Mystery Launch 08-12-2017



Mystery Launch 08-12-2017

Today’s mystery launch started life as a Coulthard sedan launch, the photos above show her in the mud at Whangarei a couple years ago. The photos came from Nathan Herbert, who commented that while working on Lucinda a while back he met a man who mentioned his family had a long ownership of this boat.

So woodys – can we name her & dig up some history on her past life?

09-12-2017 – More photos ex Jason Prew (name plate photographed from a distance)




Lake Rotoiti Launch – Rescued & Lost?


Lake Rotoiti Launch – Rescued & Lost?

The above photo was sent to me by Greg Noble & would have been taken around 1973/4. Greg found this launch half submerged, just south of the Okiri Falls side of Rotoiti, Rotorua, miles from any houses.

Greg got her floating and towed her to a pull out on the Maori Land between the two lakes. Initially Greg lots of ideas of restoring her but as often happens, never got round to it. While she was there somebody told Greg that she had broken a speed record on Auckland Harbor, this impressed Greg at the time but he can’t recall any of the details now, nor her name.

Sadly, she was left there and Greg has no idea what became of her. The thinking was that at least she was safe & people could see her and admire her and hopefully she would be saved from eventually going under.

So woodys – the big question Greg would like answered is – did she survive & if so what became of her.

Would be cool to also put a name to her & confirm the racing pedigree.

What prompted Greg to send me the above was the Mystery Launch story on 08-11-2017 (link below), what say those with an eye for lines – similar / same ?




Mystery Launch 03-12-2017

Mstery Launch 03:12

Mystery Launch 03-12-2017

Another Nathan Herbert photo, this launch is presented in a very different configuration from when she held various speed records. The first woody to correctly ID her wins a Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Parade 2018 Calendar. NOTE: entries ONLY via the WW Comments section.

No ‘Sailing Sunday’ today – but Mondays story will more than make up for that – don’t forget to check it out.

If you don’t win the calendar, copies are available for $15, a steal – click this link for details on ordering.


West Auckland Barn Find




West Auckland Barn Find

 Morning woodys – I was contacted yesterday by serial classic woody collector / rescuer – Keith Munro, Keith advised that a woody in need of rescuing had been pointed in his direction – but Keith’s toy box is overflowing 🙂 thence contacting me.

The woody needs 2 things – a home & a woody with vision, from the photos she appears to have the makings of a nice looking classic launch.

 Nothing is known about her – no name, builder, dates etc. – her specs are – 32’ long & 5’9” across the ransom. Hopefully a woody reader will be able to shed some light on her.

 The boat could be acquired for not a lot of money, currently located in Kumeu, West Auckland; there is even an offer of free delivery .

From the photos it appears there has been work done on the boat & she comes with all the doors, mast, floorboards, hatches & other sundry, including the cradle.

Open to offers – contact Jeff or Bob on 027 834 5285

Mystery Project Launch

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 12.44.14 pm

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 12.44.59 pm

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 12.44.52 pm

Mystery Project Launch

The above boat has just popped up on trademe, all the listing tells us is that she is 28’ long & made of wood. There is a dismantled Perkins diesel that comes with the boat.

The starting bid is set at $2800 & there is no reserve, so could be a great no-cost project for someone, the location is Levin so maybe of interest to a Lake Rotoiti woody 🙂

Anyone recognize the boat?

(Thanks to Ian McDonald for the listing heads up)

Devonport Yacht Club Very Classic Friendly

Woody Chris Leech sent in the photos below from last weekend at the DYC – (from L>R) Moana, Seafarer, Lady Mary, Castaway – all waiting to splash after some TLC over winter.

Classics @ DYC

Swanson Sedan Launch

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 1.39.01 pm

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 1.39.14 pm

Swanson Sedan Launch

This rather cute 26.24’ sedan launch was designed / built? by Swanson in 1969. She has a 9’10” beam & draws 3’3”, so a rather fat bottomed old girl. Her trademe listing says she has an inboard diesel engine but that’s about all in terms of specs. It does tell us that she comes with a fenders, boat hook & clock 🙂

Picton is her home, any Southern woodys able to shed some light on her?


Mystery Launch   08-11-2017


Mystery Launch   08-11-2017

Long overdue for a good b/w photo & a mystery launch story. The above photo is ex Lew Redwood’s fb page, where Len commented that it was taken in 1916 & that the launch has BJB on the bow.

Using my enlarging capabilities on my computer, I think it actually says BJ6 – if that helps anyone ID the vessel?

Input from Harold Kidd – 

BJB was a 24 footer owned by Fred Brown of Ponsonby. My guess is that “B.J.B.” was his wife’s initials and that she had a previous name too. Haven’t had time to research that….Fred Brown is a hard name to track.
This image was taken at the Ponsonby Cruising Club’s Regatta of March 1916.
In July 1916 Brown sold her to C. Humphrey of the Hokianga and she was “railed up”. Odd that, because the railhead to the north was at Te Hana in 1916 and she might as well have been railed to Helensville. Surely she didn’t negotiate the Kaipara and the Hokianga bars. Both were pretty evil even then.
Any clues on what happened to her on the Hokianga apart from an obvious name-change?