Clinker Runabout – Seeke II

Clinker Runabout – Seeke II

You will have heard me in the past prattle on about the future growth of classic wooden boating being trailerable boats – something you can take home and tinker with. This growth is driven by two key factors – the cost of keeping a boat afloat (marina $) in any of our metropolitan cities and the maintenance of larger craft as the owners get older and less mobile.

Todays woody popped up on Lew Redwood’s fb and at the time the seller was looking for around $13k – try buying a classic car for those dollars.

Approx. 15’ in length and powered by a 25hp Evinrude.

Hopefully Seeke II sold and is now someones pride and joy 🙂


Southern Woody Speed Boat

Southern Woody Speed Boat

Jason Prew is currently on a road trip tearing up the highways and backroads of the South Island. I was pleased to see he wasn’t totally engrossed in the world of 4×4, the above photos come to us from the Otago Settlers Museum. Link below!home

The photos above are of a speed boat named Minx built in 1958 by Les Booth, Les also built the mini-me model in front. This would have caught Jason’s eye – he has a radio controlled model of his very quick classic launch – My Girl. Video of 1st run, prior to finishing below.

The Minx speed boat was originally powered by a Hillman Minx 4 cyl engine, but not long after launch this was replaced with a V8, must have been very quick.

Also another My Girl model – they are popular builds




When I saw Perano, a 16’clinker kauri built double ender – my immediate thought was lake boat. Built in the 1960’s by Bernie Perano (of the whale chaser family) she is a very cool little ship. The negative of being f/glass encased is off set by the positive of being able to be stored out of the water on her trailer and not needing to ‘take up’ when launched.

Perano it is powered by a super reliable 5 hp single cylinder diesel engine. Made by Yanmar the NTS 70 engine is started by hand it is a slow turning engine with a 2:1 reduction gearbox with shaft drive swinging a bronze 3 blade 13×12 prop. The hull speed of 5.4 knots is easily achieved with fuel consumption of 1 litre per hour. Fuel tank is 10 litres – plenty for a full day out and then some. Thanks to Rob Watt for the tme heads up.

AND ON THE SUBJECT OF LAKE BOATS – Put A big circle around February 5th 2023 

That is the date of the uber cool Lake Rotoiti (Nth Island) Classic & Wooden Boat Parade. If you are a woody boat owner and have your craft on a trailer – consider doing the trip to Lake Rotoiti – its a blast. Details belowFull details at 5th Feb 2023 (Waitangi Weekend). There is a dinner the night before and a picnic after the parade. Normally well over 100 boats in different styles form the parade.

AND LASTLY – WOODY CLASSIC PICNIC ON TOMORROW AT MOTUIHE ISLAND 1PM – which side decided by weather on the day


Two years ago we ran one of our most popular woody events – a classic woody ‘BOOT SALE”, hosted by the Slipway Milford. Well folks its on again, circle Saturday 26th November in the diary. 
Lets be honest, we all collect / hoard boat bits. Could be a good time to gain some more space and earn a few dollars. Waitematawoodys and The Slipway Milford are hosting the sale at their boat yard in Milford, Auckland. Details below. So woodys, be brave and get together anything boat related that you think needs a new home and bring it along – there is only one rule – items must fit in a car boot 🙂 But we will make an exception for grandad’s kauri clinker dinghy. Most of the items will be displayed outdoors and space will be limited so drop me an email to reserve some space

7.00PM THURSDAY 10 NOVEMBER at the Royal NZ Yacht Squadron.
The Classic Yacht Charitable Trust would like to invite you, your family and your friends, to celebrate the 125th birthday of Thelma, the 1897 Logan gaff-rigged cutter, and the 130th birthday of Gloriana, also a Logan built gaffer. 
Our special guest will be David Barker, the world-renowned maritime artist, who has extremely generously created a new painting, which features our classic fleet and entitled “Start”, to assist in our fundraising effort. Come and meet David and find out how you can take home this fabulous artwork.
This fun evening, with like-minded classic boating enthusiasts, will also be a crucial fundraising event for all seven of the boats in the trust – Thelma, Gloriana, Waitangi, Ida, Frances, Ethel and Rainbow II.
So, please support this event and we know you will have a fun evening.Tickets: $30pp   Order your tickets here

Woodys Classic Clevedon Cruise Report – Sept 2022 – 50+ Photos

6.45am – The Start
The magic hour for boat photography
Heading up the river
Dave Giddens – Auctioneer Supremo


Just back from a near perfect weekend cruising with a great bunch of classic wooden boat enthusiasts, up the Wairoa River to the Clevedon Cruising Club for an overnight shindig. 

The weekend had all the right ingredients – great weather, cool boats, nice people + mouth-watering food, that always = a winner. Todays photo gallery comes to us from my cameras and Jason Prew’s new out of the box iPhone 14 Pro (I need one, I’m buying one).

By now regular WW readers will be familiar with the format of the weekend – we meet off the entrance to the Wairoa River and then weave our way up river to the Clevedon Cruising Club. The flotilla berths at the CCC dock, in front of their clubhouse, then we ‘open’ the boats for club member to view. Happy hour tends to start early up the river, and this weekend it was even earlier. Later in the day we retire to the clubrooms for a shared BBQ dinner, and live music.

This year the club organised a number of raffles and a mystery auction – the club and Woodys collectively raised over $3,500 for the new fuel jetty. Well done to everyone involved – I indirectly won a new bilge pump (my cabin boy, bid on a mystery package and one of the included items was the pump – and my bonus – he doesn’t own a boat)

Boats participating in the cruise were – Allergy, Awariki, Lady Clare, Lady Ellen, Merita, Mokoia, My Girl, Ngaio, Ngarimu, Raindance, Smooth Operator, Trinidad, Waikaro.

I’ll let the photos tell the story. Below are two videos which highlight the two extremes of classic wooden craft – Raindance at 7.5 knots and Jason Prew’s – My Girl, doing est. 24 knots 🙂 Thanks to Jason and Ant Smit for the footage.

As always – click on photos to enlarge 😉 ENJOY. Details on more Woodys Classic events below.

Ps that dessert plate wasn’t mine and I’m too nice a person to name the owner…… and equally no story as to why there is a photo of a skipper dipping wet on his duck board 🙂

My Girl

SS Misty


Woody John Dawson sent in the above photos of the steam boat – Misty, photos ex  Gary Dierking.

John commented that the boat has been off the scene for over 20 years, are we able to establish what became of her?

Russell Ward – any thoughts?

Help Needed Identifying This Launch


Recently WW received an email from Colin Davies in regard to the launch featured above. I’ll let Colin tell the story :- 

“Back in the 1930’s my late father Laurie Davies of Miramar, Wellington owned the above launch. Photo taken in Marlborough Sounds. Except for the photo I knew nothing and I have been trying to piece together the puzzle.
Based on the design of the wheelhouse, rectangular windows, stem and stern – I think Joe Jukes designed her and possibly built her, or Rex Rix built her. Similar but smaller than the ex work boat – Wild Duck. On WW there is a photo of Wild Duck attending the Flying Boat with a smaller sister ship (refer #1 below).

I also found several photos on the National Library website taken by Whites Aviation.  The key photo is the one looking south, Kilbirnie hills in the right background. The flying boat in the lower right, centre Wild Duck stern on and another launch on starboard side tied up alongside (refer #2 below). There is also a  bow on photo of Wild Duck on the left showing the side of another launch on the very left edge of the photo (refer #3 below). I am interested to know the name and whereabouts of the second launch and if it is still afloat. Based on all these photos I think it is my late fathers launch.

I estimate the length at 38 feet,  almost the same as Saint Antonio 40 feet, again similar above waterline hull shape. (refer #4 & 5 below) of St Antonio)”. 

Can we help Colin with his search to ID the launch and possibly uncover what became of her ?


Marlin Munroe


The 19’ Sutton and Mason 1966 built Marlin Marauder – Marlin Monroe made a very brief appearance recently on tme, probably brief because the asking price was $10k.

On face value that is a lot of classic boat for the money.

Built with double diagonal kauri and powered by Mercruiser inboard + stern leg that sees her topping out at 35mph.

The matching dinghy is a nice touch.

2022 Thames Traditional Boat Festival

2022 Thames Traditional Boat Festival

Always an amazing collection of traditional craft on display at the Thames Traditional Boat Festival, from the electric Slipper launches to a fleet of Little Ships of Dunkirk.

Today we have David from the blog – Cruising the Cut, taking us on a tour of the festival at Henley-on-Thames. Enjoy Thanks to Colin Pawson for the link

THE NZ CLASSIC YACHT ASSOCIATION – IT’S NOT JUST ME – The WW comment below is from someone that should/ could have been one of the next generation of CYA leading lights – sub 50 in age and very talented and most importantly – a seriously good guy – BUT – LOST

“I started to write a long comment about this and gave up. I withdrew my 10+ year CYA membership in protest last year and my 2 other family members will be following as none of our boats qualify and because of the way applications (invites) have been handled.

Unfortunately this means I won’t have an opportunity to comment, listen or vote on something that has forced a large number away from the CYA.

The vessels at heritage landing have reaped benefit for many years – many hardly getting any use. When previous sub-committee members suggest a change or review of criteria – they end up giving up and resigning due to the way things are handled.

No transparency, nepotism and a committee that rolls over too easily despite nervously agreeing off record that it’s a farce.”

Black Tulip – Where Is She Today

BLACK TULIP – Where Is She Today

Bay of Islands photographer Dean Wright took the above photos of the Clipper 23 – Black Tulip back in 1983. The location was School Road, Paihia.

A couple of unusual feature – shaft drive and a ’soft top’ hopefully will help us ID the boats current whereabouts and condition.

INPUT ex Murray Deeble – The famous Clipper Black tulip ex Lincoln Laidlaw (as seen on the cover of Seaspray) is retired at Milford . After her record breaking Auckland to Russel run when new with the Big V8 -she did a couple of Atlantic 100 races and disappeared, saw her at Sam Dorotich’s Superior Boats in the early 2000’s She has recently been sold -now powered with a Yanmar /BMW 4BY diesel -always been shaft drive.