Dauntless – A Peek Down Below

Dauntless – A Peek Down Below

Recently Dauntless popped up on tme as a project boat that failed to progress to actually being a project.She was possibly built by Lanes in 2027, but this is unconfirmed and there is a lot of chat in the comments section of WW in a past story 2013 WW story – link here https://waitematawoodys.com/2013/06/03/dauntless/

Powered by a Isuzu diesel – that is just about all we know.



Todays woody is the 40’ yacht – Restless built by the Tercel Bros in 1920 to a Alden/Tercel design. Now to save you having to do the maths, that makes her an impressive 104 years old. Constructed of kauri, her beam is 11’3” and she draws 6’ (lead keel).

During her life Restless has seen a lot of the South Pacific and back home is a regular contestant in the Bay of Islands Tall Ships Race.

Any boat to survive a decade needs to have been in the hands of caring wooden boat lovers – Restless has been lucky, her owner of 55 years Tim Beattie is one such gentleman and Restless is always presents in beautiful condition.

Her sail wardrobe, mast and rigging reflect her ocean cruising life. Her second means of forward propulsion is a 58hp Fordson diesel (1965), overhauled in 1990 – that gives her a comfortable 6 knots.

If you haven’t already guessed it – yes Restless is for sale. Classic wooden craft of her pedigree and condition rarely come on the market. There are several options for her next owner in terms of her interior – the one I would favour would be retaining the period layout and just treat her to a refresh e.g. upgrade the hardware – stove, head etc.and refresh the upholstery. Or you could just sail away and enjoy her as Tim and family have.

Initial expressions of interest to  waitematawoodys@gmail.com



During the week WW was contacted by Stuart Myers in regard to the whereabouts of the 36’ bridge decker – Marietta. 

Marietta was built c.1920>1930’s by Collings and Bell, her beam is 9, she is semi-chine and had full length kauri planks. 

Marietta was used by the NZ Navy during WWII as a look-out boat.

Marietta was owned by the Myers family from the late 1950s’ until the late 1970’s and was moored during this time in Little Shoal Bay. During this time she still had her original Chrysler Crown 6 cylinder, side valve, petrol motor. In the late 1970’s she broke her mooring and ended up on the rocks in Little Shoal Bay and after repairs (some re-fastening of planks by Baileys) she was sold, re-powered with a diesel motor and converted to a fishing boat. 

Marietta was last seen about 8 years ago at Milford Marina moored outside the Milford Cruising Club and was painted a light green colour and had returned to being a pleasure boat.

The above photos are from the 1960’s, one of her on the old grid at Needle’s Eye in Little Shoal Bay.

So woodys – can anyone update us on what has become of Marietta.

17-03-2023 INPUT ex HAROLD KIDD – According to APYMBA records MARIETTA was built by Collings & Bell in 1934 for G A McKendrick who had a property at Rocky Bay. He sold her to B Kissin of Takapuna in September 1938 when she had an extensive overhaul at Percy Vos’ yard. I have zero information on the launch being used by the Navy during the war and doubt that it happened. The Hert brothers bought her in April 1947 and it was then that she was fitted with a Chrysler Crown. J S Richards owned her from 1952 to 1962 when Athol Myers of Queen ST Northcote bought her. Frank Cooper bought her in 2001 and kept her in Milford Creek. Dave Nicholson has brought you up to date.

21-03-2023 INPUT ex NATHAN HERBERT – I believe that she was built for Casey in 1927 as the Imanota, with a 70hp (50-75hp) redwing motor, steered from the aft dodger hence the hatch, with the bridge deck having been added later on. She was Marietta by the late 1930’s when owned by McKendrick.
Notes from when she was new include various speeds claimed from 10 to 15 knots, 15 electric lighting points, all mod cons including sink, an unusually flared bow ‘like a destroyer’ and topsides which are so rounded that she appears to be of the ‘old fashioned’ round bilge type.

Waratah Needs A New Home


Back in Oct 2014 the launch – Waratah popped up on WW, at the time she was 4sale on trademe and the WW story generate a lot of chat in the comments section – link below https://waitematawoodys.com/2014/10/06/waratah/

We learnt that she was 28’9” in length, built in c.1924 by Alf Bell and was named All Bell when launched. Amusing story around the name in the 2014 story.

Back in 2014 Waratah was needing some serious interior fit out and TLC but afloat, photos below.

Fast forward to 2023 and she has become a restoration that started but came to an abrupt halt. Waratah is currently stored near Kerikeri, Northland and her owner Kevin O’Donnell would like to move her on, at no cost, to someone that will take on the project. The time frame is ‘quick smart’ as Waratah is resting in the exact spot as to where a house is going.

Interested parties can contact Kevin at kevinodonnell496@gmail.com


Boat name and approx crew numbers – waitematawoodys@gmail.com

NZ Antique & Classic Boat Show 2023 (Nelson Lakes)

NZ Antique & Classic Boat Show 2023 (Nelson Lakes) 

Today thanks to the camera of Michael Brownee we get to take in the amazing woody craft and spectacular scenery at Lake Rotoiti, South Island for the 2023 NZ Antique & Classic Boat Show that was recently held (March 4>5)

Michael has captured the essence and spirit of the event beautifully , if he not a professional photographer , he should be 🙂

I attended the show 3>4 years ago and it should be on every woodys bucket list.

As always – click on photos to enlarge 😉

Woodys On The Northern Wairoa and Kaipara Harbour


Woodys On The Northern Wairoa and Kaipara Harbour

Todays collection of craft comes to us from the Kauri Museum at Matakohe via Diane Wilkinson’s fb.

From top to bottom:

1. Unknown launch – can we ID her

2. Swanee – featured on WW in 2015 – link https://waitematawoodys.com/2015/08/29/swanee/

3. Unknown launch – can we ID her

4. Rona W – possibly this boat – 2021 WW story https://waitematawoodys.com/2021/04/15/could-this-be-rona/

Three Minutes Of Wooden Boat Porn

3 Minutes Of Wooden Boat Porn

Last month I bombarded you with a several photo galleries of the 2023 Australian Wooden Boat Festival.  As part of the wrap up of the festival, the organising crew have pulled together a 3min short film that utilises a lot of aerial film footage. The video gives us a wonderful overview of the festival, the Hobart harbour and waterfront – if there is any saw dust in your blood – Hobart February 2025 needs to be circled on your calendar. As festival director – Paul Stephanus says “This festival is one of a kind” . And its the largest event of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and surprise surprise woodys – its free, no charge – we like that.

Find a comfortable chair and prepare to be wowed.  

TIP: To enlarge screen size – scroll over the screen above and click on the icon I have highlighted below

RSVP (boat name & approx crew #) TO waitematawoodys@gmail.com

Rata – A Peek Down Below

RATA – A Peek Down Below

The launch Rata is 35’ in length, has a 9’ beam and draws 3’.

Rata was built in 1926 from Kauri, carvel method by Dick Lang in St Mary’s Bay.  Powered by a 85hp Ford Lees Marine diesel, giving her a 7 knots cruising speed.

And that is all we know, lots of craft named Rata on WW but this ones a newbie. Was hauled out on the hard at Waiheke Island for an extended period. Thanks Ian McDonald for the heads up.

Mystery 40’ Bridge Decker

Mystery 40’ Bridge Decker

Todays 40’ woody if you believe her tme listing (thanks Ian McDonald) was built / launched in 1928 by Miller and Tulloch.

Forward motion is from a 120hp Ford diesel. Home port is Tauranga. And that woodys is all we know about her.

I did have a note I had written with the name – Aoroa on it, but I can’t remember if that is the vessels name or not.

Anyone able to ID the boat and tell us more?

INPUT ex WILLIAM BROWN – Check out an earlier WW posting https://waitematawoodys.com/2021/03/12/aoroa-a-peek-down-below/

Someone please buy her and restore her to her former glory!

ADELA at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival + Details On The Next Big Woody World Event

ADELA at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival + Details on The Next Big Woody World Event

One of launches that caught my eye was the 26’ Adela – built in 1925 from Huon Pine, carvel construction. Designed by Charles Snook and built by James Andrewartha , she is described as a ‘Gentlemens Racing Launch’. Her 10hp Brooke engine gets her along at a very respectable 10 knots. Owned by maritime historian – Colin Grazules. 

I want a helm seat like that………….

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