Can Anyone ID The Designer Of This Kauri Yacht


WW was recently contacted by Roger Young regarding a yacht he had acquired.
The previous owner and probably the builder is deceased, and Roger is hoping that we may recognize the design.

He found the yacht on a lawn alongside the house of the former owner.
His name is A. E. Tinnock and Roger is reasonably confident that he was the builder.
It has been very well crafted from kauri, strip planked with glass over.

She has a very weighty centre keel with a ballast block of lead. It measures approximately 25cm X  25cm X approx. 2 metres.

Mystery Lidgard Launch

Mystery Lidgard Launch
A question – why are so many mystery launches, Lidgards?
Todays woody is double diagonal kauri with f/glass on outside, and is 26′ in length with a beam of 8’ and draws 2’. The engine is a Ford 60hp diesel. Thanks to Ian McDonald for the tme heads up. WW would like help to uncover more on her past.

Sea Prince


Long overdue for a b/w photo – todays woody is – Sea Prince. The top photo comes to us via Lew Redwood. The ‘coloured’ one was sent to me a longtime ago but I couldn’t ID the boat, which now in my eyes is the same as in the b/w one. The caption on the b/w photo reads M.C. “Sea Prince”, Lake Manapouri, N.Z. and that folks is all we know of this very fine looking launch. Initially looking at the b/w photo and given the lack of obvious safety gear, I assumed she was probably in private ownership. But in the colour photo there’s a fair crowd on-board – maybe health & safety rules didn’t apply on Lake Manapouri 😉

Can anyone help enlighten us around who designed / built her and what became of her.

16-01-2022 Harold Kidd Input – SEA PRINCE was built at Fairlie in 1947 by Jones Motors’ boat building division under S J Guard. She was built for the Wanaka tourist trade as MALIBU. She was a 30 foot hard chine vessel with a Kermath Sea Prince 100hp engine. She was sold in 1956 and renamed (then or perhaps earlier) as SEA PRINCE after her engine. An advertisement for her sale in 1956 calls her “hard chine”. I agree she doesn’t look it. Perhaps the chine was well-guarded (dreadful pun).

16-01-2022 Input from Scott Barnsdale – Sea Prince ended up as a fishing boat at Stewart Island, looking very different to the photos. Unfortunately, she disappeared from her mooring during a severe gale in 1987, never to be seen again.

Mystery Launch (Elizabeth) & Yacht (Niobe)

Mystery Launch (Elizabeth) & Yacht (Niobe)

Woody Murray Deeble sent in the above photo of a woody launch loitering around over the xmas /ny break. Murray commented that she maybe named Elizabeth, it drew a blank with me (a common occurrence these days), can anyone ID the launch and tell us more about her?

Help Needed From The Rag & Stick Brigade 

WW was recently contacted by Travers Reynolds who had recently inherited the old original photograph below, taken by FG Radcliffe circa early 1900s possibly near the Whangarei heads. Travers is keen to know if anyone can identify the boat.

UPDATE The launch is called Elizabeth and ‘lives’ a pole mooring at Te AtatuThe yacht is named named Niobe, well spotted Harold Kidd. And confirmed by Janet Watkins, with the following comment – “Yes it is Niobe, taken from near Manganese Point early 1900’s when she was owned by my Grand father A.R. Pickmere. He sold her in 1906 when he took delivery of the launch Kiakoa built for him by Bailey & Lowe.”