Woody Mooching Around Mana Marina



Dean Wright was recently reviewing his extensive photo library (he is a professional photographer) and found a file labelled ‘Mana Marina’ and sent it off to me asking if he had already sent it to me 🙂 my answer was no, so today we get to enjoy Deanand his camera mooching around Mana marina, Porirua, Wellington.

The photos we taken last year, no doubt at the start / end of one of his southern cruises.
The windy city woodys are not afraid to splash a bit of colour around when painting their boats 🙂
ps each to their own opinion – but I do like the lines of Ajax.



Today’s photos of Manuiti come to us from Malcolm Campbell.
Manuiti was owned by his uncle, Colin Jenkins, son of Lestock Jenkins (owner of Mahino, see Tuesdays WW story) ) one of Malcolm’s mothers brother’s.
Colin had Manuiti moored in the Clevedon River. Malcolm believes he had a Fordson engine.
The photos were given to Malcolm by his uncle, Colin, taken when he owned Manuiti.
Anyone know what became of the launch and who designed / built her?
Input from Harold Kidd – There are/were several MANU-ITIs. I think it was this one that was on TradeMe in 2010 as a 36ft bridgedecker built “by Lanes in 1920″….ummm maybe?
Another MANU-ITI, possibly the same boat, was owned by C.E. Stewart in 1941-43 with a 50hp Lycoming. Another was owned by G.D. Matthews of Devonport in 1957….and so on.



In typical WW style we go from yesterdays story on Eileen Patrica with over 50 photos and the biggest viewing numbers in the last 6 weeks (strange fact – France was #1 overseas viewing country – never had that b4???) to todays story with 2 b/w photos 🙂

The launch above is Mahino and according to Malcolm Campbell who contacted me, she was built by Bailey & Lowe. When she was built is unknown but her specs are length – 28’6”, beam – 6’6” and draws 18”.

Malcolm’s grand father on his mothers side, Lestock Jenkins – brought the Mahino from a Bill Hamilton c.1919 at Waihi and used her on the Tauranga Harbour, Tanners Pt. & Kauri Pt. area. 
Mahino was taken by truck trailer to the Manukau Harbour in 1936, during the war years she was kept in a creek and in 1947 Lestock sold her to a new owner on the Auckland Harbour.
Mahino was powered by a Rugby engine.
Malcom is very keen to discover what became of Mahino, fingers crossed we can help him out.
Harold Kidd Input – Sounds like ORINI built by Bailey & Lowe in 1907 and sold to Matata and renamed after the NZ Hospital Ship MAHENO.

Tua Tai



Tua Tai

I was trolling thru my WW archives and the above woody popped up, sent to me by Luke van Vliet back in Jan 2019. At the time the launch was for sale on Trademe and Luke was an ‘interested’ party.

Don’t know if Luke went ahead and bought the launch……… but at the time he commented “she is located in whangarei Heads, up north and is 32’ in length. All I know is that she has been owned by the current owners for the past 20 years, I was told she was named Too Tai but I could be wrong”
Do we know anything about this woody?

Mystery Launch 20-04-2019



MYSTERY LAUNCH – 20-04-2019

Hobsonville Marina (West Park in drag) woody John Wicks sent in the above photos of a nice looking, salty little launch currently on the hard at the marina. John commented that there was no name visible  and nobody working on her while he was there.

John’s comment re nice looking was in reference to the hull; the superstructure can only be described as functional. As can be seen in the stern view, she has a large fairlead of some sort mounted on the middle of her taffrail. Towing? Scallop dredging?
Hopefully one of the woodys will know her and what she does.
Make sure you log in to WW on Monday – great story / photos on the evolution of the 1912 Harvey & Lang launch – Silens
Stunning day yesterday, the sunset at Rakino was Fiji standard 👌

Westport Work Boat Wednesday


Westport Work Boat Wednesday

Todays photos come to us from Andrew Hewitt and were taken in December 2018.
A nice collection, including a few laid up old woodys whose fishing days look over.
Any of the woodys owned, worked or rubbed up against these old girls?
Input from Harold Kidd – Great pics of great boats! ANTARES is surely the Roger Carey ANTARES of 1963?
Update – photos below ex Cameron  Pollard