Clarionet – Sailing Sunday


CLARIONET – Sailing Sunday

Woody Alan Sexton sent in the above photos of the yacht Clarionet hauled out back in April at the Sandspit Yacht Club.
Interesting design, Alan suspects from the East Coast, USA.
I know one should never assume anything but we both assume her shallow draft accommodates a centreboard, also assume she sports a bowsprit.
Can anyone tell us more about Clarionet?
Hopefully with good luck as you read this, I’ll be moored a long way up the Wairoa River at Clevedon waiting for the tide to come in so we can make the trip backdown the river. Lots of photos from the Woody Classics Weekend overnight BBQ cruise to the Clevedon Cruising Club on Monday.
And A Wee Bonus Today – some wonderful sailing footage of the then just relaunched – Kelpie of Falmouth

5 thoughts on “Clarionet – Sailing Sunday

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  2. Correct John, she is a Howard Chappell design. Topsides have been lifted slightly from the original plans. Owner is Wally Roberts and he spent 30 odd years building her in his shed at Port Albert with the help of a shipwright whose name I can’t remember. The interior workmanship is stunning. Sadly Wally doesn’t sail her much now and she is languishing on her mooring. I believe she is still for sale.


  3. Yes, indeed she’s a centreboarder. She’s from the board of Howard I. Chappelle, and is the schooner design used as the example in his “Yacht Designing And Planning”.
    I know nothing about her NZ history, builder etc., but I’m sure someone will have chapter and verse on that.
    A lovely thing, ain’t she!


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