – I have PM’ed you. Cheers Alan H


  3. Hi, have recently purchased 28’wl Gladden motor sailer Emma J and would be interested to find her history as no log with vessel.

    Hi Ian – If you could send (email address below) as much info as possible eg photos, who you bought her off, how long they owned her for, where was she kept, is there any numbers on the sail etc – that will help the process.

    Cheers Alan


  4. Hello Stephen , thankyou for you reply . The other hatch is at present painted . So this one would be the first in timber . The hand rails are teak , so may go down that track . Just thought someone may have used some of these other hard wood timbers that are on the market at present being used for decking etc , Like Garapa , kwila etc There seems to be all sorts of new timbers out there


  5. Depending on size you could always buy demo kauri for the purpose of a hatch, eg an old sash window sill. About 1.5m long by 250mm x 75mm. I just used one I took out of our old villa and the wood was so clear and clean I could almost not make out any grain.
    But kauri would not be the prefered timber to use unless you are matching other hatches on the boat. I would start with teak for a hatch.


  6. Hello . I would like to know a good timber to build a butterfly hatch from . Kauri not being readily available any suggestions would be appreciated


  7. Re Myth of Arran. Thanks Robin for your reply to my query. In some ways the plot thickens and I still have no idea why Myth was in Whangarei, looking rough and ready, and in disguise. I think we can probably say that, if still afloat, Myth is no longer in New Zealand. I hope though that she has overcome her unfortunate history and doing what Bob Stewart, Max Carter and David Reid originally built her for.


  8. To Richard Morgan:
    Myth of Arran, sail A-74 (later NZYF 74) designed by Bob Stewart and built by Max Carter in 1967, had a name change to Charlemagne around 1974 and was owned by Warwick White when he was commodore of RNZYS 1978-79. She did the several Ocean races, Akl/Raro 1974, Akl/Lautoka 1977, Akl/Tonga 1979. He owned her until about 1983.

    After that, she vanished for around 6 years. Another name change perhaps or maybe that’s the period when the accident occurred?

    She reappears again in 1989 renamed to Aotearoa and owned by G. Dawson of ‘California 93031’. I don’t know whether she was actually based in the US or if she was still in NZ at that time.

    Today, NZYF 74 is still allocated to Aotearoa ‘designed by R. Stewart’ but no owners have been listed since 1989.


  9. i have some small patches of soft wood on the deck 1cm wide and about 2 to 5 cm long, 2 to 3mm deep where the ply decks meet the cabin coaming any advice for a 50 year old classic.


  10. My apologies Stephen for addressing you as Simon. Let’s blame old age.



  11. Hi Simon. The yacht that Hugh has is actually the second Myth of Arran, as confirmed to me by Chris Gedye, the previous owner. The Myth I am interested in was designed by Bob Stewart and built by Max Carter in about the early 60s for David Reid. Myth II was owned by his son Don Reid. Thanks for the contact, and please let me know if you learn any more.



  12. Hi Richard, Re your enquiry to the Myth of Arran, our club captain Hugh Gladwell owns her now. If she is the same you speak of. Hugh frequents WW but I could enquire and get him to contact you.


  13. Hi Alan,
    I’m trying to get a handle on costs to replace some plastic bucket seats in a woody I’m looking at buying with more traditional wooden seats. Do you know of someone in New Zealand who makes this kind of seating. I bought a traditional wooden game fishing chair for a previous launch from a gentleman in Tauranga as I recall.
    Kind Regards,


  14. Looking for info on the – Myth of Arran. See Richard Morgan note below.

    Hi Alan. I recently discovered your 2016 tribute post on Max Carter and was fascinated by the work this man had done. What a roll call of boat building and design he had created in his active years. So much of what he had built was loved and cherished by anybody who appreciated the lines of classic water craft. Among his creations I saw “Myth of Arran” built for David Reid. We went on board Myth, I think at Te Kouma, for several beers one year with David and his crew. We later managed to safely reboard Gleam from our little tender without damage. Some years later I learned that Myth had sunk with the tragic loss of a crew member who had been caught below, after she struck the long, submerged towing hawser between a tug and its barge, while sailing at night. She was raised and presumably repaired as in the early to mid 1970s I spotted a yacht tied up in the Whangarei Town Basin, and said to myself “That’s Myth”. Closer inspection proved me right as the name boards were still attached, but had been painted over so that the raised lettering was almost unreadable. But “Myth of Arran” was what it said. She was looking rather sad and unloved, as though the people involved with her had lost their love of the sea. What became of Myth after this? Was she renamed? Is she still afloat? In NZ? Myth of Arran seems to have vanished completely as we knew her, and I would love to learn her fate, and hope some of your readers may know, or correct me if the story as I have relayed it is inaccurate. I hope that with today’s radar and navigation aids, such an awful accident could not occur, but it shows how valuable someone on deck able to read masthead lights would have been.

    I enjoy reading your daily waitematawoodys posts, and they make me feel young again.

    Richard Morgan


  15. Where do I start?… I am restoring/ rebuilding Zephyr a damaged 1947 Kauri launch and have a lot of questions as I get into the project, as with a lot of these old boats there is no manual and they were usually built with what was available at the time making every one unique, which doesn’t help my cause. At the moment these are the Items I would like advise on from anyone in the know,
    -Rusted Keel bolts, removal and replacement, they are currently Steel (what is left that is)
    -Prop shaft rear seal, I have no idea how this comes apart and don’t want to damage it, seems to have some sort of leather type seal around the shaft?
    -Old Anti fowl removal, is there an easier way to remove this without spreading the dust everywhere including on me? I was thinking of using a heat gun??
    -Timber for main frames, I need to replace three big frame timbers (rot), 225x50mm x1.8m I was thinking of laminating Macro and epoxy soaking for protection is this a good idea? I would rather only use Kauri where needed like hull planking.
    -Trying to source 1 6inch port hole with single screw latch, one missing when we purchased her.
    There will no doubt be a bunch more head scratchers I will encounter during this project so if anyone has experience with woodies of this era I would love to chat, thanks.
    I can take photos of the offending items for clarification if needed.
    Any help greatly appreciated.

    P.S A reply for Evan re Red Lead, I am currently awaiting a reply from they supply chemicals to schools and labs here in CHCH, they had red lead oxide powder available late last year when I enquired, I will let you know.


  16. Hi all. We operate a 92 yr old motor sailer out of Havelock in the Marlborough Sounds and need to have caulking done. I have been trying to find white and/or red lead powder. I have been in touch with all the contacts I have in NZ but no one has any. Red lead paint is available at Protective Coatings and presumably have the powder to make this, but they won’t sell the powder. I have also tried to buy it on line ex the UK, but they will not ship it. Anyone know of sources, or of other available additives to add to putty? I understand the main reason for the lead is to deter “putty grub” eating out the cotton. But I can’t find any information on putty grub, is it actually a problem in NZ? Look forward to replies!


  17. Hi
    I purchased a Townson 32 Twilight yacht last year built 1975
    It’s construction is all wood double diagonal kauri hull and wooden topside
    Is this classed as a “woody”
    Also looking for someone to make me a replacement wooden tiler is there anyone you can recomend
    Kind Regards


  18. I have a question. Where can I get a manual windlass suitable for a 28′ wooden yacht?

    REPLY: Bruce, a reader has contacted me, they have a winch that sounds like it matches what you are after – they are getting back to me in a few days – will PM you when I hear. Kind Regards Alan H


  19. Hi looking to find out about mason clipper 19 wairua all wood Rebuilding as was barn find
    Also any info on semi woody Kahu again mason but 24


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