The answer to the above question is – YACHTS ONLY IN HERITAGE BASIN

This was confirmed at last nights Classic Yacht Association AGM.

At the 2021 AGM Chad Thomson told the meeting in regard to the new Heritage Basin marina – “the intention was to have NZ designed yachts and launches that fitted the dimensional requirements included”

Well in the last 12 months that has now changed to yachts only, that fit a very tight brief – and we are told that this request came from Panuku and the Maritime Museum – yeah right. 

 So if you own a classic launch, classic cruising yacht, B Class classic yacht or a classic work boat – you are effectively a second class citizen i.e. not accorded a fair share of respect, recognition, or consideration. 

Welcome to the new classic YACHT association 

17 thoughts on “A YACHT CLUB AGM

  1. The time is well overdue for a breakaway organisation – “wooden power boats” or “waitematawoodys” would be my choice – the ww is a very strong brand, thanks to this blog.

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  2. Is Willie Jackson chair!!??
    What more common on a yacht or launch.
    When sitting on the windward side of a clump of bricks and the anchor starts to drag. ” ” Start the motor boys””.
    Rum bum and bakkie brigade. No surprises there

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  3. Pacific can enter in tug race on anniversary day 2023 ?
    Chuck a few Dunlop 215 70 x 14,s over the beltings and she will fit in nicely.
    Workboat owners arnt as highly strung as some other wytematter harbour users.


  4. Oh come on Captain H, have we not seen you with sails on the Pacifics rig 🤣 In fact they may be visible on the CYA homepage along with a rum soaked couple in a beautiful dinghy


  5. Pacific is on a marina berth elsewhere so I’m not particularly strained by exclusion; nor am I aggrieved for ‘pure of intention’ launch owners who might do well to look upon their low attendance records over the last 8 years of variously interesting events offered.

    Launches and many yachts are separate in their cohesion, due to yacht owners generally having a shared interest in the human condition of competitiveness. and launchies being merely boaties who have chosen a comfortable and sometimes attractive platform on which to drink, swim and fish. As a launch owner I have found it difficult no matter my rate of attendance to make friends on the water. The friendships and hopeful future cruising buddies have come from being a regular at my local maintenance yard and from offering unsolicited advice to old boats which haul out The Slipway, Milford.

    If I were keen to show Pacific off at Heritage Basin, surely vessels like her are as worthy if not more so than the play things of wealthy men in 1900? She is in pristine condition, varnish and all. She is substantially unchanged since her days of towing cattle barges at Tiritiri Matangi, and her main saloon furniture and bunks are still removable to form a large hold which wool bales, melons and pumpkins were taken to the Ferry Building from Whangaparaoa to sell. She acted as public ambulance to town in those isolated days as the trip across the gulf was smoother than the bumpy mud tracks along the ‘Peninsula.

    But a large sailing play-thing is more worthy because it has long, slender lines and children will be able to point and identify it as a yott.


  6. Message to John Gorter. Last year I was on the committee and when we had a 5 to 4 vote the 5 were ruled out of order by the chairperson in a very undemocratic decision. Your idea is sound but you need to be the Chair, not JUST a majority on committee. AH you can add my name to the list of CYA members NOT renewing membership in 2022. Time for an official alternative to the apartheid that is the CYA.

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  7. I like a lot of classic boaties I talk to believe in the idea of a NZ Classic Yacht (Boat) Association but it’s long overdue for a rebirth. It would appear that people have no faith in the ability or more importantly the desire of the executive to be anything other than the status-quo. Maybe if they lost the sub revenue from launch owners, that would wake them up.
    The change of chairperson is very positive but I fear when we learn the identity of the incoming group, the next year will be dubbed THE DARK AGES

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  8. Instead of endlessly whinging and undermining the cya from the sidelines why don’t some of you guys join the committee and do something about it!

    I’ll pass on that – been there, done that – 6 years on the committee, 2 as Launch Captain – one of a tight group that built the launch membership to equal the yacht numbers.
    The sad reality is thru poor leadership the committee has been cajoled by a small fraction with a narrow view of the NZ classic wooden boating movement. For anything to change there needs to be buy in from the total committee on the importance of the launch group being equal in terms of focus and budget), visibility (equal weighting in all channels and activities), communications (keeping people informed and indirectly reminding them they are getting value for money for their membership sub)

    To use an old saying – they are standing on very thin ice. Alan H


  9. If only there was another organisation that ran Classic Launch related events we could all turn up to. Oh wait!! Time to legitimise WW as a CYA Competitor. No way I’m going to keep paying subs to an organisation that rates you worth something less than a handlebar moustache.

    Charles – there are lots of classic launch events , not connected to the CYA- several years ago several of us started organising ‘excuses’ to use our boats and meet like minded people – see below the calendar for the summer of 2022>23 . Alan H

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  10. Point of order, the CYA is not a yacht club, it is an association, and affords none of the benefits and rights of a Yachting NZ affiliated yacht club.


  11. Oh, come on guys. Lets look at the positives… They will still be able to use your subscription money which you give them to support their activities. Plus they will always be able to use a willing launch owner to be on the start/finish line with a cap gun for their races. So chin up old sport, all’s not lost. 😃

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  12. I guess the result lies in the very name of the association. I think the best way of effecting change is to vote with one’s feet
    Association relies on members and subscriptions, I will no longer continue being a member

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