Mystery Lidgard Launch

Mystery Lidgard Launch
A question – why are so many mystery launches, Lidgards?
Todays woody is double diagonal kauri with f/glass on outside, and is 26′ in length with a beam of 8’ and draws 2’. The engine is a Ford 60hp diesel. Thanks to Ian McDonald for the tme heads up. WW would like help to uncover more on her past.

Beachaven Mystery Launch

Beachaven Mystery Launch

One of the woodys was mooching around Beachaven in the weekend, must have taken a wrong turn 😉 and spotted the above woody. From the condition of the boat and the cradle set up, I think we could safely assume she has been there a while.

Given the clandestine nature of the woodys visit, I cant ID them, their partner would not be impressed with another woody joining the fleet.

Anyone able to tell us more about the boat?


Whangarei Town Basin – Mystery Launch

Whangarei Town Basin – Mystery Launch

Keith and Heather Nicholson sent in the above photo of an old post card of the Whangarei Town Basin. The photo first appeared on a Mitchell Hutchings fb post. 

In the photo, lower right, we can see a launch hauled out – so todays question is – can we put a name to the boat?

Heather mentioned that their beloved woody – Paea (photo below) was for sale on tme. An amazing classic, the 72’, 1942 ex Harbour Defence Motor Launch (P3552) offers so many boating opportunities.

Can We ID This Woody

Can We ID This Woody

Another photo from the Andrew Donovan collection, I have feeling I may have posted this one b4 but can’t locate it on the WW site ,so maybe not. Each to their own but I do like the design, very salty.
Thoughts on name and builder?

The below made me chuckle 🙂