Broad Bay Boating Club

Broad Bay Boating Club

Eldest child, son Tom, was recently mooching around the South Island, from Nelson at the top to Dunedin at the bottom of the south. He was briefed to take a photo of anything afloat that looked interesting. The result was the photos above showing the Broad Bay Boating Club and surrounding area on the Otago Peninsula.

The small double-ender on the trailer looks familiar – but can’t put a name to it.



Todays woody has a very good pedigree in that she was built by Nelson master craftsman Peter Murton as his own boat. Peter’s business Murtons Timbercraft turn out stunning woodwork – from new boat builds and repairs, furniture and nautical art, a piece of which I have at home (photo below).

The launch is a 2018 Weston Farmer sea skiff, 28’ x 8’ x 2’ and is powered by a 60hp Yamaha outboard that cruises nicely at 7>8knots and tops out at 12 knots.

Her shallow draft and bilge keels allow her to navigate some interesting anchorages. An added bonus is the ability to haul out on a trailer for home storage.

The vessel recently popped up on tme so if you are looking for a salty looking, impeccably built spirit of tradition woody – Amelia could be the one.

Caberfeidh – Where Is She

CABERFEIDH – Where Is She?

Several years ago the classic powerboat – Caberfeidh was bought to my attention by Shawn Vennell, who was attempting to put a price / value on her. 

Caberfeidh at the time was owned by Lindsay Barron whose father, Tom, kept Caberfeidh  in a berth at the Kinloch marina. He used the boat for fishing on Lake Taupo, where the family had a crib (bach). She was also used for big game fishing at Russell in the Bay of Island every year, leaving from Tauranga. So the Caberfeidh had many trips out to sea  in the early days.  

At the time I was talking with Shawn the boat hadn’t been on the water for approximately 8 years. It has always been kept in a large boat shed. Designed and built in 1967 by Dick Smith in Tauranga- a master builder and of a style that is recognised as a Dick Smith boat.Wooden/ply hull with fibreglass matt skin, inlaid mahogany transom – 5 meters in length.Inboard/outboard Volvo Penta motor.

So woodys – todays question is – what became of Caberfeidh? Hopefully still on the lake.

Classic Woody Runabout


Todays woody is a John Spencer Rocket and was built in the 1950’s and has only ever had fresh water use (Lake Taupo), and shed stored.

She is 14’ in length and powered by a Johnson 25hp outboard (1985) and if you believe tme it has only done 30 hours.

Anyone looking for an entry level woody fir the lakes or at the bach?

WOODYS CLASSICS CLEVEDON BBQ CRUISE – I will be sending out details on NEXT weekends (21-22/05) overnight cruise via email tomorrow to the skippers that have RSVP’ed – keep an eye on you email inbox 😉