Mystery Launch + An Answer From the CYA To The Question We Have Been Asking For…..

Todays woody is still drifting around the Waitemata but we do not see enough of her these days. The photo comes to us from the Andrew Donovan collection.

Should not be too hard to ID, hopefully Nathan Herbert will sleep in today……… 
The big story today is below 🙂

In response to Thursdays call out on this site – to the CYA chairperson, Rachel Orr, the CYA have now made public the classic vessel selection criteria for Auckland’s new 40 berth Heritage Basin marina. The short answer – it will be the same as what applies to the CYA’s existing Silo Park (Heritage Landing) 14 berth marina. Summarized below: (copies of correspondence below)
A balanced display from all categories of vessels

 • All of the vessels (yachts, launches and workboats)…..

Launched before 1950

The Back Story

In response to dock talk and admissions suggesting that launches and workboats would be excluded from the new marina, I asked for clarification at the AGM that all CYA vessels were eligible for inclusion (this wasn’t supplied) and then we requested via subsequent requests -online, email and in person (again wasn’t supplied).

The response from the CYA chairperson was a posting on the CYA website that directed people to a copy of the (many times edited) report (only spoken to on the night by Chad Thompson) that again made no mention of what vessels would be eligible for inclusion at Heritage Basin.

It now appears that a decision has been made to publish what the selection criteria will be. BUT the only people advised of this (refer A below) are those woodys that followed my lead and wrote to the CYA Chairperson on Thursday asking for clarification. 
Given the significance of this turn around – it seemed only appropriate to share this information with the wider classic boating community.


8 thoughts on “Mystery Launch + An Answer From the CYA To The Question We Have Been Asking For…..

  1. Thanks for throwing me under the Bus Robin, I normally wouldn’t bother replying but this is a pet issue of mine.

    I’d love to say I know the significance of 1950, but I really don’t. I assume it’s as arbitrary as the separation of Vintage Boats versus Veteran Boats. I can’t explain that delineation either.

    The “only NZ design” criteria for the basin/landing is a greatly flawed argument in my opinion. You only have to read Harold Kidd’s latest article in Boating NZ to see the influence of overseas design on the Locals. Jack Brookes’ design of Gleam and Judith for example are greatly influenced by W. Starling Burgess. Another glaring example would be Ranger, one of our most influential yachts. The design is attributed to Lou Tercel but if you look up the Bacchante Design by Knudd Reimers, it looks to be an almost direct copy.

    There’s a number of boats blatantly stolen from Rudder Magazine, or the desks of overseas designers. William Hand Jnr being a prime example, he designed the excellent “Thetis”, from Dunedin 1929. My own Vessel “My Girl” 1925 is attributed to Hand. I can name dozens off the top of my head in similar situations, consequently i think the NZ designed section is a total farse, leaving the local Baileys and Logans being the obvious candidates.

    This is also a wee bit contentious with boats like the Logan Bros. first boat “Gloriana” being a fairly obvious copy of Herreschoff’s “Gloriana” The Logans and Baileys also followed the overseas trends of the time, note the transition from clipper to transitional to spoon bowed boats mirrored here.

    How to we class Immigrant designers like LeHuquets with their class leading designs of Launches and Yachts? NZ or overseas?

    I think it’s a bridge too far. I can live with NZ Built, but NZ designed? Is there really such a thing in our early boats. It’s a steamer (sorry Russell Ward). Apologies for the huge post…..



  2. I see that jason prew comments on here – maybe he could tell us what the significance of the 1950 year is in terms of built before ?

    Also if overseas designed and built classic boats are accepted for cya membership / register, why arent they allowed berths? Double standard……

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  3. What about the Modern classic fleet yachts and Launches after 1950? Why belong to an association that doesn’t promote them or recognise. The love of wooden vessels moving thru the water!
    American and English designed but NZ built or not, Over seas designers had a huge influence on NZ design and building. That’s history! These monkeys haven’t a clue on who Herreshoff, Starling Burgess as an example are.
    Certainly a good standard of boat required!
    The sub committee will say oh it’s Panuku dictating the criteria. Yeah right

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  4. Best news in a long time – well done. Someone needed to knock some sense into those crusty old fools that believe they are doing what’s best for classic boats – bullshit – its what’s best for them and their sailing cronies. Some of whom have had their yachts berthed at that heritage landing for 5>8 years, paying next to nothing. I say move aside and let others have a turn

    A challenge to the launch owners on this cya committee – ask how much of the subs paid by all cya members get spent on organising and running yacht races for these plonkers?
    And people – I’m an ex yachtie , never owned a sink-pot in my life but love loking at them


  5. Interesting that the admission criteria for Heritage Landing has been reworded on the quiet to be more palatable.

    Well done Alan, and those who voiced their opinion against a clear attempt to exclude a vast portion of the CYA.


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