Manaia – A Peek Down Below

MANAIA – A Peek Down Below

Manaia has made several appearance on WW, link below the backgrounds her early days . She was designed by Alex Collings and built in 1965 by Percy Vos. Now thanks to a nudge from Alan Sexton and tme – we get to see the results of some of the recent work on her. She is looking very smart for an ex Harbour Board Pilot boat 🙂

Currently offered for sale but you’ll need a 25m marina. Contact

Previous WW story link below

5 thoughts on “Manaia – A Peek Down Below

  1. Manaia was owned for a number of years by the late Robin (Rob) McKenzie. His family would be able to provide many stories of the work done on her and her escapades including a trip to Tonga.


  2. Im looking intently at her chine aft and am wondering if Alex Collings copied that from Athol Burns who was designing a smaller fast workboat for WHB that had a noticeable downturn aft.
    There was a designer’s model that Athol did (he did that sometimes) available on TradeMe years back and I missed out on it sadly. It had a very similar shape aft to seriously discourage squatting. Maybe Christine Webster (Athol’s niece) might pick up on this for us.

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