The 1930 woody – Mapu would be one of the most traveled classics around, as a result of her length – 23’ and 7’ beam she is able to be trailer-ed. That has resulted in her cruising from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island and inland e.g. both north and southern Lake Rotoiti. Her recent tme appearance stated she was designed by Eric Cox and built by Colin Wild. Powered by a 22hp two cylinder diesel engine.

Current owner has had Mapu for 22 years, are we able to learn more from her past life?

Input from Denis O’Callahan – Mapu was owned by my father Robert (Bob) O’Callahan from the late 1930s to mid 1970s..I have a copy of the original plans by Eric Cox dated 29 September 1927, showing a large open cockpit. The original engine was a 2 cylinder Kelvin sleeve valve. She was built for HA Adams ESQ and I understand she was used to service a property at Kawau so there was no accommodation. My father built a cabin over the cockpit, added outside ballast and a mast and sloop rig to make her into a cruising motor-sailer. These were removed in later restorations. The photo below shows Mapu with her war time number, 490, at the Needles Eye, Birkenhead, where Jim Young later had his boat shed. I believe that might have been me in the cockpit.


1. The Mahurangi Regatta is still on – But

• No activity on or off the water at Sullivans Bay • The launch parade to and around Sullivans is cancelled. Interested launches can join a ‘follow the leader’ (Jason Prew – My Girl) launch tiki-tour around the harbour. Starting off Scotts Landing at approx. 10am • There may be a launch log rally or similar during the day – details on the day ex Jason Prew. • No prize giving or band at Scotts Landing on Sat night – but nothing to stop people going ashore to casually catch up with friends, just need to keep any ‘group’ under 100 people.  • So pack the chilly bin and see you ashore from 4.30pm >>>

2. Kawau Boating Club – Sunday

• The club will be operating under RED conditions , so only seated dinners, no standing at the bar or outside AND Vax Pass required – so good luck with getting a table – some of us will casually meet up on the lawn near Lidgard House. Again bring your chilly bin – 5pm >>>>>

Classic Launch Waitangi (Karamana)

Classic Launch Waitangi (Karamana)
In the top three photos above we see Waitangi being relaunched at Hobsonville Marina. The photos came to us via my Hobby eyes and ears – John Wicks, as John commented that’s a very impressive trailer for an old girl.

Waitangi was built as Karamana for F.B. Cadman in 1923 by Bailey & Lowe to a design by Hacker. As Harold Kidd commented on a previous WW story Karamana = Cadman in pig Maori. She was later bought by Auckland Grammar School teacher P A S Stein who rebuilt her and fitted a war surplus 6 cyl Green sohc aero engine producing 120-140bhp, bore 5.5 ins, stroke 6 ins. HDK commented that she was pretty radical (see photo above), and a far cry from her current configuration.

In recent years Waitangi was restored at Ian Cooke’s Yachting Developments Ltd (YDL) and blitzed the fleet in the 2018 Rudder Cup race – photos below
Lots of back stories on the launch here

WTF – Next time you go to church you may have to stand up – a nameless boatyard acquired 4 magnificent kauri church pews, for the timber. I assume when the recipient of the wood is launched there won’t need to be a blessing 🙂

Chris-Craft Runabout – Almost

Chris-Craft Runabout – Almost

The above ‘woody’ is the latest from the workshop of John Bullivant and is based on a USA Chris-Craft small runabout design. John scaled the model up from 18” to 33” using an old late 1950’s plan. It’s made of balsa with a ply deck, and the hull is f/glassed. It has twin motors and the same smoke and water system he  installed in his models of the W1, Jaguar and Hartley.

Like the Hartley it is built-in bluetooth stereo, lights and engine sound. Runs very nicely and looks quite scale like on the water. Motors are hidden under the rear seat with the air pump and smoke system, and the water pump and batteries are under the hatches in the stern. Below are two YouTube  videos – sound quality average, but you get the idea 🙂 Photos sent in by K Ricketts

Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Parade

Nice to see the north island event getting a good plug in the latest issue of Boating NZ magazine. I provided the photos below to help the lake team get some exposure for the 2022 event – the 25th Anniversary – well worth a trip – details here



Waitematawoodys has a sister  – its called the Wooden Boat Bureau and we sell classic wooden boats – launches, yachts, big and small. We like to fly under the radar, as do most of our clients. Someone asked me what I did the other day – below sums it up (sounds a bit fluffy, in reality I just sell boats.

Inform and enthuse interest in the joys of owning and sailing traditional and classic wooden boats. And we do this by promoting partnerships between the boats, the sellers and the buyers, for the benefit of all. At the end of the day – its all about the boats, as most will out live their current owners.

To view a sample selection of classic woodys berthed at the virtual Wooden Boat Bureau dock, click this link –

Myself and David Cooke (MV Trinidad) are almost always available to offer advice to sellers and buyers – in the interests of marital harmony – in the first instance email to the below