Can We ID This Woody

Can We ID This Woody

Another photo from the Andrew Donovan collection, I have feeling I may have posted this one b4 but can’t locate it on the WW site ,so maybe not. Each to their own but I do like the design, very salty.
Thoughts on name and builder?

The below made me chuckle 🙂

Mystery Bridgedecker – LADY ELLISON

Mystery Bridgedecker – LADY ELLISON

No name on this old girl but her tme listing (thanks Ian McDonald) tells us she was built by Sam Ford in 1950, measures 36’ x 9’10” x 2’9”.

Built of kauri and powered by a Ford D360 diesel engine, that gets her along at 10 knots max. Other than calling Nelson home, that is about all we know about her. Can anyone put a name to her and tell us about her past?



The story goes that she was designed by Colin Wild and built by John Salthouse. Can anyone tells us more details about this yacht.

Update – photos below ex John Newsham

Mystery Launch – Andy Donovan Collection

Mystery Launch – Any Donovan Collection

Today’s woody is a total unknown, no dates, names, specs etc on the rear of the photo- so hopefully we can ID the boat and uncover some of her past.

After a long 7 weeks – I went boating yesterday, RD forgave me for neglecting her 🙂 A heads up, some serious wood floating around the harbour.

Two Black Holes

Two Black Holes
Many moons ago when I was looking at buying a classic boat, my father-in-law commented “son you already own one black hole, why would you want another”. He was referring to the fact that I owned a 100+ year old wooden house that back then was hoovering up every cent I earned, and in his eyes an old boat would do the same, but quicker. He of course was right and I took his advise and didn’t buy the boat. 

Waited a few years and after he ‘left’ us, I was back in the market 🙂

When I was sent the above photo by Glenn Martin of a house in Beach Haven on Auckland’s North Shore, it reminded me of the vision my F-I-L had of what I was going to inflict on his daughter. 
Anyone know the story behind the boat?