McCullum’s Bay Woodys At Anchor

McCullum’s Bay Woodys At Anchor

Today’s photo comes to us via Mitchell Hutchings fb and originated from his late uncles slide collection (PG Parsonson collection). The date is unknown but the collection is from the 1950’s > 1970’s period. Looking at the boats I would be picking the late 1950’s.

Interested on others opinion and can we ID a few to the boats?

Lidgard 1/2 Models – Help Needed

1/2 model #1
1/2 Model #2

LIDGARD 1/2 MODELS – Help Needed
Saturdays story on the 48’ Lidgard launch – Ngaro, link below, promoted Donna Lewis to contact WW re three 1/2 models that she purchased from a garage sale on Kawau Island, when she and husband Norm were living at Schoolhouse Bay. At the time she was told all three were Lidgard vessels. The painted one is obviously Ngaro, the writing on the back, supporting this.

 Donna and Norm live in Australian the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and took the models with them, hopefully one day they will find their way home to NZ.


The challenge is that Donna doesn’t know which launches the other two models ‘belong’ too, so woodys – big ask today. Maybe an ex Lidgard worker can suggest suitable candidates. Or maybe one of the more talented WW readers recognizes something in the 1/2 model that is specific to a particular Lidgard design. 

I suppose I should put a reward to the woody that provides the most credible suggestion. So a WW cap is on offer. For once, let’s do entries / suggestions via the WW comments section. I think the answers will be via a collaborative approach. 

How Did This One Sell

How Did This One Sell

Now if you believe the tme listing for this Picton boat – it sold, which really surprises me – she would have to win the award for the worst present vessel for sale :-)The listing states that its believed that she was built by Ernie Lane in Picton c.1940’s. 30’ in length and carvel kauri built.Powered by a Perkins 152 Diesel engine. (Tme heads up ex Ian McDonald)

Do we know her name? 

MYSTERY LAUNCH QUIZ – Win A WW Long Sleeve T-Shirt

MYSTERY LAUNCH QUIZ – Win A WW Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Todays story / quiz is a doozy – maybe a woody will go – thats easy I know that boat, but it had myself and one of the WW guru’s stumped.All I can tell you is the photo was taken in Nelson, a couple of years ago. I have a b/w launching photo, so even if you do not know the boat – check back later to see the b/w photo – you will be very surprized 😉 Email entries to (photo ex Nathan Herbert)

The prize to the first correct answer, emailed in after 9am 21-05-2021 (sorry KR – not everyone keeps vampire hours) gets a long sleeve WW organic cotton t-shirt. Normally reserved for F&F – (family and friends) – they are great to wear.If you are one of the many female woodys – you can swap it for the ‘Brooklyn t’ another F&F shirt (thats George Cloonys Lake Como house in the background 🙂

We Have a Winner

Mark McLaughin ID’ed the launch correctly as Hinemoana, built by Sam Ford, Also known as Princess for a short period. B/W photo below also ex Nathan Herbert