The answer to the above question is – YACHTS ONLY IN HERITAGE BASIN

This was confirmed at last nights Classic Yacht Association AGM.

At the 2021 AGM Chad Thomson told the meeting in regard to the new Heritage Basin marina – “the intention was to have NZ designed yachts and launches that fitted the dimensional requirements included”

Well in the last 12 months that has now changed to yachts only, that fit a very tight brief – and we are told that this request came from Panuku and the Maritime Museum – yeah right. 

 So if you own a classic launch, classic cruising yacht, B Class classic yacht or a classic work boat – you are effectively a second class citizen i.e. not accorded a fair share of respect, recognition, or consideration. 

Welcome to the new classic YACHT association 

Lady Bev + CYA Heritage Basin Marina Poll Results Revisited


During the week I was up Warkworth way and did a fleeting visit to the Sandspit Yacht Club yard. As always lots of activity happening but one boat that took my eye was – Lady Bev.

I know very little about her other than in November 2018 she joined us on one of the Woody trips up to the Riverhead Tavern (on the water photo above).

Hopefully we can learn more about Lady Bev.

INPUT ex Nathan Herbert & ‘tao38’ – Lady Bev was built in 1957 by Dave Jackson for his father. Later extended by 4′.


Back in Dec 2021 we ran a poll across the WW readers asking whether they supported access to the new Heritage Basin marina area being open to all CYA classic vessels or just pre-selected yachts. At the time 85% of people voted for all classic vessels e.g. yachts of all sizes and ages, work boats, launches. I suspect at Tuesday nights CYA AGM we will learn that the grey headed ones have paid no attention to what the classic boating movement wants and are continuing to pursue the Heritage Basin marina to be a yacht only area.


HEADS-UP CLASSIC LAUNCH, WORK BOAT & CRUISING YACHT OWNERS (shared with the entire WW community as it should be of interest to all)

Next Tuesday (2nd August) the Classic Yacht Association of NZ will hold its 2022 AGM – 7pm @ RNZYS

On the meeting agenda the only item under general business is ‘Report on the status of the expanded classic vessel marina / dock’, while on face value this might be seen as a positive sign – it will not be – let me give my view of the probable gist of the  report.

1. Given the agenda item is after the election of a new committee – the previous committee will have already pushed flush on this e.g. ‘’it will be up to the incoming committee to…….”

2. The report should be dubbed the toffee apple report i.e. it will have layers of sugar coating on / around it

3. The report will be a test of the genuiness (I made that word up as I need to be careful what I say) of the situation i.e. what’s not said rather than what is. 

4. There will be mention around everything still in negotiations etc etc but the reality is that a small group of CYA members have been working on a new waterfront marina for the exclusive, long term use of classic yachts i.e. primarily A Class, ideally gaff rigged. This goes against what has been ’shared’ with the other stake holders (Panuku and Maritime Museum) – fyi one of positives of living in an open society is that almost anything tabled in / around the Auckland Council can be viewed – below is taken from a report published in a late 2021. 

5. The new Heritage Basin discussion will be verbally rolled into an umbrella waterfront discussion – that we will be told will cover all classic vessels – I’m only interested in the Heritage Basin area – what should be New Zealand’s waterfront home  of our vibrant , traditional classic wooden boating movement. The real loser in all this is the New Zealand public who will miss the opportunity to experience our classic boating heritage. Instead they will see a classic yacht ‘car’ park.


SIDE ISSUE – I believe there won’t even be a need to vote on the election of a new committee – there are only enough people standing to fill the available positions. A little sad that the role/s have so little appeal. Personally I think it Is actually a strategy to keep the fiefdom functioning.

RELAX – There is always a woody story

Today’s woody is Delmar, that when I first got involved in the classic boating movement was very much on the scene and participated in some of launch events.

While mooching around East Tamaki last week I spotted Delmar fresh from a visit to the beauty parlour – looking very smart.

Can anyone give us an update on Delmar.

Shame On You – Auckland Council and Auckland Maritime Museum

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 1.20.30 PM

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 1.20.42 PM

Shame On You – Auckland Council and Auckland Maritime Museum

 The management vandals at the Maritime Museum and Auckland Council  are scrapping the 1926 Steam Crane Ship Rapaki.  Chris McMullen advises that she will be towed to Titan Slipway today. This is very sad as John Street and Chris arranged to procure her from the Lyttleton Port Company.
She has been neglected for years. Rodney Wilson had great plans for her then sadly left. 
It’s been commented to me in the past that most museums are run by academics often as a career not an interest. They don’t encourage volunteers fearing their ignorance and lack of experience will be exposed.  
You have to ask the question – has this been brought ahead by the Americas cup fever? 
Whats next? boat registration before the next Cup? Boating is the last Bastion of freedom. We have lived through the best times. 
Rapaki’s  demise has been kept from the press. But this was posted on the Net in November. 
There has been no public consultation, No Public Notices or call for expressions of interest.