Orakei Hard Stand




Today’s photos come to us via Lew Redwood’s fb, and show a selection of launches & yachts hauled out. The probate date is somewhere in the 1920>30’s.
The 2nd photo shows a magnificent collection of rear ends 🙂 Whilst I would never be able toID them, a woody like Simon Smith (convalescing at home, should be able to 😉
I’ll give a 2019 Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Calendar (see below) to the woody that correctly ID’s the most bums 🙂
I’ll have to get outside help to judge the winner. Entries (this time) via the WW comments section.
Closes Jan 7th, 2019.

5 thoughts on “Orakei Hard Stand

  1. Absolutely right Tom. My dad told Bill Ryan about the ZC!’s, & he also had one almost immediately, for the REHIA, & he also Arnold Baldwin, who got one simultaneously with Bill R, for MENAI, so it all went through the grapevine of the day, very quickly, as you may recall. –Cheers Tom. Must catch up some time, – it’s been ages, — KEN R


  2. Ken, as a boy I remember Mac Mcgeadys Antares had a zc1 fitted as well. In later years as a radio ham operator I had a mk1 and mk2 zc1, heavy cumbersome sets, lol


  3. Ken is right it is not the twenties as Okahu Hardstand -or Easthaven as the Harbour Board once called it did not exist then, my pick for bottom photo is late fifties and the top one maybe late 40’s
    Come on Neil? Either you or Snow Stacey will have more exact details.


  4. Okahu Bay hard stand was not established until c1945-46, & was created from mud pumped from the surrounding seabed. — I recall seeing this in progress c1945-46, & this image, had to have been taken, almost certainly, in the winter of 1947, as the launch with the man alongside her, I do not recall the name of, but she was owned by Mendel Spitz a Newmarket pharmacist, who lived in Ngaiwi St Orakei, & the yacht alongside her, is the MIZPAH by my recall, & was owned by a Tommy?????, a Waterview Pharmacist, — ( must have been a lot of money in Pharmacy in that era).
    My parents in the 1947 winter, that year, had JULIANA hauled out immediately adjoining those 2 boats, & am almost certain,it is her bow visible on the far side of MIZPAH.
    I knew Okahu Bay well, & both of these people, as JULIANA was slipped there every winter, for 4 winter months, from 1947 to 1956.
    Also Mendel Spitz’ boat, was almost certainly, the first pleasure craft fitted, (in 1947), with a (WWII ZC! MKII), radio telephone, which my father saw a day or 2 after installation, & immediately got one for JULIANA, & was given the call sign ZMYP, (which she still has today, as MARJORIE ROSA, at Lake Rotoiti), which was fitted a week or 2 later, & was, as far as I know, the second RT fitted to a pleasure craft in Auck.– KEN R


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