1953 Jorgensen Mystery Launch


Earlier in the year todays classic 30’ woody launch made an appearance on tme. We do not know much about her but she built by Jorgensen in 1953 using carvel kahikatea.

Powered by an 80hp Ford, she has a beam of 7’11” and draws 3’11” – and that is all we know. Given the level of presentation she looks to be a recent recipient of some serious TLC.

If anyone (or her new owner) can update us more on the launch that would be great.

Input ex Geoff Bagnall – Most likely named Sea Princess and used call Milford Creek home.

Mystery Launch 04-06-22

Mystery Launch 04-06-22

I know there is a name (its very short) on the life rings but I can’t read it. But given the very distinctive design of the launch, I’m sure we can ID the boat.

I came from a very old file I had so hopefully I have not posted the image before 🙂

How Well Do You Know The WW Site ? Hopefully on Sunday (if Saturday is a crap weather day) I will do a story on the WW site, I have spoken to several people recently that were unaware of the full functionality of the WW site – so I’m putting together some ‘flying’ instructions.

Mystery Whitford Launch

Mystery Whitford Launch

Todays photograph, taken c.1965 by D.J Shaw comes to us via Lew Redwoods fb. The location is the Turanga Creek, Whitford and the caption states that the bulldozer was cutting through the sandstone bar.

Can we identify the launch – angle of the photo makes it a tad difficult but the two larger cabin windows (TVOne & TV2), are quite distinctive, so fingers crossed they jolt someones memory.

A Woody Quiz

A Woody Quiz 

Haven’t had a quiz in a while so, all correct answers, via email to waitematawoodys@gmail.com go into the draw for one of the new WW summer caps.

Questions below – one correct answer = one chance in the draw – get all three correct = three chances. Tell us what colour cap you would prefer.

1. Name the boat

2. Who owned it at the time

3. Where was it off to with all those tins of fuel aboard


Correct answers were Frangipani / Zane Grey / Off to Tahiti via Rarotonga