The answer to the above question is – YACHTS ONLY IN HERITAGE BASIN

This was confirmed at last nights Classic Yacht Association AGM.

At the 2021 AGM Chad Thomson told the meeting in regard to the new Heritage Basin marina – “the intention was to have NZ designed yachts and launches that fitted the dimensional requirements included”

Well in the last 12 months that has now changed to yachts only, that fit a very tight brief – and we are told that this request came from Panuku and the Maritime Museum – yeah right. 

 So if you own a classic launch, classic cruising yacht, B Class classic yacht or a classic work boat – you are effectively a second class citizen i.e. not accorded a fair share of respect, recognition, or consideration. 

Welcome to the new classic YACHT association 


HEADS-UP CLASSIC LAUNCH, WORK BOAT & CRUISING YACHT OWNERS (shared with the entire WW community as it should be of interest to all)

Next Tuesday (2nd August) the Classic Yacht Association of NZ will hold its 2022 AGM – 7pm @ RNZYS

On the meeting agenda the only item under general business is ‘Report on the status of the expanded classic vessel marina / dock’, while on face value this might be seen as a positive sign – it will not be – let me give my view of the probable gist of the  report.

1. Given the agenda item is after the election of a new committee – the previous committee will have already pushed flush on this e.g. ‘’it will be up to the incoming committee to…….”

2. The report should be dubbed the toffee apple report i.e. it will have layers of sugar coating on / around it

3. The report will be a test of the genuiness (I made that word up as I need to be careful what I say) of the situation i.e. what’s not said rather than what is. 

4. There will be mention around everything still in negotiations etc etc but the reality is that a small group of CYA members have been working on a new waterfront marina for the exclusive, long term use of classic yachts i.e. primarily A Class, ideally gaff rigged. This goes against what has been ’shared’ with the other stake holders (Panuku and Maritime Museum) – fyi one of positives of living in an open society is that almost anything tabled in / around the Auckland Council can be viewed – below is taken from a report published in a late 2021. 

5. The new Heritage Basin discussion will be verbally rolled into an umbrella waterfront discussion – that we will be told will cover all classic vessels – I’m only interested in the Heritage Basin area – what should be New Zealand’s waterfront home  of our vibrant , traditional classic wooden boating movement. The real loser in all this is the New Zealand public who will miss the opportunity to experience our classic boating heritage. Instead they will see a classic yacht ‘car’ park.


SIDE ISSUE – I believe there won’t even be a need to vote on the election of a new committee – there are only enough people standing to fill the available positions. A little sad that the role/s have so little appeal. Personally I think it Is actually a strategy to keep the fiefdom functioning.

RELAX – There is always a woody story

Today’s woody is Delmar, that when I first got involved in the classic boating movement was very much on the scene and participated in some of launch events.

While mooching around East Tamaki last week I spotted Delmar fresh from a visit to the beauty parlour – looking very smart.

Can anyone give us an update on Delmar.

Mystery Launch + An Answer From the CYA To The Question We Have Been Asking For…..

Todays woody is still drifting around the Waitemata but we do not see enough of her these days. The photo comes to us from the Andrew Donovan collection.

Should not be too hard to ID, hopefully Nathan Herbert will sleep in today……… 
The big story today is below 🙂

In response to Thursdays call out on this site – to the CYA chairperson, Rachel Orr, the CYA have now made public the classic vessel selection criteria for Auckland’s new 40 berth Heritage Basin marina. The short answer – it will be the same as what applies to the CYA’s existing Silo Park (Heritage Landing) 14 berth marina. Summarized below: (copies of correspondence below)
A balanced display from all categories of vessels

 • All of the vessels (yachts, launches and workboats)…..

Launched before 1950

The Back Story

In response to dock talk and admissions suggesting that launches and workboats would be excluded from the new marina, I asked for clarification at the AGM that all CYA vessels were eligible for inclusion (this wasn’t supplied) and then we requested via subsequent requests -online, email and in person (again wasn’t supplied).

The response from the CYA chairperson was a posting on the CYA website that directed people to a copy of the (many times edited) report (only spoken to on the night by Chad Thompson) that again made no mention of what vessels would be eligible for inclusion at Heritage Basin.

It now appears that a decision has been made to publish what the selection criteria will be. BUT the only people advised of this (refer A below) are those woodys that followed my lead and wrote to the CYA Chairperson on Thursday asking for clarification. 
Given the significance of this turn around – it seemed only appropriate to share this information with the wider classic boating community.


Heritage Basin – Yachts only or a showcase for our classic fleet.

Most of you are now aware that there could be something fishy (smelly) going on behind the scenes in terms of the negotiations concerning what classic CYA vessels can (or will be invited) to berth at the new Heritage Basin on Auckland’s Waterfront.

The link (below) to the original WW story has been clicked on 27,538 times – + we have had dozens of emails and calls of support – and only 2 negative comments.


The Classic Yacht Association is at a cross road and the decision the executive committee and its sub-committee, who are currently negotiating on behalf of (supposedly) all members will determine the future of the CYA. The wrong decision i.e. one of segregation, could propel the CYA back 12 years to when there were two clear fractions – sail and power, and both pursued their on path. 

Strong action is needed to gain the attention of the CYA executive committee –  so woodys I ask you to consider two options. 

(A) Email the CYA Chairperson  – Rachel Orr – and ask this question “ Hello, Will access to the new Heritage Basin marina be open to all CYA registered boats, yes or no?” email address      chair@classicyacht.org.nz

(B) If you are a member of the CYA, in the last 24hrs you will have received your annual subscription renewal email – consider holding off payment until as members we receive confirmation that when and if the new Heritage Basin marina goes ahead – all CYA registered vessels will be eligible to apply for access and while there will be standards and contractual terms to be met, these should be based on the likes of standard of presentation, not by method of propulsion or length or age.

Thank you for reading today’s post, I’m sorry there is no boat story – I’ll make it up 🙂

Remember – it is all about the boats, not the people.
Ps – there is some urgency to this story, due to the Covid lock-down the next CYA Executive Committee meeting could be differed (scheduled for 7-09-2021) and that might just be too late………………..

UPDATE 16-08-2022

BIGOTRY – ALIVE & KICKING AT THE NZ CLASSIC YACHT ASSOCIATION If you’re a CYA member, you probably like me received a membership invoice over the weekend. Even if your are not a member and you have a passion for classic wooden boats, you also need to read this.
By now some of you will be bored to death with my crusade to get equal status for all CYA members, regardless of what type of classic vessel you own. The CYA had a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a world class waterfront display of New Zealand traditional wooden vessels on the waterfront – to be known as the Heritage Basin. Sadly depending on who you believe either one of the two things below has happened:

1. The CYA committee let Panuku dictate that only yachts were to be berthed in the new marina – if this is the case someone needs to ask Panuku why they have such a narrow view of NZ’s maritime heritage.

2. If the above is incorrect, then a small group of narrow minded individuals are acting on behalf of approx. 5% of CYA members. – how can this be?

At last months AGM, the out going chairperson – Rachel Orr said the following about the vessel selection:
“We won’t fulfil the needs and desires of all our members. Not all vessels will be able to be there, but really as an association we never promised that to you. We are just an association of members and sometimes we do have to look after your premium vessels” Well woodys there it is – proof that the CYA doesn’t treat all members the same and if your vessels deemed ‘premium’ you could receive substantial preferential treatment.
Also at the AGM Chad Thomson told the meeting that “there was always an intention to have launches accommodated else where” i.e. at Hobson Wharf, sorry Mr Thompson, at the 2021 AGM you told the meeting in regard to the new Heritage Basin marina – “the intention was to have NZ designed yachts and launches that fitted the dimensional requirements included”.

The reality is if you own a classic – launch, cruising yacht or work boat,  the majority of your membership fees are used against classic YACHT racing for a very small number of CYA members. 
Where do I sit – post the AGM I’m just tired of banging against a closed door. The NZ classic YACHT association can do what ever it likes, but if you think as a classic – launch, cruising yacht or work boat owner that they have your interests at heart – read Rachel Orr’s comments again.

The first question of the day is  – does the incoming CYA committee have the motivation and ability to address the historical neglect that launch, cruising yacht, work boat and non boat owner members have received or will they continue to overlook the wants and needs of approx. 80% of the membership? 

The second question of the day is – is there a desire, a passion – to be an inclusive classic boating group where all members are treated as equals in terms of opportunities to participate and funds spent or is the reality that there isn’t the resource (people) and/or funds to achieve this.
Going forward there is a world-wide shift to classic boat ownership and usage – the big growth in numbers is in motor vessels and cruising yachts – we have already seen it here. So is the CYA equipped to capitalise on this, or will it become an association that organises yacht races for classic sailing yachts, mostly owned by trusts? Eg OGA – the UK based Old Gaff Association – whose mission statement is “to promote the use of the Gaff rig.
All food for thought – how the new CYA committee navigate the next 12 months will ultimately determine its destiny. 

Disappointing Classic Boating News

On the topic of the Classic Yacht Association’s new 40 berth Heritage Basin marina,12 days have passed and all we see is a CYA email > website link to a presentation that we are told was presented at the AGM, from my recall a lot of what is in this ‘just released’ written presentation was not mentioned on the night, in what could best have been described as verbal chat.
The Chair of the CYA states ‘Just to reiterate – nothing is confirmed, it is still being negotiated’. We get that, thank you – but there is still no clarification or confirmation of what the CYA general committee > sub-committee is negotiating on behalf of CYA members and their classic vessels. So could someone answer this simple question below –


Read the back story here https://waitematawoodys.com/2021/08/04/why-you-should-hold-off-paying-your-classic-yacht-association-subscription/


As you read this, 18 classic woody launch owners will be waking up berthed alongside the dock at the Clevedon Cruising Club after a BBQ ashore at the clubhouse on Saturday night. Hopefully on departure the skippers will be better behaved than the yachts in the above photo. Check out WW tomorrow for a full trip report and photos 🙂

Busy Morning at Milford

Busy Morning At The Slipway Milford

  1. Final prep to Eileen Patricia for a relaunch this weekend (photo below)
  2. The very regal Brooke family launch – Linda, was eased out of the shed after nearly 2 months of serious TLC, most at the hands of grand daughter Grace and partner Calvin. Fantastic to see 3 generations helping with the relaunch. Robert Brooke commented to me the other day that Linda has never looked so good – thats high praise from Robert. Also nice to see Robert back on the tools, my lips are sealed as to why his services were called upon :-)I caught up with son Russell and he was full of praise for both the standard of workmanship and facilities at the Slipway Milford, the project was split between the family and the Slipways Cam and Jason delivering another showroom the paint job + a few engineering odd jobs. Russell was also like Robert, over the moon with the kids (his word) diligence on the project. The future of the classic wooden boating movement is looking very rosy when you see two early twenty year old piloting Linda down the Milford Creek on their own.
  3. As soon as Linda had slashed, the Slipway boys were hauling Nathan Herbert’s launch – Pacific, out for her turn in the shed – photo/video below.

Mystery Launch 10-08-21

Today’s photo comes to use via the Andrew Donovan collection, I’m sure a lot of you will recognise the launch, but my grey matter is fried after reviewing and filing 50,000+ photos since starting WW 🙂

Getting a little tired of posting the CYA Tui billboard below – hopefully we will not have to wait until the next committee meeting (Sept 7th) to get some clarification on the committees stance re the vessel eligibility policy for the new 40 berth Heritage Basin……………………..

READ MORE https://waitematawoodys.com/2021/08/04/why-you-should-hold-off-paying-your-classic-yacht-association-subscription/



I apologise to the non CYA member readers – but read on, this effects all classic wooden boat enthusiasts.

 Last night was the NZ Classic Yacht Association AGM, I tabled in advance the following agenda item – “a request for a report on the status of the expanded CYA classic vessel ‘marina / dock’ that is planned for the Auckland Viaduct basin area”

What I hoped to hear was the CYA were developing a new permanent marina for upwards of 40 classic wooden boats that will be the permanent home of classic boating, showcasing to the Auckland public and tourists the CYA’s diverse classic wooden boat fleet. 

I was disappointed with the reply and walked away seriously concerned that this new marina was only targeting “large, gaff rigged yachts, built pre WW II, NZ designed and built, and presented in display condition”. I asked how this ‘selection criteria’ met the CYA’s constitutional description of eligible CYA vessels e.g. ‘New Zealand or foreign designed yachts, launches, dinghies, boats, vessels of all sizes, description, ages, whether powered by wind, steam, combustion or otherwise’. The answer was there could be exceptions, when asked if launches would be allocated equal space alongside yachts, there was no lucid answer.

Well woodys it is just all too loose and I raise this topic because over the last 10+ years a lot of good people have worked very hard to make the CYA a more inclusive, welcoming place for all people with a passion and interest in the classic boating movement, regardless of whether you own a classic yacht, launch or even a dinghy. This development convenes our constitution and introduces segregation into our association, and most importantly denies the public the opportunity to experience the true breadth of the New Zealand classic boating movement. This new marina should be the front window for everything that the CYA has worked towards these last 25 years, not just a classic racing yacht marina.

So my question today is –  are you comfortable with this policy of segregation? Personally, I think it has a bad smell to it and have a suggestion – how about holding back renewing your 2021/22 membership subscription until this policy is reviewed by the new / incoming 2021/22 committee – I will be

 Now if I sound a little loose on details and hazier than normal, that is because ‘commercial’ sensitivities limit what can be said in a public arena.