Waimana – AK77

You have to love the upfront honesty of someone trying to sell their boat when they open with this line – “Waimana is not a gin palace but a public bar, so a bit rough around the edges, so she needs a bit of TLC”. That line gets them a plug on WW 🙂

She was built by the Percy Vos yard out of 1.5” kauri planks over double hardwood frames for Sandfords in the 1940’s and converted to a live aboard pleasure vessel in the1980’s. Length is 55’ and her weight is roughly 35 ton. She has two forward cabins and a side berth sleeping 6 in comfort with a further 4 berths in the saloon. Powered by a 6L3B Gardner diesel using 5-8 litres per hour and 7 knots @ 700rpm on a 3/1 reduction box with a 40+” prop.

A quick search in Baden Pascoe’s excellent book – ‘Launching Dreams – Percy Vos, The Boats & His Boys’, tells us she was 51’ and built in the 1941>43 period for Waitemata Fisheries. Built of single skin on sawn frames and while under construction the US Army requisitioned her in Oct 1942 but later cancelled the requisition. Waimana was completed in 1943 and fished out of Auckland and Onehunga into the 1970’s.

Any of the work-boat crew able to tell us more about the boat?

Looking For Some Woody Boat Parts

One of the WW readers is having a tidy up and the items below are excess to needs – xxx would prefer one clean sale, but who knows……. Contact Al on 027 200 0057

Woody Hydroplane


Today’s photo is a kosher woody – built from kauri planks, she measures 16’x7’, flat bottomed, and powered by a 4 cyl. Cirrus-Hermes aero petrol engine. She had a top speed of 45mph, consuming 4 gallons per hour. I suspect after one hour you would have been deaf for the rest of the day. And woodys – she was built by one of our boating building royalty – none other than – Percy Vos. (photo ex Andrew Donovan collection)

SEA SPRAY MAGAZINE – Volume 1 – No.1 December 1945

I was ‘flicking’ thru my much treasured copy of the above (thank you Dave Giddens) and my eye stopped on page 23, titled ‘Jottings Of The Month’ which talked about the decommissioning of Auckland’s yachting fleet that had been laid up during WWII.

Page reproduced below – mentioned are – Ariki, Tawera, Little Jim, Rainbow, Tamatea,Ranger, Iorangi, Ngatoa, Prise, Rawene and Aramoana.
Also covered in the article is the sad loss of life of the skipper (W. E. Lawrence) of the 1913, Les Coulthard built 22′ launch – Minx. Lawrence drowned in Patiki Bay, Waiheke Island trying to retrieve Minx’s tender that had come adrift while at anchor. See & read more on Minx here https://waitematawoodys.com/2016/06/27/minx/

Manaia – A Peek Down Below

MANAIA – A Peek Down Below

Manaia has made several appearance on WW, link below the backgrounds her early days . She was designed by Alex Collings and built in 1965 by Percy Vos. Now thanks to a nudge from Alan Sexton and tme – we get to see the results of some of the recent work on her. She is looking very smart for an ex Harbour Board Pilot boat 🙂

Currently offered for sale but you’ll need a 25m marina. Contact waitematawoodys@gmail.com

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Hukarere – P Vos


Hukarere 1009


Hukarere 2010

The above photo of the 1936 Percy Vos built 40’ launch – Hukarere was sent to me by Baden Pascoe. Baden recently uncovered a letter he received back in December 2018 from a Mrs McCormack, the daughter of Stephen Menzies, the original owner of Hukarere. Mrs McCormack wrote the letter following reading Baden’s book ‘Launching Dreams – Percy Vos – The Boats & His Boys’ . The letter provides a time line of what happened to the boat during and after her fathers ownership.
Sadly she mentions in the letter that all her notes and photos of Hukarere where given to the Auckland Maritime Museum – the biggest black hole in the land. It would be safe to assume they will never see that light of day again – most likely in a land fill somewhere……….. 😦
Interested to her from anyone that can confirm, and contribute more to the story – in particular photos.
Input from Dave Stanaway -photo below of Hukarere when involved in the Auckland harbour bridge construction